(PbP) Introduction

I’ll be the first to admit it – I spout out a whole lot of words on Triumph & Despair and don’t have enough actual play experience to really back it up. My home games are locked up in previous commitments and scheduling conflicts, leaving me with a scant few actual play sessions with the Edge of the Empire rules. Who, then, am I to get up on my digital soapbox and make such proclamations as I am wont to do?

In an effort to gain a greater understanding of the Edge of the Empire rules and how they interact with the material presented here on Triumph & Despair, I will be conducting a sandbox-style play-by-post Edge of the Empire campaign utilizing many of the resources here, such as Edge of the Empire Alphabet. The game will be played by a group of guys across the U.S. and Canada whom I have developed a great working relationship with in the past, but all of whom are very unfamiliar with the Edge of the Empire rules. In this way the play-by-post game will also serve as an introduction and example of how the game works to newcomers.


Due to the nature of play-by-post gaming and the timing issues involved; I, the Galaxy Master, will be making all dice rolls (using the app) and relaying the information back to the Crew. A certain level of trust has to be made here, one I know this group will have no problem with, but may be a concern for others trying to imitate what we’re doing. I will be explaining in detail many of the parts of the game rules as if trying to teach the game to a fresh faced group of brand new gamers – because that’s kind of where we are at.

Many game elements that have mechanics to limit the amount of bookkeeping from week to week will be streamlined. So, once per session effects will be treated as once per H is for Heist. Destiny Points will start the campaign as 3 Light and 3 Dark, never to be randomized again. Also, Destiny Points will rarely be able to be used by the Crew as Raising the Stakes (EotE Beta p.23).


As an open-world game, the campaign will be completely “off the rails”. I will not use the Beginner Box adventure, Long Arm of the Hutt, Crate of Krayts, or in fact any pre-generated, scripted Heist. The game will follow the randomization mechanics presented here on Triumph & Despair in the Edge of the Empire Alphabet, guiding the Crew to the completion of their Motivations / D is For Destiny through a 3-step dramatic arc. The campaign will end when all six (6) Crew have fulfilled their Destinies. We will be exploring the galaxy together and drawing a brand new Galaxy Map, uncovering secrets that will surprise everyone, including the Galaxy Master.

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2 responses to “(PbP) Introduction

  • Marc Salazar

    And how do I apply to be part of this? I play a weekly game but I’d be joining because I just started playing rpgs in October and I’d also want to learn how to GM some.

  • C. Steven Ross

    Would that I had more space! This game got filled up to overflowing and I’ve had to turn people away since about an hour after I sent out the first tentative emails. So unfortunately this campaign is not accepting any new Crew.

    I’ll likely be doing a second campaign after this short arc campaign ends. Your name will be at the top of the list for recruiting!

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