(PbP) HEIST I – Sabotage!

Explosions rip through the heart of the Century Eagle! The hull creaks and groans under the strain, emergency lights flicker, and the force of the explosion shakes everyone off their feet!  The Crew is split up, Lita off with an Imperial Officer and guards in the maintenance shops while the rest of the Crew are face-to-face with some hot stormtrooper on stormtrooper blaster fire!


OK, we have a few things happening.

Firstly, everyone needs to roll a Coordination check for me (or just Agility if you have no ranks) with an Average difficulty, meaning 2 purple dice. If the check fails, your character is knocked prone. On a success, you stand. Each net Threat results in 1 Strain as your character slams hard into something.

But wait, there’s more! The Galaxy Master wishes to alter the narrative against the Crew and spends a Destiny Point. The campaign started with 3 light side points and 3 dark side points. It now has 4 light side points and 2 dark side points. The Galaxy Master thus upgrades the difficulty of this check, meaning the Coordination difficulty is one purple die and one red die. In future skill checks, and member of the Crew can do so similar with a light side point to upgrade their check.

After all that, everyone needs to roll an unopposed Vigilance check, or just Willpower if you have no ranks, to determine how quickly your character is to react to surprising twists and new dangers. Tell me you’re number of Triumph, Success, and Advantage. This is our initiative check.

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  • deucedm

    The quake of the blast ripping through the cargo bay almost throws Ko’Shak to the ground, but he catches himself on the a landing beam for the The Lucky Hand. He hears blaster fire, and he assumes the rebels have started their take-over. “Shit!!!!!!, everyone back into the ship and arm yourselves!

    This is all happening much quicker than he had expected….they haven’t even dropped off the weapons yet! Time to secure this drop, get Karlo somehow, and burn hyperspace!

    Coordination roll:
    One success and one advantage.
    Ko catches hold of the landing gear and doesn’t knock into anything!

    Vigilance roll:
    One success, two advantage. Tis a good day to roll!

  • rwaluchow


    Just as he emerges from the Lucky Hand, Dex stumbles and falls, knocked over by the sudden explosion. Fortuitously, he stumbles right into a hostile storm trooper. (failure, 1 advantage)

    Vigilence check (upgraded from alarm): 3 success, 1 advantage

    [OOC] sorry I haven’t been as engaged in this as I should be, gents… I blame that damned hang over!

  • grahamhl

    As HRT-94 is helping to unload Repair equipment, he is knocked off the loading ramp during the explosion, impacting with a nearby mechanic station and several cylinders, some of which begin producing a slight hissing sound as some kind of compressed gas begins to escape.
    Net: 1 Failure, 1 Threat

    Vigilance (Upgraded):
    1 Success, 1 Advantage

  • bflat

    Coordination (four green):
    Net 3 advantage, 1 failure (aaaasattff)

    Bril loses his balance and falls, but bumping his head in the process but in such a way that it knocks some sense back into him (cancelling out the strain he just received, and recovering that already on him?). He falls but is able to roll under the ramp for cover.

    Vigilance (1 green, 1 yellow)
    Net 3 success (sss)

  • angille

    [Lita Xel’Nari]
    Being led away from her only friends on the ship at gunpoint is definitely harrowing for Lita. But… ya know what? This is totally just like that time on Kuat. Imps are kind of imbeciles sometimes. Ton of gun, lame of brain. Ooh, I bet he’s gonna use those fat armor fingers to key in the room code. Yep. The door opens, and she whistles as she steps towards the toys on the walls and tables.

    Then everything goes crazy! As the ship lurches, Lita grabs a hold of a pegboard full of tools, managing to maintain her balance but sending half a dozen spanners crashing around her. She looks up dully to gauge the reactions of the Imps.

    I’d love to use that blue pretty much right away to read the security code. Perception 3/2, with a blue, I’d imagine?

    Coordination Roll – 1 success, 2 threat – strain at 3/13

    Vigilance Roll(upgraded for klaxon) 2 advantage, no success

    • C. Steven Ross

      Nice suggestion! I’ll allow Lita a Perception check with a black Setback die (for the poor lighting) against the Imperial Officer’s upgraded opposed Vigilance of 2 red dice (Challenge) and one purple die (Difficulty). Throw that blue Boost in there as well.

      • angille

        [Lita Xel’Nari]
        Blast, didn’t quite catch the keypresses in the middle. Lita’s tail droops a little – that’s not enough to crack the code. Wait… is that a TSP model 8k network lock? It is! Her ears lay back softly as she thinks. That should be easy to work around later…

        Perception Roll – ffttfsaaT, reduced to a single failure and a TRIUMPH – looking forward to much easier slicing later on…

      • C. Steven Ross

        Indeed! Lita gains a Boost die to all future slicing on board the Century Eagle.

  • C. Steven Ross

    Stormtroopers are tossed about from the rocking ship, some banging their helmets straight into low-hanging bulkheads. One trooper falls into the surly Imperial officer, straight at her knees, knocking them both down to the ground and causing his blaster rifle to skid across the floor to exactly where Lita is standing.


    Added some quick sketches showing where everyone is.

    Since he or she has been trying to keep calm and not betray the trap that has been set, the Rebel Sergeant masquerading as a stormtrooper is must use Cool instead of Vigilance.

    Rebel Sgt.
    Cool: 1 Success, 1 Advantage
    Coordination: 1 Success, 2 Threat

    Stormtrooper #1
    Vigilance: 3 Success, 2 Advantage
    Coordination: 2 Success, 1 Advantage

    Stormtrooper #2
    Vigilance: 5 Success, 0 Advantage
    Coordination: 2 Success, 2 Advantage

    Stormtrooper #3
    Vigilance: 3 Success, 1 Advantage
    Coordination: 1 Success, 2 Threat

    Imperial Officer
    Vigilance: 1 Success, 5 Advantage
    Coordination: 0 Success, 1 Advantage

    Stormtrooper #4
    Vigilance: 2 Success, 4 Advantage
    Coordination: 0 Success, 0 Threat, Despair

    Stormtrooper #5
    Vigilance: 2 Success, 1 Advantage
    Coordination: 2 Success, 3 Threat

    Hold on a few minutes, guys, as I get myself all setup here …..

  • C. Steven Ross

    Initiative is tallied! A new image has appeared!

    Initiative in Edge of the Empire is super flexible and lends itself to a very cinematic and not realistic approach. Basically, it doesnt’t matter who actually rolled the value, it just gets tallied as a point in the initiative order that your side can use. Each character can, of course, only act once per round.

    So looking at our setup, we will have any 3 Imperials act (shown as blue dots, my choice), then any 2 of the Crew act (green, the color of money), then the remaining 3 Imperials, then 2 more Crew (but not the two whom have already acted), THEN the Rebel trooper, then the last Crew Member.

    After that, the new round starts fresh; meaning a crew Member could act last in Round 1 and first in Round 2, no problem. Attacks and whatnot will generate various Advantage and Threats that modify upcoming actions, so players will hopefully start to pick up on the ebb and flow and jump in with their actions when it seems most appropriate or tactically beneficial.

    At the table, I use glass beads for this as a quick and easy means of setup. Works wonders!

    Loading Imperial laser death …

  • C. Steven Ross


    “There he is, blast him!

    “Die, traitor!”

    Blaster fire arcs out from the blackened muzzles of cold Imperial steel. The Rebel spy drops to the ground, his helmet pops off and rolls to the side. A blonde-haired youth is revealed. He coughs up blood, spitting it on the cold gray floor and reaches an open hand out towards HRT-94. With his dying breath, he gasps,

    “Did it. For you. Don’t. Let them. Invade.”

    I’m activating all three Stormtroopers in the main holding bay, and will in fact utilize the special Minion Rules to coordinate their attack. I think it’s in the best interest of the story to get rid of this Rebel as fast as possible, so I’m going to blast him to pieces and thrown in another Dark Side Destiny Point to upgrade the attack.

    The Stormtrooper Squad’s ranged (heavy) skill gets them 2 Proficiency and 1 Ability die, the darkness throws in 1 black Setback die, the range is about medium, so I’ll deem that 2 Difficulty die, and the Destiny Point upgrades the green to a yellow for 3 Proficiency die. C’mon, Triumph! Lastly, the Stormtroopers already have their guns out, so they’ll use theire Maneuver to Aim, gaining a Boost die. Results (a handful of dice): 1 Success, 2 Threat.

    The Rebel takes a number of Wounds equal to Damage Listed for Weapon (9) + Number of Successes (1) – Soak (5). For a net of 5 Wounds. 5 Wounds happens to be his Wound Threshold and he drops.

    There is still the issue of the 2 Threat to resolve. Working on this …..


    Next up is any two of the Crew! Shit’s about to get complicated, so I’m going to start writing a short primer on combat. If you’re feeling shaky on the rules, which I would imagine you all are, why not wait for my next post.

  • C. Steven Ross

    Whew, I’m sure typing a lot! Here are some combat basics. Page 5 of Gribble’s amazingly handy Reference Sheets pdf goes over most of this.

    Every character gets an Action, a Maneuver, and a “reasonable number” of Incidentals. No creature can ever spend more than 2 Maneuvers in a round, no matter what. An Action can be dropped to a Maneuver, like a 4E Standard to Move. However! one can also push oneself hard, take 2 Strain, and get in 2 Maneuvers and an Action. Incidentals are dumb shit like opening a door; though picking up, drawing a weapon, and holstering a weapon are Maneuvers.

    Common Maneuvers: Aim (get a Boost die, can “double Aim”), Assist, Guarded Stance (melee attackers get a Setback, your attacks get a Setback), Interact with Environment, Manage Gear, Mount or Dismount, Move from one distance to another (Medium to Short, for example), Engage/Disengage in melee, Drop Prone / Stand from Prone

    Common Actions: Make a skill check, including Ranged (light), etc. which kills people.

    Success on Combat Skill Check: Deal Wounds equal to damage listed, +1 per net success.

    Failure on Combat Skill Check: You miss!

    Advantage/Threat on Combat Skill Check: Look it up, these are too many to list. If you have Advantage equal to your crit rating and hit the target, you can score a critical hit.
    SOMETHING IMPORTANT: The active player decides how to spend Advantage, the target decides how to trigger Threat.

    I am now waiting for any of you to spend the 2 Threat on the Stormtroopers I just generated. For example: something happens (???) that gives them all a Setback die to their next attack.

    Triumph on Combat Skill Check: Critical hit no matter the critical value, upgrade someone’s next skill check, do something that changes the environment in your favor.

    Despair on Combat Skill Check: weapon runs out of ammo, damage weapon or tool, upgrade the difficulty to your next check, do something that changes the environment not in your favor.

    • C. Steven Ross

      Another common Maneuver: Take Cover. Ranged attacks get a Setback against you.

      • bflat


        Regarding the threat, how about a stray blaster shot careens of the downed rebel’s armour ricocheting into a strut supporting the catwalk above, causing it to shake and knock the troopers off balance for their next attacks.

        On a strategy chat note, I think Lita should act before the rest of the imperials near her.

      • C. Steven Ross

        Perfect! The 3 stormtroopers (acting as one unit) take a Setback die on their next attack.

      • angille

        I totally agree, but… not sure what to do. Lita could tell you all about the chemical and mechanical reactions in a blaster rifle, but is clueless about firing them. I’m waffling on:

        • grab gun, fire at armed ST
        • grab gun, take cover, negotiate
        • kick gun, feign innocence, offer to “help” w/repairs

      • bflat


        Hmm… Slicing into the computer to locate Karlo would be good if you could manage it (though I suspect he might be our fallen rebel), but you’d need to be away from prying eyes. Which means either waiting and hoping they leave (unlikely), running away and/or hiding, or using the offer to “help.”

        You could wait, but it’s a gamble.

  • deucedm

    Unarmed, shocked at the quick escalation of events, Ko runs for the ramp and back into the ship. There’s no profit in being dead, of course. “HRT, engage and destroy the stormtroopers!”

    Seeing that Ko was unarmed upon leaving the ship, he’s not in a very good position to do much about this. And with three stormtroopers blasting away, its about time I found cover (and bigger guns). So I will use two maneuvers to run back into the ship and up the ramp to grab his gun in the cockpit. Now would be a perfect time for HRT to shine as well…I see a meatbag that needs some clamping!

  • grahamhl

    Pushing off the workstation, HRT-94’s eyes glowing read now assessing each threat in the room “Finally, time for a song…” he utters as his voice cuts short as a song starts playing from his audio ports.

    His hand reforms into a small knife, energy vibrating off it to the beat of the song.

    [Behind the Scenes]
    Maneuver 1: Stand up
    Maneuver 2: Close to melee range (taking 2 strain, of my 12, minus whatever happened earlier..not sure)

    The attack:
    HRT-94 has 5 ability dice, with 2 upgraded to yellow from his melee training. 1 Setback dice for the dark, and 2 difficulty dice for engaging into melee
    TRIUMPH! 3 successes and an advantage
    HRT-94’s Vibroknife deals 1 damage, has pierce 2, and Vicious 1 (not sure if all these take effect though.
    I’m not sure how much damage this deals. Is it 1+3(successes)? I also don’t know their soak.

    [Back to the action!]
    Weaving through the scattered cargo, one of the hissing containers is at rest on a long piece of debris resting on another crate, much like a see-saw. During HRT-94’s advance, he slams his foot down on the other end, sending the gas container flying up to the catwalk near one of the storm troopers (don’t know if a Triumph + advantage gives me enough to make it explode on him, or if that just counts to crit the weapon)
    HRT-94’s rushes up to one of the troopers who shot down the rebel…his knife drives deep into the storm trooper’s armored chest.

    Lot of stuff I “Think” is possible…Tell me what i need to revise…totally keeping that roll..

    • C. Steven Ross

      Drawing a weapon is actually a Maneuver, and one can never take more than 2 Maneuvers in a round, so …. do you want to Strain and punch (rerolling for Brawl skill); or get up, no Strain, and draw your blade?

      Also, Melee and Brawl are always both Average Difficulty, adding two purple Difficulty dice to the check. Furthermore, all attacks will be taking a black Setback die due to the poor lighting conditions.

      Lastly, the net damage you deal will be equal to 1 + 5 (your Brawn) + Number of Successes; so if you hit at all you are dealing a minimum of 7 Wounds.

      • grahamhl

        ugh….apparently nothing is right…and i lose the triumph, son of a..

        I’ll strain and punch, 5 ability, and I’ll take a light side point to upgrade to a yellow

        4 green, 1 yellow, 2 purple, and 1 black

        net: 2 success, 1 advantage

      • C. Steven Ross

        Cool! Something you didn’t know: most enemies treat Strain and Wounds as the same thing. So, with Soak 5, 2 Strain from a botched Coordination check, and total of 5 Wounds; you will punch a stormtrooper to death. How do you want to spend that 1 Advantage? Regain Strain? Other?

        Also, feel free to narrate punching a stormtrooper to death. If you don’t, I will when I take the next 3 Imperial forces’ turns.

      • grahamhl

        What does “Regain Strain” entail? I’m not sure how much Strain I have at the moment. I’ll probably go with that.

  • grahamhl

    Actually, can my advantage be to use the now-dead storm trooper as a body shield?

    • C. Steven Ross

      The Beta Book gives the following guidelines for 1 Advantage from a combat check:

      – Recover 1 strain (may be selected more than once).
      – Add 1 Boost die to next active allied characters check.
      – Notice a single important point in the ongoing conflict.

      Three (3) Advantage covers “gain +1 melee or ranged defense until end of next turn”, which I think body shield would be appropriate for.

      HRT-94 currently has 4 Strain and shuts down when he reaches 12 Strain. When you have a few minutes to run a diagnostic or whatever-the-fuck, you can make a Discipline or Cool check to regain some Strain as well.

  • C. Steven Ross


    The Imperial officer’s hat is jostled off of her head as she falls to the ground, bowled over by a clumsy Stormtrooper:

    “Off of me, you idiot!”

    She then points to the standing soldier, ordering him:

    “Trooper, detain this … thing until further notice. I don’t want her running off throughout the ship when we’re in whatever crisis this is.”


    Imperial Officer: Stand, Order Trooper (Move to Engaged Range with Lita)
    Trooper #1: Stand, Retrieve Handcuffs
    Trooper #2: Grab Lita’s arm, Drag her out into the hallway

    With the Rebel spy a smoking corpse on the ground, the rest of the Crew (besides HRT-94 and Ko’Shak) may now take their turns in whatever order they like.

  • rwaluchow

    Dex mutters a brief prayer to whatever powers may care enough to be listening before drawing his blaster pistol and taking up a position behind cover. He pushes himself hard and takes a wild shot at one of the stormtroopers.

    take two strain to spend two maneuvers and an action(draw weapon, move to cover, shoot)


    Critical Hit!…with 3 threat

    • C. Steven Ross

      A firefight erupts between Dex at the entryway to the Lucky Hand and an Imperial Stormtroopers up high on the catwalk. Seizing the moment, Dex springs out from the door, rolls on his shoulder, and pops off a a blast that hits the stormtrooper right in the neck beneath his helmet. White armor comes tumbling down onto the floor!


      Great shot, kid. Now don’t get cocky.

      Dex deals Wounds equal to: 6 (blaster) + 1 (Number of Successes) – 5 (Soak) = 2 Wounds. Not terribly good, and not enough to down a fresh Stormtrooper.

      But wait! Stormtroopers are known to die by the dozen, and to reflect that, they are tagged as “Minions”. Minions die straight out from Critical Hits. If the troopers was an higher complexity enemy (Rival or Nemesis), he would instead receive a semi-permanent penalty such as a gimpy leg or a burned hand or something.

      3 Threat is pretty serious, and I will be spending it to knock Dex prone. Note how I make it seem like the prone was almost planned by Dex! It’s because he is awesome. You guys are awesome. Celebrate awesome (http://www.eweek.org/Home.aspx).

      Lita and Bril finish out Round 1.

  • bflat


    Where is Dex lying prone? On the ramp, i.e. close enough for Bril to reach his blaster?

  • bflat


    Peering out from under the ramp, Bril’s eyes widen as he views the carnage all about him. There’s no chance they’d be able to talk their way out of this one now. Patting his coat, it dawns on he wishes desperately that he hadn’t complied with the imperial commander’s order to leave all weapons aboard the Hand.

    Good thing Dex had some sense to bring out a gun. Scooting over on his elbows, he grabs it out of the prone human’s hand, props himself up, and fires on the injured trooper.


    Maneuver, as per GM’s note above: move over to Dex and grab his pistol “You can have it back in a moment.”

    Maneuver (for 2 strain): aim at the injured Trooper.

    Action: Fire!
    4 agility + 1 rank in ranged (light) + 1 boost
    vs 2 difficulty + 1 setback

    Net: 5 success, which equals 6 wounds dealt?

  • angille

    Talk this guy’s ear off, I’d imagine…

    [Lita Xel’Nari]
    Seeing little profit in trying to outgun or escape from the troopers and the officer, Lita offers her paws willingly for the handcuffs. “Well, sirs. I can’t begin to guess what that boom was. Well… I could. Mighta been an asteroid, mighta been another ship. Can’t be too careful in this nebula.” Her ears are moving almost constantly while she talks.

    “All I know is that I had nothing to do with it, and these” – she lifts her paws with the handcuffs – “ain’t gonna make it easy for me to help you fix things should the time come. Just sayin’.”

    As long as she isn’t gagged or struck, Lita continues to list numerous possible causes for an explosion or concussion aboard-ship, being careful to avoid sabotage and the like.

    Not… really… using combat actions here. Two things I’d like to accomplish:
    • Gauge the difficulty of removing the cuffs. Mechanics (4/2) or Skulduggery (3/0)?
    • Convince them to remove the cuffs, with no expectation of success. Deceit (3/0, Convincing Demeanor) or Charm (2/0)?

    • C. Steven Ross

      Ah, I’m afraid I wasn’t quite clear. One stormtrooper has grabbed Lita by the arm and yanked her into the corridor, another has retrieved handcuffs in preparation to use them. Lita is not currently cuffed at all.

      But, to answer your question, one could pick the lock on these cuffs with a Hard (ddd) Skulduggery check, upgraded THRICE if you are the one cuffed. Plus it is dark, so there’s another Setback on top.

  • C. Steven Ross

    Just so we’re clear, waitin’ on Lita.

    • angille

      … oh.

      No change to the actions. (with the exception of pointing at the cuffs instead of lifting her paws) Lita’s a lover, not a fighter, and is outclassed by the Imps.

      Deceit or Charm?

  • C. Steven Ross

    {Heavy Sigh}

    “Alright, maybe I just need to relax. Guards, take the civilian back to her ship in main holding bay. Keep a close eye out, but I don’t think the restraints will be strictly necessary. I’ll make my way to the bridge and see what has caused our communications to fail.”

    The 2 Stormtroopers keep their weapons drawn, but otherwise calmly escort the frightened, bookish Bothan back to the hold. The Imperial Officer walks the other direction down the corridors, to parts unknown.

    I’m gonna say this a Charm (2 green) opposed by the Officer’s Cool (2 purple) and a Setback is negated by Lita’s Convincing Demeanor. 2 Success, 2 Threat. I will be applying 1 Strain to Lita for the Threat.

    A new round has started, with the Imperials taking their 3 turns already. Thus, all of the Crew may now post their actions in any order.

    Metagaming: you can’t avoid it. You all are smart dudes and know that these Stormtroopers are going to walk in and flip their shit. Two stormtroopers aren’t too much of a threat to all of you, but having them escape and bring down a squadron on your heads will be absolutely devastating. Take your turn describing what you guys do, assuming everyone in the hold is expecting more troops to arrive.

  • bflat


    Realizing he’ll need his own weapon if he’s going to be any kind of useful, Bril calls to Ko’Shak in the ship. “Hey Ko, grab my pistol while you’re in there.”


    I’m assuming this to be an incidental that can happen at any time during the setup. My plan is to stand and hustle over to the crates on the left and use stealth to hide if that’s possible in one turn. I’ll describe in more detail after Ko brings Bril’s pistol out.

    • bflat


      Rethinking his options, Bril will follow Dex’s lead and grab a rifle rather than wait for his pistol.

      He’ll then position himself behind the smaller crate left of the doors [from the perspective of the map] using it for cover, and prepare to blast any imperials that come into the hangar.

  • rwaluchow

    Dex selects the storm trooper closest to his size and busies himself stripping the poor guy down and donning his armour. Levelling the blaster rifle at Ko, Dex prepares to pretend like he’s taking the twilek prisoner.

  • deucedm

    It all happens so fast, that when Ko reappears, duel-pistols in hand, the firefight is over. He runs to the body of the fallen rebel, hoping he may have some fight left in him. He checks the body for breathe, grabs the comlink from the floor under his body and shouts into it: “This is The Lucky Hand, do you copy, over?” Hangar (insert obvious designation here) is secure. Do you read me, over?”.

    As incidentals, Ko grabs the pistols from the cockpit, then runs out of the ship once all is quiet. He both pistols, and moves to the body of the rebel who initiated all of this.
    If we have two rounds, I’m assuming I have time to run over, quickly check the body for signs of life, then grab the link and see where this goes.

    • C. Steven Ross

      {static static static}

      “Roger that, Lucky Hand. Situation has changed drastically while you were en route and destroying this ship has become a priority. Millions of lives on Ytha’ak Colony are at stake. We’re pinned down by multiple squadrons, but are holding them off. There’s no farming equipment on this tug, it’s an invasion force; five Legions at least. Ship’s comm system has been shut down, but that won’t last for long. Can you bring us those rifles?

      Help us, Lucky Hand, you’re our only hope.”

      A sense of dread, horror, and despair fills the room.

      While crouched over the dying Rebel spy, Ko’Shak removes his helmet and checks for vital signs. A young man’s face is revealed, shot down in the prime of his life. Such a tragedy. Not knowing what to do, but feeling that he must do something, Ko’Shak frantically pounds on the boy’s chest with both palms. The kid coughs up a trickle of blood, sucks in a last desperate gasp of air, and says….

      Grabbing items is a Maneuver, but you have plenty of time to do all that.

      Map updated so that the illiterate among our group understand what is happening ;)

      I’m going to give Ko’Shak a Hard (ddd) Medicine check, with a Setback for poor lighting, to see if he can revive the Rebel spy for a brief moment before he dies. Roll Result: 2 Success 2 Threat. Wow, amazingly good roll, the odds were against that one.

      ONE PLAYER OR AUDIENCE WATCHING (who is not Deuce, Graham, or Brendan): WHAT DOES THE REBEL SAY? This can be generalized, like “He reveals his true love”, or specific, like “He tells the Crew a mysterious, but important, set of alphnumerics; 6-Falcon-Tango-9”. First response makes it so.

      For those looting corpses:
      – Stormtrooper Armor (aka Laminate) increases Soak by 2.
      – The E-11 Blaster Rifles use the Ranged (heavy) skill, deal 9+ damage, 3 advantage to Crit, can fire at targets up to Long Range, and can be set to stun.

  • grahamhl

    After Ko takes the comm, HRT-94 drags the trooper and the rebel trooper from in front of the door near some stacked cargo crates. As he picks up their blaster rifles, He looks at Ko as he tosses one and says “Crates fell over in the jolt, nothing we could do” before pushing over the stack of cargo crates on to the dead storm troopers.

    I can roll brawn to knock over the crates if you want me too Ross, let me know.
    Otherwise, HRT will spend his maneuvers and action “Cleaning” up the murder scene and giving Ko the lie to tell the troopers when they enter. Also if we have time, HRT will take their rifles and utility belts and stow them away behind the barricade Dex and Bril are holding. They may come in handy..

  • C. Steven Ross

    !!! TERROR !!!

    This whole ship has 5,000+ Stormtroopers. This isn’t a peaceful colony run, this is an invasion. You’re messing around with some serious Imperial Might.

    This Heist just got real dangerous, really fast. Everyone in the Crew must now make a Hard (ddd) Discipline check or else take Setback and Strain due to the overwhelming sense of panic and post the results.

    • bflat


      The panic gets to the normally shaky Twi’lek fugitive .”Shit, you guys. We need to get out of here!”

      Straight up willpower, 2 ability dice
      stft = net 2 threat!

    • C. Steven Ross

      The panic induces 2 Strain upon Bril.

      FYI, I actually trust all of you guys, trust that you can now interpret the dice symbols correctly, and you don’t need to link to James’ dice roller if you don’t feel like it.

    • deucedm

      Ko’Shak is shocked, Ko’Shak is angered about being lied too, and Ko’Shak is greedy. He knows he has the rebels over a barrel, sell these guns to someone else, or flat-out sell them out right now to the Imperials and probably leave scot-free. “Listen, I have the cargo, you want need them. Not sure what this drop will do against thousands of stormtroopers, but your damn welcome to try. You’ve marked me as a possible saboteur, you have, we expect to be compensated for the danger. We’ll leave secure the cargo here and wait for you, but our price just tripled. “.

      “OVER 5000!??!?!?”
      Terror roll:

      Overall, a net threat. Opening the box of no courage but greedy risk-taking. Ko is willing to deliver, but afraid to leave the hangar. Surely these rebels acted too quickly, and now a group of rando’s walking the corridors is going to be real damn suspicious.

      • deucedm

        “want/need” and lemme know the difficulty and I’ll roll off the Cunning/Charm if needed.

      • C. Steven Ross

        The Threat imposes 1 Strain.

        The Alliance guerrillas here can’t physically make it to where you are due to being held down. I could see the Crew dumping the blasters here and making an escape, then dealing with the fallout with Colonel Pelligrino? But the guys on the ship don’t have access to money, so they can’t really do anything about payment. Maybe offer a more specific course of action?

      • deucedm

        Ko’s bluff seemingly goes unanswered at first, and he clicks the commlink on again and tries to reestablish contact: “Cargo soon to be en route. Running black until parcel is delivered. Do you know the location of Karlo Talik, I repeat, we must extract Karlo Talik, do you know his coordinates?”
        Looks like its get paid or die trying….

        I guess then that was more rhetorical than a straight up threat/try at negotiating. Of course, no one wants to negotiate during a fire fight. So much for galactic multitasking!

  • grahamhl

    Ooh….not so good for HRT-94 who apparently loses his Cybernetic shit!

    Net: 1 Advantage, 3 failures

  • angille

    [Lita Xel’Nari]
    Walking through the corridors of the Century Eagle with the stormtroopers, Lita continues to talk. “So, where you boys from? Coruscant? Alderaan? Corellia?” Her expression is still relatively calm, as she has no clue how many troopers are aboard the ship. “I got a couple uncles on Coruscant. Community leaders, I think they call themselves.”

    As of yet, I’m assuming Lita’s not making a panic/terror/fear check?

    And I propose you roll a d6, and the rebel’s last words are one of the PC’s familiar star systems.

  • rwaluchow

    Terror Check: 1 net success and 1 threat

  • rwaluchow

    Dex is able to keep a cool head under the extreme circumstances, but one word keeps thundering through his head ‘Vox…Vox…Vox…VOX!’ Much like the telltale heart, the dying words of this young rebel haunt Dex. He tries not to let on, but hearing his true name has unhinged him. What did this rebel know?

    Dex tries to shake it from his mind by training his rifle on the door and focusing on the task at hand.

  • C. Steven Ross

    Ko’Shak holds the comm link tightly in his hand and screams at the other end of the line, greeted by nothing but cracking static.

    Just then, two Stormtroopers and Lita enter the room! They quickly look at each other, turn on their heels, and are about to make a run for it.

    A trap has been laid by our cunning Crew! Everyone roll your choice of either a Cool check or an upgraded Vigilance check. The stormtroopers act as one enemy and get 3 Success, 2 Advantage.

    Can you stop them before they escape?

  • C. Steven Ross

    OK, I got bored so I just rolled the upgraded Vigilance check for HRT-94: 1 success, 2 advantage.

    New post today in a bit….

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