(PbP) Galaxy Map

This Galaxy Map represents the known hyperspace routes of all star systems known to the Crew of Triumph & Despair‘s Play-by-Plus Edge of the Empire campaign.

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Anteros System (19, 15)
Primary Type: Frozen
Primary Industry: Primitive Civilization

Gand (15, 14)
Primary Type: Toxic Atmosphere
Industry: Species Homeworld


Desol System (14, 24)
Primary Type: Jovian / Gaseous Planet
Primary Industry: Spaceport

Elerion (06, 13)
Primary Type: Asteroid Belt
Primary Industry: Recreation

Kothlis (18, 21)
Primary Type: Volcanic
Primary Industry: Trade

Riddellia (22, 09)
Primary Type: Earth-like
Primary Industry: New Colony

Tau Cetis (11, 06)
Primary Type: Artificially Constructed
Primary Industry: Trade

Ytha’ac (22, 16)
Planet Type: Agricultural
Primary Industry: New Colony

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