Cause & Effect 01 – Wookiee Bounty Hunter

Have you ever seen a pot bellied-Wookiee? Me neither. I think that is something that we need to correct. Randomly rolling (because that is the only way to go) on the table presented in V is for Vignettes has resulted in the following information:

Instigator: Bounty Hunter
Action: Harasses
Target: Crew’s Starship
Escalation: an A is for an Artifact is involved
Escalation: The encounter threatens to cost the Crew many credits.
Using this basic information as a starting point, let’s see what kind of unexpected excitement we can provide for the Crew.
OVERVIEW A Wookiee bounty hunter, named Grawwyn, rightly or wrongly harasses the Crew and threatens their ship after they have successfully obtained an Artifact.

TWIST Grawwyn is willing to negotiate. He will let the Crew leave with their ship if they give him the Artifact that they just obtained.

  • Name: Grawwyn
  • Tags: m-Wookiee/honorable/big belly/crisscross bandoleers over chest
  • Role: bounty hunter
  • Capsule: Grawwyn is a bounty hunter who has made a name for himself as being an efficient hunter who has a deep sense of honor. Grawwyn is also well known for holding grudges and a few altercations have arisen as a result of this.
  • Stat Block: Use the Master Hunter stat block as needed. Lower the Strain Threshold by 2, but raise the Wound Threshold by 2 to represent both the Wookie’s toughness and his lack of self-control.
  • Name: Grawwyn’s thugs
  • Tags: m/f-Humans/well worn clothing and gear
  • Role: Hired Guns
  • Stat Block: Use the Apprentice Bounty Hunters stat block as needed.
  • Name: Landing site
  • Location: Docking Platform or wherever the Crew landed
  • Tags: shipping crates (or comparable cover if not at a civilized landing site)/site is near deserted/labor droids moving crates (animals native to terrain)
SET UP As the Crew is returning to their vessel after successfully obtaining an Artifact, they find it is being guarded by a Wookiee and his crew of hired guns.

  • As the crew return to their vessel they hear a Wookiee’s roar from behind. Turning around they see Grawwyn (Rival) and (4) Hired Gun Thugs (Minions), weapons drawn.
  • He roars wildly in Shyriiwook and points to the Crew’s starship. If no one can understand him, one of the hired gun thugs translates for him. If one of the Crew can understand him, they learn that the bounty hunter believes their ship has been connected to illegal activities and has been tasked with commandeering the vessel. He has no interest in the Crew, but will take them down if they don’t hand over their starship.


 If the Crew lets Grawwyn take their ship:

  • He allows the Crew to remain on the planet. He will not try to capture the Crew as they are not his quarry. They must now find a way off world and either re-claim their vessel or buy/steal another one.

If the Crew refuses to hand over their ship:

  • If negotiation fails (the Twist above) , combat begins. Grawwyn and the Hired Guns are at Close Range to the Crew and Medium Range to the Crew’s starship. The Crew is at Close Range to both their their starship and the Bounty Hunters. If the Crew looks weak, Grawwyn will try and take them out of the fight. The Hired Guns will take Cover behind some crates and fire from cover. If they look to be in fit fighting condition, Grawwyn will make a mad dash for their vessel.

  • If defeated but not killed, Grawwyn takes the loss personal and holds a grudge against whomever landed the knock out blow. The Crew Member gains 5 Obligation to Grawwyn.
  • If the Crew are docked at a Core World or any other place with a strong legal system, Grawwyn may have put their ship on lock-down, thereby preventing them from leaving even if they outwit or defeat the bounty hunter. Now they must find a way to get their vessel in the sky before the authorities start to show up.
  • During combat, a labor droid accidentally steps in-between the firing combatants, creating Cover for both parties until the droid gets out of the way or is destroyed in the cross fire (Wound Threshold 15). If the landing site is not at a space port, use a large animal native to this planet or a B is for Beast.

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