(PbP) HEIST I – Arms Runner


The galaxy is gripped by CIVIL WAR and the perfect grounds for those with daring and wits to profit from the chaos. The REBEL ALLIANCE has placed a hidden platoon of elite soldiers on board the Imperial transport CENTURY EAGLE, carrying colonists and agricultural equipment to the watery planet of YTHA’AC, located in the far reaches of the GALACTIC OUTER RIM. Their mission is to arrive at an Imperial outpost undetected and take control of the outpost, scoring a major victory against the oppressive GALACTIC EMPIRE. The Rebel troops are already in place, but are unarmed. A crew of vagabonds and ne’er-do-wells aboard the light freighter THE LUCKY HAND have been contracted by Alliance Leaders to slip past Imperial patrols and covertly deliver a shipment of weapons to the Rebels while en route to the outpost.

Welcome to the first post on the Triumph & Despair Edge of the Empire play-by-post campaign! The six players have been selected by the Galaxy Master especially since they are all both brand new to the system and have some level of familiarity and trust developed through earlier endeavors. The Galaxy Master will always try and give brief introductions to these posts before a page break, so those without any interest can easily skip over them. Onward!

Each having your own reasons, you have come together and agreed to accept a little bit of profiteering work from the elusive and dangerous Rebel Alliance. These known terrorists have extended a hand to you and your ship via mutual acquaintances in the seedy underbelly of the galaxy. Your starship, The Lucky Hand, is currently docked with the Nebulon-B Class warship Courageous. You have been treated kindly and comfortably aboard ship, though only shown the most spartan and of military quarters while waiting for your contact to arrive. In short order she does. Briskly stepping forth through the opening doors is a Human woman with a crisply ironed military uniform. She stands rigidly during your conversation, locking her green eyes with whomever she is addressing. A group of four armed Rebel soldiers with blaster rifles stand silently at attention at her flanks. A starry background seen through curved glass windows highlights your ragtag Crew.

colonel“Welcome aboard the Courageous. I trust I have not kept you waiting too long. I am Colonel Pelligrino and Alliance command in this sector has informed me that I am authorized to hire you on as privateers for a select mission. The basic details have already been downloaded to your ship, and I am sure you are as eager to be on your way as I am to see you out;  so, let us come right down to business.”

To start the campaign, the Galaxy Master has taken the liberty of accepting this first Heist on your behalf. Your reputation as worthy smugglers is now on the line! Your task is to hide and wait in the system until an Imperial supply convoy arrives. The hyperspace physics of the sector will force the convoy to travel through a nearby sensor-obscuring Red Ytterbium Nebula, allowing you to deftly dock with a Rebel-laden freighter, The Century Eagle. You will then proceed to transport the blaster rifles on cargo pallets to the hidden marines to an onboard location to be sent to you via an encrypted signal. The base profit offered is 72 credits profit per blaster rifle delivered (Encumbrance 4) for as many weapons as your ship can carry, modified by any Negotiations.

The Lucky Hand sails gently through hyperspace and the low octaves of the engines providing comforting background noise as you collectively reflect on your upcoming heist and the events leading up to this moment. In a few hours, it will emerge from interstellar travel and appear on the outskirts of the Ytha’ak System, at Extreme Range to all celestial objects and phenomena.

Crew Members: Please use this post, speaking in-character, to describe the events of the clandestine meeting with the fanatical, terrorist Rebel leaders and any possible actions your character undertakes while travelling through hyperspace. After one week of real time, The Lucky Hand emerges into the Ytha’ak System and a new post will be made. Be sure to delve into your character’s thoughts and motivations behind his or her actions, as the emotions and development that goes on is just as important in this game as the actual actions.

This post will happen chronologically at both the meeting with Colonel Jade Pelligrino and during hyperspace travel aboard The Lucky Hand. Players may freely post thoughts and actions for either events here, regardless of actual causality.

dice symbols


One of the goals of the Triumph & Despair Play-by-Post campaign is to serve as a teaching aid to both the Edge of the Empire roleplaying game system, as well as the various charts, tricks, and tips espoused on this blog. To that end, the Galaxy Master will be periodically take a moment to show off the Behind the Scenes action, explaining the means and methods that went into a particular course of action. In addition to showing examples of play to other Galaxy Masters, this will also ease those unfamiliar with Edge of the Empire into the system.

Once the Heist is complete, the Galaxy Master will reveal all of the elements that went into its creation.


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  • deucedm

    He didn’t care who sent the message, or who his next business partner may be, as Ko’Shak has spent the last few days grinning ear to ear with the prospect of profit since receiving the encrypted message. Every hour of the day he has spent preparing himself for this business meeting: every stitch of his clothing must be perfect, every smile must be well timed and meaningful, every contingency thought through. He has no idea if these rebels will succeed, and frankly, he doesn’t care. Fanatics and those in a bind always, ALWAYS, are willing to pay whatever price is necessary to get the job done, and Ko’Shak will gladly empathize with their fervor if it leads to further gains for him (and he guesses, his current crew).

    When they reach the courageous, Ko’Shak spends nearly no time in his quarters, instead he walks the ship with HRT-94 and Bril. No doubt they are not the only civilians on-board, and Ko’Shak is always looking for the next business partner in case this one does not work out. A smile and a few credits later, he has a short private sit-down with the first mate and quartermaster, offering his services and friendship in case the crew of the courageous is wanting for any luxuries. He imagines that life is hard on a warship (though he hopes to never experience for long…these few hours already have been duller than he hoped). He leaves them with vouchers for the Casino Amour d’or on Elerion as a gift between friends. He then spends two hours in the mess hall, striking up conversation and producing a bottle of Catatonia brandy to share with the crew. He gains many instant friends, and each leaves knowing he’s a man who knows how to get things.

    However, that wasn’t the most interesting event of the day before Colonel Pelligrino came knocking. When the very quiet and seemingly introverted Dex spoke up about wanting to be part of the negotiations, Ko could not hide his curiosity. Dex seemed to really have thought this out, and knew too much to not have been through this once before. Ko agreed to his plan, thinking to himself: “He works cheap, he has confidence. If he trips up and loses us a lucrative deal…well, lets not think bad things just yet…”. They speak of the dangers of the mission, and what it means to run foul of the empire. Just before the lovely Colonel Pelligrino enters, Ko turns to Dex and the others: “I think we can all agree that we won’t be trusted, and they are low balling us. I only desire a fair deal for us to put ourselves in harms way…”

    • C. Steven Ross

      The recreational facilities aboard a military starship are sparse, but often packed full of strained sailors and pilots looking for a way to relieve the stark terror and mind-numbing boredom of spacefaring and warfare.

      It is at a grease-splotched, elevated steel table that the Courageous’ crew call the bar that Ko’Shak finds some new friends willing to share in the rumor mill aboard ship. After several rounds of drinks, a handful of Rebel Alliance crew find themselves toasting Ko’Shak’s name after pouring themselves a few sips from his bottle of brandy.

      Later, the first mate of the Courageous comes to him for a private chat down a side corridor where curious eyes and ears will not pry. A middle-aged man, some sort of humanoid with scaled brown skin, he speaks in a raspy voice:

      “There’s a trader’s ship, not too different from your own, heading to the Core Worlds. It’s sitting idle right now in the Desol System (Coordinates 08,24) at the end of the Rimma Trade route, getting fixed up at the small outpost there. The ship was captained by a scum-sucking lowlife who stole that ship out from under my uncle’s nose and has been on the run from us and the law ever since.

      The good news is that I’ve received word today that this Daveronian bastard who stole The Midnight Hawk ran into some Imperial troubles and was hauled away. The bad news is that ship was my family’s only means off-world, and I’m stuck here under military radio silence. The Rebellion don’t pay much, but I’ve got a bit of a stash of credits stored up and can transfer more from the family. I’m talking double what you’ll be getting for the Colonel’s little gig here. We want that ship back, Ko. We want it bad. It has a few special tweaks we made and a might bit of sentimental value.

      Now, what I tell you here is strictly confidential. No one needs to know about our little deal, agreed?”

      • C. Steven Ross

        Though Ko’Shak’s player was probably just having a good time hamming it up, what he has described sounds to me like he is cruising the ship looking for some rumors for future jobs. As per K is for Knowledge, I am going to go ahead and make a Streetwise check to see what turns up.

        To do this, I am rolling a number of green Ability dice equal to Ko’Shak’s Cunning [4], upgraded a number of times equal to his ranks in the Streetwise skill [0]. He’s got a sharp eye and a nose for profit, but he’s still pretty new here.
        In addition, I will be adding in three purple Difficulty dice as this has been deemed a Hard task.
        Lastly, I’m going to throw in one blue Boost die to represent the circumstantial bonus that Ko’Shak’s booze is providing when handed out among the sailors.

        I roll all the dice and get the following symbols:
        – 3 Success
        – 3 Advantage
        – 2 Failure
        – 1 Threat

        Success cancels Failure, resulting in 1 Success.
        Advantage cancels Threat, resulting in 1 Advantage.

        Thus, Ko’Shak and Crew are offered an additional Heist to go after, if they choose, and have an additional piece of Inside Information at their disposal.

        The fun part I had with this is seeing what die, and thus what story element, contributed what. The Boost die is proudly showing a Success, the tipping point of whether I would offer this additional, optional Heist or not.

        (I’ve updated this post to have a grainy image that shows what the names of the symbols are.)

      • deucedm

        “Commander, this pains me to hear of your families misfortune. No doubt this man was jealous of your uncle, and desired to shame him, the scum. This happens all too often on my home world as well. I would be more than happy to act discreetly as your proxy in this matter. My co-pilot is very familiar with that system, and we could be headed that direction following the matter at hand. If I can secure the ship from imperial impound, whom shall I contact to rightfully claim it?

        Oh, you bet I was just hamming it up, Ko’Shak has a reputation to establish and connections to be made. Next time I will drop any potential dice pools created by my actions. A good first impression goes a long way!

        In terms of convincing the Commander to trust me further, Ko’Shak has a Cunning 4 and 2 ranks in Charm (if need be).

      • C. Steven Ross

        Let’s expound upon this a bit and determine what exactly you’re trying to do here.

        If you want Ko’Shak to haggle prices, we will be making an opposed Negotiate checks.

        If you want Ko’Shak to try and gain some sort of extra favors beyond the heist, that will be your Charm check opposed by Commander Klic Dardrae‘s Cool skill.

        One thing to keep in mind is your estimate, as a player, of how strongly you think this NPC can oppose your check. If it’s particularly bad, your Charms or Negotiations could end up hurting the situation.

      • C. Steven Ross

        Commander Dardrae’s claws wrap around a small space-ipad, pecks at a few buttons, and pushes it into your waiting hands. He says:

        “Ah yes of course, here. This is a secure, encrypted datapad that authorizes you and your Crew to legally retrieve the vessel on my family’s behalf.”

        You have now accepted Heist #2 and are bound to it. If in the future you discover a heist that does not sit well with you or offers too little pay or is just boring; you may decline to accept. Repeatedly snooping around for shady contracts, however, will likely upgrade the difficulty of Streetwise and Knowledge (underworld) checks made to find new heists.

  • deucedm

    Ko’Shak puts his hand out to seal the deal with Commander Dardrae. “I look forward to seeing your family’s possession restored rightfully. And I do hope my friendship is not forgotten.”

    I hope my fellow player do not mind me taking the lead here…

    In terms of price, I’m not necessarily in the position to haggle right now. When we have the ship, that’s a different story. For now, I would like to just keep him friendly (and hopefully his influence will flow uprank as well). If that’s worth a roll, then let’s roll!

  • angille

    [Aboard the Courageous]
    Still feeling a little bad about almost taking Bril’s life (but not *that* bad – business is business after all) Lita Xel’Nari finds herself tagging along, not so much with Ko’Shak or Dex, but with Bril. Doesn’t hurt that, despite the complete lack of fur, he’s a fine example of his species.

    She almost constantly has a small datapad out, and if anyone looks over her shoulder it looks like she’s doodling. Until she’s gone back through them, Lita’s shorthand is practically incomprehensible to almost anyone else. Notes on wiring, ventilation, materials, and troop behavior slip into the core of the datapad. You never know when you’ll have to storm a Nebulon B, right?

    [During the Negotiation]
    Unless someone forces her not to, Lita sits cross-legged against the back wall while her shipmates verbally spar with the human colonel. Again, notetaking is the order of the day. At the first mention of the Red Ytterbium Nebula, she immediately looks up the properties and peculiarities of the location. It would be… advantageous to be able to detect any approaching ships before they got too close.

    [Travel on the Lucky Hand]
    Aboard the freighter, Lita works on two things first and foremost. Her living space, about as far from Dex as possible (she didn’t know what it was about him – he just rubbed her the wrong way), needs work. She’s rigged up a sort of hammock in the engine room, and whenever anyone looks for her, she’s curled up in a ball, napping peacefully near the hum of the hyperdrive.

    Second, as rudimentary as the ship’s sensors were, they would need a boost to make sure the Nebula wasn’t a problem. Redirecting power from the aft gravity field (which totally made the hammock idea even better) gives Lita the energy she needs to get the comscan processor to cut through the iron-heavy stellar cloud… in theory.

    So lemme know if this is the kind of OOC you want to see:

    Lita’s Perception (to case the Courageous) should be 3 dice, 2 upgrades.

    Checking out the Nebula is probably a Knowledge that isn’t Outer Rim or Underworld, so 4 dice.

    And finally, modifying the ship’s sensors? Mechanics I presume, at 4/2.

    • C. Steven Ross

      The Perception check to notice any weak points on the Courageous will be opposed by the Discipline of a typical minion group of 4 Rebel Alliance Officers, adding 3 red Challenge dice. Weep wop! Lita’s Cunning of 3 grants 3 green Ability dice, two of which are upgraded to yellow Proficiency dice due to her two ranks in Perception.

      Knowledge about the Red Ytterbium Nebula definitely falls under Knowledge (education), so it is 4 green Proficiency dice to be used. The Galaxy Master determines that it is an Average difficulty check, meaning he will be throwing in 2 purple Difficulty dice. I know some of this is well-known to James, but I’m spelling everything out in detail here for the benefit of everyone reading. If unsuccessful, the Mechanics check will be thrown out entirely. Lita has no ranks in this skill, so she uses a number of green dice equal to her raw characteristic: 4 Intellect.

      The Mechanics check will be allowed (if the previous Knowledge check is successful), using the rules for repairing items aboard a ship. The difficulty will be Easy, adding only 1 purple Difficulty die, but upgraded for each net Threat from the prior Knowledge check. Also, this will play havoc with The Lucky Hand‘s rear stabilization, imposing 2 black Setback dice to all Piloting checks aboard ship until it is reversed. I’m just making all this up, don’t bother trying to find actual rules for it. Lita will be adding in 4 green Ability dice due to her Intellect, two of which are upgraded to yellow Proficiency dice.

      Perception: 1 Success, 1 Failure, 5 Advantage, 5 Threat. A ho-hum roll, everything cancels out and Lita finds nothing at all.

      Knowledge: 5 Successes, 1 Threat. Lita succeeds, but her detailed technical knowledge has some gaps and that might cause problems when modifying the sensors while en route.

      Mechanics: 4 Success, 3 Advantage. Lita works diligently during the flight to Ytha’ak to modify The Lucky Hand’s systems.

      Now let's see how this plays out during the Heist!

      • angille

        [Travel on the Lucky Hand]
        Lita pads up behind Bril in the cockpit. “Hey, uh, you’re pretty good at the stick, right? I mean, uh, flying?” She swipes her paw across the sensor display, obviously pleased with how clear the image is. Then her tail droops noticeably.

        “‘Cause I think the inertial dampers in the aft section are going to be a little… spotty until we get out of this nebula. Only temporary, of course.” Lita scratches her ear. “In theory.”

        Ross has made it clear that the films are the only canon in this game. Therefore, I’m declaring that Bothans have tails. How could we know otherwise?

      • C. Steven Ross

        Lita’s scanning of her datapad reveals that the Red Ytterbium Nebula plays havoc on ship’s sensor systems, forcing most standard-issue navigation arrays down to barely functional. The freighter convoy with the Imperial transport Century Eagle will be forced to drop to a slow crawl to avoid colliding with any foreign objects or other vessels. The Lucky Hand would have had to do similar while dodging miscellaneous stellar debris, however the sensor modifications will reduce the danger of collisions to statistically insignificant at low speeds.

      • C. Steven Ross

        James: If you hadn’t said anything, I never would have known they weren’t supposed to have tails.

        So let it be written, so let it be done!

  • rwaluchow

    [Aboard the Courageous]
    Dex Dervish is extremely nervous aboard the Courageous. Had he ever fought against these rebels? Would anybody recognize him? No, after his surgery, he looked nothing like his old self. Still, the thought nagged at him. Pushing the unpleasant thoughts from his mind, Dex joins Ko’shak in the mess to share a drink with the Rebel crew. As the drinks begin to flow, Dex will prod them for information on Colonal Pelligrino (any info that may aid in their negotiations), feigning a sexual interest in her as he does so.

    [During the Negotiation]
    Having experience in the military, Dex will take the lead with Ko’shak during the negotiations. He makes sure to salute her and act with respect to her station and appear sympathetic to the Rebel cause.

    [Travel on the Lucky Hand]
    During travel through the Nebula, Dex will stand in the cockpit, encouraging the pilot Bril and trying to calm the nerves of anybody that seems uneasy.


    I’m thinking either a streetwise or deceit check to get info on the Colonal?

    Streetwise: 2 ability
    Deceit: 2 ability, 2 proficiency

    Negotiation: 3 ability, 1 proficiency

    Leadership: 3 ability, 1 proficiency

    • C. Steven Ross

      Dex Dervish is all smiles and good times, pulling up to the bar and having a few beers. Well, then there was also Koshak’s brandy. And then that young buck lieutenant challenged him to a drinking contest and he certainly couldn’t let himself lose, now could he?

      The next morning, Koshak asked for Dex’s help in haggling with this fierce Rebel Colonel. The sounds of vomit splashing into a bucket told Koshak everything he needed to know, however, and he looked down the hall contemplating if he wanted to do the bartering alone.

      I’m going to used the same opposed Discipline of a minion group of Rebel Alliance Naval Officers to challenge Dex’s Streetwise checks as he tries to ferret out some dirt on the Colonel.
      I rolled 2 green Ability dice and 3 red Challenge dice, resulting in:
      – 2 Success
      – 1 Failure
      – 1 Despair

      The Despair counts as a Failure in and of itself, cancelling the benefits of the Success’es and resulting in Dex not gaining any information. The Despair also carries with it a serious negative implication that cannot be cancelled by anything else.

      Oh, Dex.

  • deucedm

    Waking up and seeing the state Dex is in, Ko’Shak is not pleased. What sort of human is he if he can’t hold a little brandy. He leaves Dex behind, and grabs Bril, and starts furiously discussing the plan.

    Well damn. It would look terrible to delay the meeting, up to Bril and I to handle things.

  • grahamhl

    [Aboard the Courageous]
    As HRT-94 follows Ko’Shak into the crew’s recreation area, he stands silently nearby, keeping watch over the room while the meatbags deal in their meatbag business. Depositing a credit into the futuristic jukebox, he selects a jazz song, played by a well known Bith meatbag to hopefully lighten the mood. With the music carrying through the room, HRT-94 returns to his seat nearby as Ko’Shak talks with the crew. As Visual and Auditory sensors scan the room for any potential threats, a few comments are made towards HRT-94, and how droids should be left in the maintenance bay. HRT-94 pretends not to hear their words, as his priorities are currently the success of these negotiations, but makes note of the meatbags RFID tags in case he ever runs into them when no one is looking…If only he had his instrument.

    [During the Negotiation]
    HRT-94 will silently assess the talks as they take place, following closely behind, attempting to take note of any sense of urgency or tonal inconsistencies, but keeps silent, knowing that Ko’Shak’s silver tongue is far more effective than cold droid logic. He looks odd for a droid, dressed up in a suite and fedora, and draws the Colonel Meatbag’s eye more than once through her discussion with Ko’Shak. Whether it is a source of intimidation or underestimation, HRT-94 cares not.

    [On the Lucky Hand]
    While traveling on the ship, there’s room enough for each crew to have their own bed, though HRT-94 understands not for the necessities of a bed, and uses it more as a table, laying his guitar case, and other possessions on it. During times of rest, HRT-94 stands silently in front of his bed in standby mode while his protocols update. There’s also a daily ritual of oiling the leather on his old guitar case. The hairy meatbag named Lita dislikes these quarters for some reason, and has moved into the engine room to get away from another meatbag, surrounding herself with technology and machines. Perhaps she is a new model of droid, which HRT-94 makes a note in RAM to follow up on later…

    In preparation for their Heist, HRT-94 takes meticulous care of his suite and fedora before things are put in motion, keeping them in especially pristine condition. He makes his way to the engineering room to help with heavy lifting while Lita makes her system modifications.

  • Sorcerer_Blob

    Tyfor didn’t much care for the Alliance. Or even the Alliance officer offering the job to his ship. What Tyfor did care about was the potential for profit. Splitting that among the five of them… Well, Tyfor had already mentally gambled his profits away. No risk, no reward, right?

    [During the Negotiation]
    Tyfor tried to look the part of the notorious and intimidating bounty hunter, but his insectoid heart just wasn’t into it. His mind sailed elsewhere when the talk of money and profit began. The gambling tables called to him. Maybe he could get his crew to throw some dice with him on this journey?

    Oh what’s that? This meeting is wrapping up? I better act like i was paying attention and say something intimidating like, ‘yeah’ or something.


    Oh great, everyone is looking at me. Even the Alliance officer. Damn rebels. Just play it cool Tyfor.


    Alright, good, people have gone back to their business.

    [Back aboard the Lucky Hand]
    Tyfor has always felt at home in two places: in the dark gambling dens of crime-ridden cities and at the helm of a ship. Tyfor had a knack for piloting, and so he went directly to the area of the ship where his knack would shine. Sitting down, Tyfor placed his hands on the “wheel” and meditated for a few moments. Tyfor was getting itchy and wanted to feel the nothingness of space once again. Space was the only thing that kept Tyfor’s need to gamble at bay. But hey, maybe he could get his fellow crew to throw some dice with him… just once… or twice on this voyage?

  • bflat

    [Aboard The Courageous]

    Bril is less than pleased to be called out into a public negotiation. Sure his people’s natural talents make him an obvious choice, but that runs contrary to his need to keep a low profile. The story of his “betrayal” of Corska may not be widely told throughout the galaxy, but it’s not easy to tell where these Rebels hail from.

    Ko’Shak seemed to have a handle on stating our interests and risks, so Bril’s input wasn’t needed overly much. He showed up for the sake of supporting their efforts, and to add any Twi’lek charm needed to smooth out the details with Pelligrino. The opportunity in the Desol system peaked his curiosity, and quickly the pervasive trepidation the haunts him most of the time. Bril doesn’t quite trust the commander’s intentions, but there might be an opportunity to check out one of Corksa’s old hideaways in the asteroid field surrounding the system’s only planet. The old bounty hunter was a paranoid one, never trusting in banks, whether reputable or otherwise.

    After the negotiations, he thought about joining Dex in fishing for rumours, but after the spectacle he made, Bril was happy to have avoided that. He did watch and keep his ears open to see what people were saying around the boisterous old guy, and if he could pick up any rumours in passing. Amusing as it was to see the old guy suffer, Bril hopes he didn’t do himself too much damage.

    [En Route]

    Bril was excited by the prospect of a challenging flight through the Red Ytterbium Nebula, until Lita went and spoiled his fun. Ah well; she was only doing her job as mechanic. Better to have one that cares than not, he thought. Though he did find her excessive attention a bit much at times as they navigated through the nebula and waited for The Century Eagle to arrive. He wondered if he could take advantage of her apparent interest, and decided to test it out a bit. Nothing major, just a little harmless curiosity. “Hey Lita, I wonder how Dex is doing?” he said, the day they departed The Courageous. “Maybe you can find something in that datapad of yours to ease him a bit?”

    • C. Steven Ross

      Bril mingles with the affable Crew as best he can, winning smiles and pleasantries overcoming the sour stench and embarrassment of Dex’s juvenile overindulgence. Luck has run out for Bril this time, however, and it seems that this Rebel vessel has run dry on shady, back-alley deals.

      Bril and Koshak have identical Negotiate skills, so he will only be able to assist the check (if it is made) unskilled, adding a single blue Boost die.

      After a little clarification sent privately from the player, the Galaxy Master was made to understand that there was an attempt made at discovering another viable and lucrative Heist, using the Streetwise skill. Bril’s skill check is 3 dice for his Cunning of 3, upgraded once for his rank of 1 in Streetwise.

      One attempt has already been made and no Heists have been closed, so this attempt’s difficulty is the usual 3 purple Difficulty dice, one of which is upgraded once to a red Challenge die. In addition, Dex’s previous Despair is going to influence this roll, adding a circumstantial penalty in the form of one Setback die. Oh, Dex.

      The dice are thrown and show the following:
      – 4 Threat
      – 2 Failure
      – 2 Advantage
      – 2 Success

      The symbols cancel out to net 2 Threat and no Success. Zero success is a form of Failure, so no new Heists are uncovered. The next check to find a Heist will be upgraded twice, the penalty reset when a Heist is completed.

  • C. Steven Ross

    Now that most of your shenanigans are out of the way, the meeting with Colonel Pelligrino commences. The details are laid out and she extends her hand to seal the deal. 72cr per blaster.

    Koshak, do you accept the deal on the Crew’s behalf?

  • deucedm

    “Wow, Colonel, why so formal? We are happy to take on your mission, but I think you underestimate the costs associated with it. We’re to become business partners, no? We came to meet you, hear your offer, and discuss the potential perils of the job. Surely your willing to weigh our concerns about the risks involved before we settle on a price. Your asking us to dock directly with an imperial freighter, talk our way past any guards and inspections, then deliver the cargo covertly before leaving safely. Look, I support your cause, I would like to see an end to all this fighting and tyranny. It’s bad for business. I can’t go anywhere without a checkpoint, be interrogated about my business, and greedy officials every time I pass through a sector. But Rebellions aren’t cheap, Colonel, guards will need to be bribed to not ask questions, there may be dirty work, and what if our ship or crew are damaged in the process yet you succeed? There are no medals or pension in our line of work to console the wounded, I’m afraid. We’re taking the largest percentage of risk here, and I’d like to be able to reward my crew for their efforts and bravery…”

    I hope everyone found our shenanigans as cheeky and fun. I know I’m definitely going to enjoy Tyfor’s awkward posturing.

    Ross, Ko’Shak is obviously going to try and negotiate a large profit per blaster, initial offer 150cr/blaster, but he will easily settle for 100cr/blaster as a half-way point.

    Ko’Shak has Cunning 4, Negotiate 2, plus the boost die from Bril’s company.

    • C. Steven Ross

      A back and forth banter occurs, Koshak employing clever bargaining tactics and a handsome smile to try and woo the Colonel over. In the end, she relents on the price, increasing the potential profit by several hundred credits. However, as part of the contract, Koshak has agreed to take on an additional responsibility, hindrance, or task.

      The Galaxy Master now asks each player to suggest an unexpected, minor to moderate, negative outcome as part of the Negotiations. He will then take them all, as well as his own ideas, and choose a fitting penalty.


      The Rules As Written state that Negotiate is typically opposed to a character’s Cool skill. However, with the Heist rules presented on Triumph & Despair’s Edge of the Empire Alphabet, the Galaxy Master will be using opposed Negotiate vs. Negotiate checks, as that feels like it’s better emulating the back and forth bartering that we’re going for.

      Negotiate is tied to a character’s Presence, hence why it might have been advantageous for Dex to help out. Thus, the die rolls will be three green Ability dice, upgraded twice to yellow Proficiency dice, an added blue Boost die, an added black Setback die (to represent the circumstantial penalty to Dex’s embarrassing display), and then one purple Difficulty die and two red Challenge dice for the Colonel’s skill at Negotiate.

      Since this is Behind the Scenes, I’ll reveal that I’m sticking with the Rebel Alliance Liason stat block for Colonel Pelligrino. All but the most major Nemeses in this campaign will be sticking fairly closely to established stat blocks.

      Dice are rolled with the following symbols showing:
      – 6 Success
      – 1 Advantage
      – 3 Failure
      – 3 Threat

      Failure cancels Success, Threat cancels Advantage (NOTE: Triumph & Despair are never cancelled); resulting in a net roll of 3 Success and 2 Threat.

      Per the Negotiate rules (p.77), 3 Success increases the profit of the Heist by 15% to 82.8 credits per blaster. We’ll call it an even 83.

      Stay tuned for the next scene, to be posted tonight or maybe over the weekend!

      I love your shenanigans, they’re cheeky and fun. Unlike Graham’s shenanigans, which are cruel and tragic. Which makes them not even shenanigans at all.

      • bflat


        Maybe something like escort duty for a rebel dignitary/officer on The Century Eagle.

      • deucedm

        It was clear Colonel Pelligrino was a bit irritated at the smuggler’s obvious greed, but she relents slightly to see the mission though. Ko’Shak’s boasting probably will not serve him well when dealing with the Colonel in the future, especially if this heist goes awry.

        Damn, look at all those successes. Could have gotten us over 90cr w/o the failues. I blame Dex for this immediately.

        Onward, let the smuggling begin!

      • grahamhl

        I swear to god Ross, the next person to say “shenanigans” is getting blaster-whipped

      • C. Steven Ross

        Hey Rob, what’s the name of that cantina we like with all the goofy shit on the walls?

  • rwaluchow

    You mean Shenanigans?

    It’s Shenanigans, right?

  • C. Steven Ross


    “Very well, Captain. We have a deal. The Alliance thanks you for your support.”

    Colonel Pelligrino extends a gloved hand and gives Kosahk a solid grip, sealing their pact. A compromise has been struck: the Alliance will pay 83 credits per blaster delivered, but only if the crew of The Lucky Hand does them an additional little favor; find an important Rebel commander who has taken ill, a man named Karlo Talik, and smuggle him away from Imperial eyes on board The Lucky Hand.

    (When I post an “end scene”, players should look to Triumph & Despair within the next day or so for the next scene to be posted).

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