H is for Heists

Heists are the meat of the Edge of the Empire game, an ‘adventure’ in Dungeons & Dragons parlance. While highly complex and nuanced plots can be easily lost on players at the table, a Heist that is too straightforward, linear, and predictable is boring and might not challenge the players creativity enough for their liking.

To generate a Heist, roll at least once on each of the columns below. Each Heist starts with a basic premise: the fringer crew must do some Action at some Location, which is owned by an Owner. The reason why this Heist became a good plan is because the fringer crew has come upon some Inside Information that either increases the reward for a successful Heist or decreases the risk and dangers posed for a botched Heist. Unfortunately, all Heists have at least one Unforeseen Complication that forces the fringer crew to quickly change their plans and/or come up with a creative solution to the new problem.

Heists can be seen throughout the Star Wars films:

  • rescue Han Solo from Jabba’s Palace
  • smuggle goods for Jabba the Hutt, try not to dump cargo at the first sign of the Imperials
  • rescue Princess Leia from the Imperial Death Star
  • escort Rebel Alliance transports past an Imperial blockade at Hoth
  • covertly destroy the shield generator on Endor
  • smuggle cargo through the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs*
  • deliver Han Solo to the highest bidder
d10 Action Location Owner Inside Information Unforeseen Complications
1 Capture/Steal freighter convoy Imperial lightly guarded military presence
2 Capture/Steal colony ship Imperial abandoned T is for It’s a trap!
3 Smuggle past luxury cruiser criminal organization in a minefield J is for Jedi are involved
4 Smuggle past orbital depot criminal organization a gambling tournament is involved has a secret, different owner
5 Smuggle past armed starship civilian Need to use speeder bikes must meet with a contact
6 Rescue military outpost civilian Disable security via central computer civilian hostages become involved
7 Rescue medical facility (hospital, cloning, etc.) civilian location is underwater moral quandary affecting a fringer’s D is for Destiny
8 Investigate / Discover factory politician Working with someone on the inside time limit
9 Protect residence pirate besieged one type of technology doesn’t function (shields, blasters, etc.)
10 Destroy uncharted system Rebel Alliance uncharted location forged permits don’t work

* I just looked up the Wookipedia entry for ‘Kessel Run’ and vomited in my mouth, just a bit. Han is quoted as saying his starship can travel the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. Clearly, the writers (Uncle George?) didn’t realize at the time that parsecs are a measure of distance. It sounds like ‘seconds’ so they wrote it as a unit of time; a minor mistake, no big deal. But to keep their precious canon, a layer of pseudo-science and coverup bullshit has been put onto this, making the whole thing just stupid.


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