Edge of the Empire Alphabet

The Edge of the Empire Alphabet is a series of posts I will be doing here. They will be a reference for Galaxy Masters who are building and running the kinds of creative, non-linear, and surprising campaigns that I enjoy.

Each entry of The Edge of the Empire Alphabet spotlights a different element of design, beginning with a few words that describe how to use the associated table and how the entry fits into the Star Wars setting. Each entry has a table with which to generate hundreds of examples using only a ten-sided die.

While these posts will make some oblique references to Edge of the Empire game mechanics, every effort has been made to present the material in a way that makes it easily adaptable to other science fiction gaming systems.

When using these tables, try not to get discouraged if you generate results that don’t seem to make much sense. Go with it! Part of the fun is coming up with unexpected combinations of disparate elements. Sometimes the galaxy moves in ways even you cannot predict. Let the Force show you the way.

With all Edge of the Empire Alphabet entries, these random tables serve only to jumpstart the imagination of the Galaxy Master and pale in comparison to the creative force of your mind.


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