I is for Illegal Cargo


When designing (H is for) Heists, a Galaxy Master will often need a bit of inspiration for a type of illicit contraband to be smuggled by the Crew. This cargo and the profit to be made moving it through the galaxy is the basic motivation to a wide variety of Heists, which we have already shown have a firm standing in the Star Wars films.

To generate Illegal Cargo from the table below, roll three d10’s and add their values . The types of goods have been organized so as to have certain items appear more or less often. Feel free to edit this table to suit your own needs, or simply ignore the dice rolling and choose a cargo type that interests you and fits well with your intended Heist.

If you have additional ideas for types of contraband, please share with us all in the Comments below.

03 – an A is for Artifact
04 – stimsticks or other nacotics
05 – proton torpedoes
06 – tibanna gas
07 – explosives
08 – prototype weapons
09 – antique weapons
10 – military data / plans
11 – an item that blackmails an important figure
12 – counterfeit credits
13 – stormtrooper helmets and armor
14 – blaster rifles
15 – fine art
16 – droids
17 – medicine
18 – food
19 – spies
20 – political prisoners
21 – scientists or engineers
22 – young of an exotic creature
23 – a dangerous B is for Beast
24 – cattle
25 – an unknown, still living person frozen in carbonite
26 – Jawas; see U is for Utinni!
27 – Wookies or other enslaved species
28 – a preserved corpse
29 – artificial organs
30 – Rebel scum


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