(PbP) HEIST I – Century Eagle


The Lucky Hand glides through the dusty, ruby nebula to the ponderous, slow bulk freighter Century Eagle. The vessel rotate about, an elegant waltz through the cosmic sea, and they pitch perpendicular to each other for docking procedures. Steel clamps bear down on the smaller Lucky Hand, holding it steady. Airlocks hiss, compress, decompress, and finally release. The two ships are as one.

  • The footfalls of the Crew of the Lucky Hand ring hollow across a shallow steel ramp into a cavernous cargo bay, 50 ft. on a side with a 30 ft. ceiling.
  • A steel grate walkway wraps around the perimeter of the room. A pair of armed Imperial Stormtroopers stands guard with blasters drawn, aimed at you.
  • Great, big, bright white lights hang from above; however, they shed no light. Instead, flashing red emergency lights pulse a repeating pattern of crimson lights, casting shadows all about.
  • A massive, closed doorway at the opposite end of the room indicates the way out. Another group of 2 Stormtroopers stands in front of the door.
  • Flickering blue light from a nearby computer terminal illuminates the gray wall.
  • A human woman clothed in an Imperial uniform stands behind a waist-high console covered in buttons and levers. Her hair and most of her facial features are obscured by the dim light and the tightly fitting green hat she is wearing. A blaster pistol is holstered at her side, and a third group of two Stormtroopers flank her.
  • The ship is on high alert, with a piercing alarm klaxon blaring via wall speakers.
  • BEHIND THE SCENES: All Vigilance checks are upgraded, but all skill checks requiring focused concentration suffer 2 Setback dice.

The woman speaks in a commanding voice, shouting out to you: “Welcome aboard the Century Eagle, captain ….? Please leave your weapons and droids stowed safely away on your ship while the repairs are conducted.

Century Eagle Holding Bay

What do you do?


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26 responses to “(PbP) HEIST I – Century Eagle

  • deucedm

    Captain Ko’Shak, permission to come aboard, Commander …..” Ko bows perfectly while facing the commander and her sirens. He wears a golden velour vest, cuffs tight to his wrists, clearly showing he has nothing up his sleeve. his hands are cupped at waist height and ungloved, knowing these stromtroopers are a fidgety bunch and he must stay calm and give them no reason to suspect mischief (any further). “We are but five merchants and a droid, surely you can see we mean you no harm. We are grateful for your hospitality, and by no means wish you ill. Our engineer believes she has already diagnosed our engine problems, we shall be on our way shortly with minimal assistance.

    Ross, I think I’ve worked around the posting glitch. As for keeping OOC conversation on the blog vs G+, I was just trying to keep the posting linear and clear of excess conversation.

    As for our arrival, I obviously need to calm the situation down, it would be terrible if we weren’t allowed to board the ship. Lemme know the difficulty to, I am looking forward to swooning some Imperial Commanders on valentines day. I’m even wearing my lucky velour vest.

    • C. Steven Ross

      No checks are necessary. The Imperials are OK with everything so long as the Crew doesn’t bear weapons, let HRT-94 run wild, or do any other kinds of funny business.

      • deucedm

        Graciously taking in their host, Ko’Shak thanks the Commander. “HRT, stick around Lita, and do not leave the ship, his twi’lek head tentacles shifting as the “stern” words come out of his mouth.” He then turns to the Commander (who’s name he still doesn’t know….how tight these imperial ships run!), moves a bit closer and asks where the ships mess hall is. “We are a bit famished, would you direct to the messdeck? It would be nice to taste something other than rations or the cooking of the gand. ”

        I’d NEVER try any funny business. That’s why we have Ty-FOR. (groans all around!)

        But seriously, Ko is attempting to be as nice and gracious as one can be when saved from the annoyances of that dang gand hunter. I try to move closer in order to know what she looks like, and to work my charms. What else am I good for?

      • C. Steven Ross

        Hmm, eating from the hand of the Imperials? That’s a Charm check there, buddy! But certainly not an unreasonable request. Roll 2 purple dice, 1 black die (to represent the heightened sense of danger everyone on board has), 1 green, 2 yellow, and throw in an extra Boost die because it is a seemingly simple request.

      • deucedm

        The charms of the twi’lek seemingly go completely unnoticed by our stern and completely professional Commander, as she waves off Ko and company blatantly ignoring his charms…or is she? Ko does notices her (and oddly, one of the stormtroopers) checking him out as they walk away. A moment later, the red alarms drop to yellow, and whole room seems to exhale as the twi’lek seemingly made a fool of himself. He’s left an impression, all right…that’s good enough for now.

        Oh buddy!
        Thats: fffaasaTa. So overall, a failure, 4 advantage, and a triumph.
        I’ll let our Galaxy Master worry about the triumph, it may be unseen as of this moment. As for the advantage, the good that can come out of all this failure is the Commander relaxing about us, not seeing us as much of a threat at the moment after her initial worries.

        I’m glad I’m so good at rolling these triumphs…just wish I would succeed as well…

    • C. Steven Ross

      The red emergency lights persist and klaxons still bare. The Imperial officer crosses her arms and meet her icy eyes with yours. She speaks in a gruff manner, “Under no circumstances shall I allow … you people … to mingle and suckle off the teat of a vital piece of the Imperial war machine. You should be thankful the commander allowed you access to our hanger bay and be done with it.”

      Oh … but wait? What just caught Ko’Shak’s eye? Was that…

      During the brief tirade, the four Stormtroopers located on the lower floor of the bay (ie. not the two on the catwalk above) each in turn look straight at Ko’Shak, point 1 finger to their blaster rifle, hook a thumb to the door, and nod knowingly.

      • deucedm

        “Understood, again, 100 thanks to you and your Commander. We only hope to repay the favor 10-fold in the future… ”

        Ko bows again and allows the officer to get back to her work. He knows the Imperials are a thankless, inelegant lot. Maybe it will be a good thing if they were no longer in power. He takes his leave of her, pulls out a datapad, and moves to survey the exterior of the ship. Using his twi’lek head tentacles, he catches Bril’s attention a few moments later and motions him in the direction of the door and troopers. Honestly, he doesn’t know what he’d do without the enhanced cranial features these other specie lack. Non-verbal communication is just so vital to getting things done.

        And this is why I don’t presume the narrative. Much better reacting then creating my own bias results.

        Obviously our lady officer does not like me. Time for someone else to test the waters…

  • grahamhl

    As the loading ramp to the Lucky Hand lowers, footsteps can be heard coming down. One of the first seen is a pair of well-kept wingtip shoes, a guitar case and a fedora as HRT-94 strolls off the ship. Pausing at the bottom of the ramp, his sensors take in a quick scan of the surroundings. The alert lights flashing and storm troopers holding their guns at the ready is no sign of comfort. “Quite the welcome wagon we have here fellas”.

    As the woman behind the console issues her request, the fedora’s brim raises just enough for HRT-94’s eye to lock on the woman. HRT-94’s thumb calmly moves to rest on the latch of the first quick release electro-lock on his Guitar case. In a calm cool tone, HRT-4 suggests “Perhaps these boys could use a good song to put their heads…to rest…” he says turning back to his crew mates looking for a sign whether they think the jig is up or not

    [OOC] Given HRT’s appearance, I don’t anticipate any immediate violence from seeing a humanoid in an upscale dress suite walking off the ship with a guitar case. HRT will try to position himself at the bottom of the ramp in between his crew and the troopers in case things start to go sour, and will be performing a vigilance check.

    Hrt-94 only has a 2 in Willpower, and 1 rank in vigilance, but with the upgrade, both become d12’s. The result is 3 successes. HRT-94’s scanners are running at optimal capacity, and quickly act to asses threat priority, anything out of order (aside from the obvious armed guards), and any sign that the troopers have been tipped off to their plan.
    Saved Roll: http://angille.net/eote/persistent.php?retrieve=17

    (Crap, didnt see Deuce’s first post)

    • deucedm

      Sorry Graham, I assumed droids were obvious and not Blade Runner-esque. My plan was to find the messhall, maybe convince some officers we could do a show for them (or find the rebels and have them help set it up…), which would allow us to move the cargo. And I’m worried about someone inspecting the ship. Thought you were the obvious guard for that (and if someone tries to sneak aboard, I believe your programmed with a “stand your ground” protocol).

      • grahamhl

        It’s cool Deuce

        I was more or less imagining him being still clearly a droid, but wanted to paint a picture of fanciness as he walked off the ship. He’d walk off with you guys, and be more of a guard dog than anything given the welcome. If Ko tells him to guard the ship, HRT will pretty much do that. I just wanted to make a roll on something :p

      • deucedm

        Yeah, I don’t want to take all of the screen time up. This at least opens up the ship for us to explore. And my “stern” command was really a ruse for the Imps.

    • C. Steven Ross


      Vigilance covers a character’s ability to react quickly and be on the lookout for danger. As such, it is often used to determine initiative in a combat situation. The converse of that, the Cool skill, could soon become relevant as that used used to determine initiative when attempting to surprise or ambush a foe, as HRT-94 is considering with his guitar case.

      HRT-94 is very obviously a droid. It’s up to you to describe his appearance, but there is no mistaking his robotic, inhuman nature.

      For your scanning, that sounds to me that the troopers are definitely using their own Cool skill to maintain their composure and conceal any hidden intent. That will be opposed by HRT-94’s Cunning … I’ll say with the Perception skill. Graham, roll 1 green die for Cunning, 1 black die for the dark conditions, 2 purple dice to represent the troopers’ Cool skill, though upgrade that once to a single purple and 1 red die for the fact that the Stormtroopers have face-covering helmets.


      • C. Steven Ross

        Whoops! Read the wrong stats. Roll just one red die, no purple dice.

      • grahamhl

        How I think i look: http://tinyurl.com/abtzfmz
        How I actually look: http://tinyurl.com/akqz764

        The description you gave for vigilance is more or less what I intend for HRT-94 to be doing, being on the lookout for any danger in the few moments of tense standoff. The least he’d be looking for is a Threat priority assessment, which still seems like it’d still fit.

        I don’t see Cool relevant here as he’s not hiding any intent, and is more or less acting as being on guard given the current tense situation rather than wanting to murder everyone he sees. As for hiding any actions with the guitar case, he’s a droid dressed as a musician, with an instrument case, who’s just offered to play a song. While as odd at that seems, i don’t know if the troopers would jump to the level of “he’s got a gun! Get Him!” based on his current actions.

        I’d almost rather delete the post at this point with so many things wrong on my part…

        To the Perception roll:
        1 Green, 1 Black, and 1 Red turns up a single failure..

        In closing….I hate you Ross…

  • C. Steven Ross

    A note about interpreting dice results. My end goal here for this Heist is to have all of the players proficient enough and comfortable with the dice and the typical applications of the various symbols to be able to make their own suggested impact on the story, taking control of the narrative as needed. So, in an ideal situation, the player will describe their Crew Member’s actions, I’ll relay relevant difficulty/setback/etc. dice information, player makes the roll, posts the net results, and offers a suggested use for all the advantage, etc. which I will likely use.

    Players should not feel obligated to that level of system mastery just yet, I feel as though we’re still building up to that point, but if a player is feeling creative and comfortable with what they’re doing, then they may certainly take the reigns and start directing the action on their own.

  • bflat


    Bril’s lekku wave an assent, though he’s a bit at a loss as to how he should proceed. The guards are obviously the contacts they seek, but the commander could not possibly be involved. He had to get her out of there.

    Slowly moving down the ramp, he approaches the spot where Ko’Shak was attempting to negotiate with her, arms before him, his hands and the clasps on his black leather flight jacket open.

    “Commander, I assure you we are most grateful. Being trapped with a neurotic gand for I don’t even know how many days on end is a fate worse than torture. Unfortunately, we aren’t going anywhere until our engineer is able to replace the…. What was it you needed again, Lita? Would you allow us to speak with an engineer to see about finding a replacement? We are at the mercy your generosity and that of the empire. You can escort us yourself to make sure I don’t get into any trouble.”

    Smiling then, he awaits her reply, taking stock of the room with his peripheral vision as much as he can.


    I’m attempting to use charm and appeal to her better nature, and also trying to avoid lying directly. Let me know if you think deceit is more appropriate.

    Also, can you describe the hangar a bit more. Where is everyone standing right now? How far is the ship’s cargo ramp from the door where the two troopers pointed?

    • C. Steven Ross

      Go ahead and roll 2 purple dice, 1 black die (to represent the heightened sense of danger everyone on board has); 1 green, 2 yellow (for Presence 3, Charm 2) and tell us the results. While you do that, I’ll start putting together a map of the hanger to better describe the scene.

    • C. Steven Ross

      “Hmmph. NIce try. I’ll let your engineer come down to the shops, but you can stay here with the guards. Where’s this Mr. Fix-It of yours, anyway?”


      I’ll take that as 2 Success, 2 Threat.

      I updated the post with a quick sketch showing everything. I hope that clarifies your questions. If not, lemme know.

      • bflat


        Fine with me. I realize I hit roll now! rather than save roll from the start, thinking it would save my first roll. I’ll make sure to do that in the future.


        Smiling still, Bril nods and says “understood commander. We are very grateful for your assistance.”

        He then walks over to join Ko’Shak in assessing the exterior of the ship.

      • deucedm

        Map looks plenty good enough for what we were visualizing.

        It’s your turn to shine, James!

  • angille

    Wow. Get sick and refinance your house, and the game just goes on, huh? I did have thoughts days ago, but never got them in.

    [Prior to Docking]
    Knowing someone might actually check the story, Lita rigs the subspace engines up in such a way that they’re absurdly simple to repair, then hides the one tool she needs to fix them in one of the ship’s smuggler’s panels.

    Either Mechanics
    (4/2) or Skulduggery (3/0, Convincing Demeanor) I would imagine.

    [Aboard the Hangar]
    As the group steps down the walkway and first sees the armed Imperial forces, Lita lets out a little squeak. As the twi’leks are negotiating, she’s nervously fidgeting with her tail, getting little bits of hydraulic fluid in her fur.

    When Bril addresses her, Lita drops her tail and stands as straight as she can. “I, uh, there’s a plasma coil out of alignment, throwing the sublight engines into a spin. I’m confident I can fix it, but none of our hydrospanners are where they should be.”

    This is possibly Deceit
    (3/0, Convincing Demeanor), but she’s already made sure what she’s saying is true.

    • C. Steven Ross

      Lita is given an incredulous look by the woman.

      “Very well, let’s make this quick. Follow me.”

      The Imperial officer makes a tight turn on the heel of her boot and walks out of the holding bay, the two nearest stormtroopers following suit.

      No checks needed here, thanks to everyone’s prior results. So long as everyone plays by the Imperials’ rules and doesn’t do anything funny, the Crew will be allowed to borrow some tools and fix up their ship.

  • deucedm

    So nothing happens on Lita’s way out the door with those stormtroopers? Guess it’s time to play waiting game and see if there is a shift change with this current presiding officer…Let’s just work REAL slowly…

  • C. Steven Ross


    The holding bay officer leads the way through a half-dozen twists and turns through the heart of the Century Eagle, two stormtroopers with blaster rifles aimed at Lita’s back. Sweat begins to bead on her forehead, but then she remembers back to something from her past … James help me out here … that gives her inner strength.

    Lita is led to a large, octagonal room, the doorway hissing opens as it slides aside when the holding bay commander presses a quick set of buttons on a nearby keypad. Each wall of the room is covered in a matrix of hooks and hangers, holding a vast array of hyperspace resistors, plasma sensors, sonic capacitors, and all other manner of gadgetry and spare parts. The Imperial lackeys stand outside the room in the corridor, motioning for Lita to step inside.

    “Here you are. Try not to shed all over our equipment too mu…..”

    An explosion can be heard going off somewhere, reverberating through the hull of the ship!

    I’m going to go ahead and make a Fear check for Lita in this situation. She’s messing around with the Imperials, gun to her back, with a cranky officer bossing her around. It’s not terrifying, but it could be unnerving.

    The difficulty is Easy (d); one purple die. Rules As Written say either Cool or Discipline can be used for Fear checks, but I am going to houserule in that it is always Discipline since Cool sees enough regular use in other situations. For Lita, however, they’re the same dice pool: 2 Ability. The dice are rolled – Success and Advantage! Lita keeps her nerves under control, and in fact is emboldened, gaining a Boost die to her first skill check made against the Stormtroopers.

  • C. Steven Ross


    One of the four stormtroopers begins to act strangely, glancing about left to right. He locks eyes-to-visor with Ko’Shak, and then the static-y click of his radio can be heard:

    “Tanda to Talik. Civilians safely aboard, cargo intact in main holding bay. Proceed with operation.”

    An explosion can be heard going off somewhere, reverberating through the hull of the ship! The speaking stormtrooper then takes aim to blast his armor-clad companion!

    Find out what happens in the next exciting instalment of the Triumph & Depsair Play-by-Post campaign: Sabotage!


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