X is for Xenology

IthorianWhen encountering alien species, I want players to have the same feeling of wonder and imagination at my game table as I did the first time I saw the New Hope cantina scene with its wild menagerie of unexplained characters.

This chapter of Edge of the Empire Alphabet aims to break the limitations of adhering to canon and create new and unique aliens.  In a galaxy of billions and billions of stars, the diversity of intelligent lifeforms can be incomprehensibly large. It’s silly to think that only the few dozen intelligent species in official Star Wars lore are available for we Galaxy Masters to use.  The various aliens of Star Wars have always been, for me, a factor in keeping Star Wars special and unique in the sci-fi genre. We move away from the trite and unimaginative humanoid aliens, people with a little make-up or rubber face masks, and go towards beings that are truly different.

To generate the seed for a new alien species, roll at least once (d10) on both the Major Features and the Minor Features columns. Roll additional times, or simply choose the features you desire, to fit the level of complexity and strangeness that you desire from your aliens. Embrace any seemingly contradictory results and find a creative way for this creature to come into being.

1 winged furry
2 more than 2 arms scaly
3 slithers mottled skin
4 biped horns
5 quadraped tail
6 many-legged extra large
7 aquatic extra small
8 insectoid exaggerated facial feature
9 plant-like exaggerated neck
10 rocky composition exaggerated limbs

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