U is for Utinni!

What kind of random junk are those little Jawas peddling? This chapter of the Edge of the Empire Alphabet helps Galaxy Masters throw in some mundane details to bring life and verisimilitude to poor merchants just trying to make a buck. The phrase “utinni” is often used by Jawas to call attention to something of interest. Perhaps the next time your Fringer Crew is planet-side, a weasely little trader will be screaming it at them, enticing them to make poor purchases on shoddy equipment.

To create an item of sale, roll once (d10) on the Item Type column for what the item is, and roll once (d10) on the Descriptor column to determine is relative quality; or select the traits you desire.

1 Droids mint condition
2 Industrial Equipment used
3 Weapons used
4 Speeder used
5 Farming Equipment salvaged
6 Workers/Slaves salvaged
7 Medicine salvaged
8 Food junked
9 Animals junked
10  Specialized Tools restricted/illegal

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