Cause & Effect 02 – Gran Merchant hires Crew

granWelcome back to Cause & Effect. Today’s random encounter, if pursued by the Crew, can provide you with a number of strings to pull in the future. It could also result in a fun chase scene and who doesn’t like chase scenes?


Randomly rolling (because that is the only way to go) on the table presented in V is for Vignettes has resulted in the following information:


Instigator Wealthy Citizen

Action Delivers something to

Target Crew & a Poor Civilian

Escalation I is for Illegal goods is involved

Escalation Quickly turns into a chase scene

Hmm, this one is interesting because I rolled a ’10’ on the Target Column resulting in two targets. What I think makes this exciting is that it involves someone who is well off and someone who is in need. There are some interesting dynamics that we can explore here. A quick roll on the I is for Illegal cargo table reveals that Stormtrooper Helmets and Armor and are involved. Very interesting…


A note about chase scenes:

Chase scenes are an iconic part of Star Wars and are very dynamic. Chase scenes in your game should be no different. Don’t let the Crew get too comfortable and push the boundaries of your imagination. Not only should the chase be constantly evolving, but there should also be hazards or complications as well.


OVERVIEW A wealthy merchant is approaching various spacers in the area, trying to hire someone to deliver his legit cargo (textiles). Roll a Force Die, a result of o or oo indicates he will approach the Crew. Assuming they don’t try to poach the merchant and his deal from another Crew first.

TWIST Just as trade off of some credits and a storage key is about to take place; a poor, aspiring thief intercepts the trade and quickly makes off with the credits and storage key.

  • Name: Tash Vrand
  • Tags: m-Gran/extravagant clothes/talkative/hand gestures while talking
  • Role: merchant
  • Capsule: Tash is a wealthy merchant who deals in both legal and illegal goods. However, he does not usually admit to dealing illegal goods. He will claim that they are instead valuable textiles.
  • Stat Block: It is unlikely that you will need stats for Tash, but if you feel more comfortable with them try using the Customs Inspector stat block.
  • Name: Kalla Zelona
  • Tags: f-Weequay/ratty clothing/uses slang/wears a dirty orange bandana
  • Role: Thief
  • Stat Block: Use the Street Toughs stat block and pretend that those 4 minions congealed into one shifty Weequay. If you want Kalla to fire at the Crew (if they pursue) while she makes her escape, have her use a slugthrower pistol (Short Range, 4+ damage, Crit 5) instead of the rifle.
  • Name: Gorg Tachi
  • Tags: m-Twi’lek/blue skin/well dressed/asks Crew if they’ve heard any good jokes lately
  • Role: Merchant
  • Capsule: Gorg is Tash’s off world contact. He likes to joke around.
  • Stat Block: It is unlikely that you will need stats for Gorg, but if you feel more comfortable with them try using the Customs Inspector stat block.
  • Name: Drogo’s Den (if cantina)
  • Location: Cantina/Space Port/Other
  • Tags: busy/loud/smell of fish lingers in the air
SET UP As the Crew is standing or walking about a cantina or space port, they notice a well dressed Gran approaching various groups of people and overhear his conversation with another Crew (or he approaches them if the Force Die sided with them) offering them a legit cargo job to deliver textiles to a nearby planet.

  • 5 crates of textiles are to be delivered to a nearby planet (Abregado. If that name doesn’t suit you, try one of these)
  • 2000 credits for payment. 500 now, 1500 upon delivery to his contact on the nearby planet (Gorg Tachi)
  • The cargo is currently being stored in a warehouse, it can be accessed with his storage key


 Just as the Crew or another Crew are about to accept the job:

  • A female Weequay dashes out of a crowd, quickly snatches the cred-stick and storage key, and disappears into another crowd.
  • Tash quickly shouts: I’ve been robbed!
  • If Tash hired the crew, he will insist that they pursue the thief and get back the stolen items.

If the Crew does not chase after Kalla:

  • The shifty thief disappears into a crowd. Perhaps she returns at a later date and attempts to pick pocket the Crew.

If the Crew chases after Kalla:

  • Let the chase begin!
  • Crowded streets or cantina (where did she go? pushing through crowds, angering civilians) —> Cramped alleyways (lots of things to obstruct passage, climb over, drop down) —> Roof tops (building jumping, roofs in poor condition, windows to jump though, environmental conditions) —> Speeders (other vehicles and buildings as obstructions, tunnels, industrial section with smog, old lady crossing street with even slower moving animal companion)
  • If the Crew is able to return with the stolen items, Tash will be very impressed. He will give the Crew an additional 500 credits. If the Crew hadn’t been hired to transport his goods, he will offer them the contract instead of another Crew.

  • If the Crew chases after the thief, perhaps another Crew does the same. Now not only do they need to catch the thief, they need to catch the thief before the other Crew.
  • If the Crew managed to poach the contract from another Crew, perhaps they run into that crew at a later time. I doubt that they will be impressed. 5 Obligation Rival Crew
  • If the Crew take on the job, curiosity might get the best of them. The 5 crates of cargo all have computerized locks which require a Hard (ddd) Check to open. If successful, the Crew learns that they are really transporting Stormtrooper helmets and armor and not textiles (which have been placed on top of the armor as a decoy.)
  • If the Crew discovers the true nature of the cargo, they might try to barter for a better deal or skip out on their contract and try to sell the illegal cargo for more credits on the black market…This could result in additional trouble or even some bad rep, as Tash spreads word that they are bad transporters. 5 Obligation Tash
  • If the Crew takes the job, they might be stopped for a random cargo inspection. They might not think much of it at the time, but once the true cargo is revealed, they might be in some trouble with the authorities. 10 Obligation Empire
  • If the cargo is successfully delivered, Tash and Gorg might offer the Crew additional work.

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