C is for Computer Terminal

r2As your Star Wars Edge of the Empire Fringer Crew explores ancient factories, infiltrates Imperial installations, and wander where they’re unwanted, they are like to discover forgotten computer terminals providing access to useful and lucrative secrets. These computer terminals are locked and protected, but a crafty slicer can bypass the security measures, hide their trail, and gain access to its secrets.

Use this table to determine the contents, usefulness, and level of security on any given computer terminal. Roll once (d10) on the Difficulty column to determine how challenging the Computers check will be to slice the terminal. Then, roll once (d10) on the Benefit column to determine what boon is to be gained  when the terminal is successfully sliced. On military facilities or any location that is especially secure, roll twice on the Difficulty column and take the higher result.

On a failed check to slice the computer terminal, the computer becomes locked down and inoperative. A showing of Threat indicates that security monitors or some other means of detection has alerted authorities to the Fringer Crew’s activities, whereas a showing of Advantage erases all evidence of any tampering.

As always, feel free to simply use this chart as inspiration to design the computer terminal of your choice that best fits your H is for Heist design.

1 Easy view security camera feed
2 Easy reprogram security droids
3 Average disable automated defenses
4 Average incriminating evidence or embarrassing documents related to a high ranking official or a N is for Nemesis
5 Hard the location of valuable I is for Illegal Goods
6 Hard open a reinforced door leading to a secret area
7 Daunting A clue to the Location where an A is for Artifact can be found.
8 Daunting unlock a hidden locker with a beneficial item, such as a stimpack
9 Formidable open/close an emergency bulkhead
10 Formidable gain a valuable clue to solving a puzzle

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