S is for Smugglers’ Starships


Image by Ralph McQuarrie

The naming of a smuggler’s starship is a serious endeavor, for likely it is a name that will recur throughout the life of your Edge of the Empire campaign. Care should be given here, avoiding any names that will be too boring, too offensive, or too silly. A joke name might be funny for half a game session, but will be terribly tedious over the course of a full campaign.

Often, smugglers’ ship names are created by combining a simple adjactive and noun, as is the case with that most famous of smuggler ships, The Millenium Falcon. To create your own ship name, roll once (2d10) on the Adjective column and roll once (2d10) on the Noun column; or simply choose a name that fits your taste.

Adjective Noun
2 Millenium Falcon
3 Ebon Hawk
4 Errant Venture
5 Corellian Harbinger
6 Jawa’s Pride
7 Dark Envy
8 Midnight Star
9 Aeon Hand
10 Silver Hunter
11 Fiery Sun
12 Vengeful Rose
13 Nova Thorn
14 Tempest Lightning
15 Shadow Gambit
16 Lucky Queen
17 Storm Blade
18 Gilded Fox
19 Crescent Lily
20 Righteous Runner

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2 responses to “S is for Smugglers’ Starships

  • BMFS

    I love this chart. Ship names on the fly are something that are nice to have. Sometimes my players seem to always want to know the name of ship x even if it won’t matter 5 minutes later in the game. This will be a life saver!

  • James McCrea

    Millennium Hand…and shrimp. Buggrit.

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