J is for Jedi Masters

For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Now they are all but extinct, a relic of a bygone era. The few remaining Jedi alive have been scattered to the far corners of the galaxy. Encountering a fully trained Jedi Master, not just a Force-sensitive adept, is the stuff of legends whAlec Guinnessose impact leaves a fringer crew forever changed.

To create a Jedi Master, roll a d10 four times and consult the four columns on the table below; or simply choose an option to your liking. While the signature weapon of a Jedi is indisputably a Lightsaber, which can be of a variety of hues, many have either lost their weapon fleeing the clutches of the Empire, or rely on less confrontational means of solving their disputes. Jedi can be of any living Species. Droids may not ever become Jedi, and Humans tend to be the most commonly encountered Jedi. All Jedi whom have survived into this era and seen the rise of the Empire have a unique or unusual means to have escaped their destruction, often by hiding in a remote Place of Exile where none would think to look. Jedi can play important roles within the story and can exert great influence over the lives of the fringer crew, but they never the central protagonists. There is always a Troubling Secret or Weakness which burdens the Jedi, setting them aside from their fringer crew allies, and often leading to their eventual demise or departure from the story at large.

  Lightsaber Species Place of Exile Troubling Secret or Weakness
1 red see X is for Xenology left the Galaxy close relation to a N is for Nemesis
2 green Human nomadic starship related to a Crew’s Motivation
3 blue Human planet with inhospitable climate related to a Crew’s Obligation
4 purple Bothan under the Emperor’s nose doesn’t have long to live
5 orange/yellow Twi’lek imprisoned searching for his/her lost children
6 white Rodian remote caves burdened by past misdeeds
7 no lightsaber Trandoshan under an ocean blind
8 no lightsaber Gand undetectable by the Force missing a limb
9 no lightsaber Wookie hiding in R is for Ruins tracked by bounty hunters
10 no lightsaber Ithorian hidden by the Rebel Alliance face horribly disfigured

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