For God’s Sake, Give Me A Flowchart

Every Heist in your Edge of the Empire game needs some sort of flowchart, or else it will not run smoothly. In ye olden times, we played Dungeons & Dragons with the Dungeon Master looking at a map of the dungeon. The various corridors, stairs, doors, and vestibules formed the arrows and dotted connections between the true points of interest of the adventure. Then just as now, the guy running the game needs an easy to follow visual representation of what parts of the adventure are connected to the others.

Something that I fervently do not want to see happen with Edge of the Empire is the wholesale abandonment of all the good advice and practices that have been developed over the last 4 decades of RPGing. We’ve all learned so much from our mistakes, and learned how to enhance the experience of the theater of the mind with small props and visual aids. Edge of the Empire does not require miniatures or gridded maps or any visual aids at all, and that’s great. New players can now jump into the hobby bare-bones with nothing but one book, dice, paper and pen. Fantastic! Let’s keep it up and make everything more accessible to new players. But in the same breath, there is no reason for us veterans to abandon visual aids. I feel like the current trends in RPGs today are moves towards more retro-feeling games that are stripped down to bare essentials and very minimalist in general. I do enjoy the hobby taking a good hard look at what we’ve done before and making sure we do not forget the good/fun parts of yesteryear. I also want to remind everyone that the hobby moved away from that stuff for a good reason, and we need to be smart and think about what things work in our games and what don’t.

All this boils down to I’m grumpy that the example adventure/heist in the Edge of the Empire Beta does not have any kind of plot guideline or flowchart. Yes, yes, it’s a beta. It’s missing information and I should just deal with it. But instead of complaining more, here’s my take at what I think the flowchart to Crate of Krayts should look like, with a few added tweaks of my own as to the path I think the adventure should have really gone (the details of which I will expound on at a later date).



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