T is for it’s a Trap!

Go ahead. Say it.

Go ahead. Say it.

Traps provide nasty surprises for the Crew that turn a situation of Triumph into one of Despair. In contrast with O is for Obstacles, traps are specifically placed in an encounter as a threat to the Crew alone and are not likely to be able to be used to their advantage. Take care to select traps that do favor NPCs and slant the odds against the Crew, such as using a trap that penalized ranged combat checks with melee-focused enemy combatants. These sudden dangers should be used only for scenes of very high tension and high stakes, or as a way to add more challenge to an already difficult scene. As the Galaxy Master upgrades a purple Difficulty Die to a red Challenge Die, so too can that Galaxy Master upgrade a mediocre level of threat to a truly terrifying scene. When using T is for it’s a Trap, be sure to also consider how F is for Fear might also play into the narrative of your story. Ideally, when these traps are revealed, the Crew should all feel their stomachs drop out beneath them and panic begin to flush across their faces. Traps put the Crew into some serious trouble.

The traps presented here are organized by what scale the encounter is taking place: either the Personal Scale or the Starship Scale. To add a trap into your scene, either choose one trap listed below or roll a single d10 and determine the trap randomly.

d10 Traps (Starship Scale)

  1. This area has a hidden minefield. At the end of each round, each starship is attacked by a magnetic mine that acts as a hit from a Guided 3, Damage 10, Breach 6 attack.
  2. A gas cloud fills the area and obscures sensors, adding 3 Setback Dice to all combat skill checks at Short Range or farther.
  3. This area is filled with an asteroid field. When moving, each starship must succeed at a Piloting check with a Difficulty equal to its Speed and upgraded a number of times equal to one-half of its Silhouette or take Hull Damage equal to 8 + number of failures as it rocketed by collisions.
  4. An Imperial Nebulon-B Frigate enters the system from hyperspace. See stat block below.
  5. A roiling ion storm sweeps through the system, disabling one major system on each starship (ie. shields, hyperdrive, weapons, etc.) until taken in for repairs.
  6. Three swarms of four mynocks each are released from their nest in a nearby planetary body.
  7. A flight of six Y-Wings piloted by pirates appear from hyperspace. The pirates attempt to disable the Crew’s starship for capture. See stat block below.
  8. A hidden explosive deals a sudden Vicious 5 Critical Hit to the Crew’s starship.
  9. A natural gravity well inhabits the area. At the start of combat, each starship is treated as if it had been hit by a  Tractor 8 attack.
  10. A person whom was once thought an ally is now revealed as a hidden traitor, becoming a powerful N is for Nemesis.

Nebulon-B Escort Frigate and Pirate Y-Wings Stat Blocks (PDF) (Word)

d10 Traps (Personal Scale)

  1. An obscuring  cloud of fog or smoke in this area grants concealment (EotEB p.138) to ranged combat checks.
  2. Toxic gas fills the area. At the start of each round, each creature must make a Formidable (ddddd) Resilience check and take 1 Strain for each failure (ignores Soak).
  3. Heavy doors close or giant boulders tumble to isolate the Crew from one another with impassable terrain.
  4. This area has a hidden minefield. When moving, each character must succeed at an Hard (ddd) Perception check take Wounds equal to 8 + number of failures as they step on the mines.
  5. This area has hidden pit traps. When moving, each character must succeed at an Hard (ddd) Coordination check fall prone and take Strain equal number of failures.
  6. A trapdoor or sinkhole opens, sending characters into a dungeon or R is for Ruin located in a lower level, possibly inhabited by a B is for Beast which is now angered by the disturbance.
  7. This are is covered in slick terrain (mud, ice, etc.) and adds 3 Setback Dice on all combat skill checks at Engaged Range.
  8. Imperial authorities have been tipped off and a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers (equal to twice the Crew in number) move in to make an arrest.
  9. A number of Slavers equal to the number of Crew appear from hiding try and carry off weak or unconscious Crew.
  10. A person whom was once thought an ally is now revealed as a hidden traitor, becoming a powerful N is for Nemesis.

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