Rogue Event 08 – Imperial Prison Escort


You enter a new star system and long range sensors detect a single vessel of Silhouette 4 at the far end of the system.

Do you move in to investigate?


An armed Lambda-class T-4a Long Range Imperial Shuttle comes into view. A holographic image of a Human man wearing a ruffled and torn Imperial officer’s uniform appears on your ship’s communications projector. The man has buzz-cropped hair, piercing dark eyes, and a deep scar crossing his nose and forehead. He speaks to you:

“Attention civilian vessel! This is Lieutenant Drake of Imperial Shuttlecraft Delta-84. We have suffered a catastrophic internal plasma explosion and our captain has been gravely wounded. We seek emergency medical assistance. By Imperial Authority, we ask that you slow your vessel and prepare to receive wounded.”


This entire scene is a carefully orchestrated lie. The Imperial Shuttle was previously, in fact, on a mission to transport a group of highly dangerous criminals to a nearby penal colony. Something went wrong during transit, allowing the prisoners to escape and kill their captors. The freed convicts are now masquerading as Imperial Officers with the intent to board a civilian starship and escape the clutches of the Empire. If all goes well for them, the prisoners will board the Crew’s starship, kill everyone aboard, and quickly escape into hyperspace.

The shuttle is currently holding the bodies of two dead Imperial Officers and ten (10) escaped convicts. The forward mounted blaster and laser cannons, four total weapons, are using Minion Group rules to determine their attack rolls and have assumed the differences in weaponry are negligible so as to make one attack roll for all forward mounted weapons.

To begin this Encounter, inform the players that something has gone wrong here and that their ship is about to be boarded by a hostile and very dangerous force. The man on the holoscreen is telling them a convincing lie that will be detected one way or another and this is now their chance to show how their character cuts through the web of deceit in a timely fashion using their skill, luck, and wits. Each player may now describe what possible actions they could do to help uncover this ruse. Once all players have made their actions, one Crew Member is chosen to make a Hard (ddd) Discipline check, representing the opposed Deceit of the impostors with two Setback dice (bb) to represent the convincing details, such as their Imperial uniforms. Each successful action the Crew makes is an assistance that grants one Boost die (B) to the Discipline check. Examples of helpful Crew actions include:

A successful Hard (ddd) Computers check allows a sensor scan to indicate that the shuttle has numerous humanoid life forms aboard.

A successful Average (dd) Knowledge (Core Worlds) check determines that officers of the rank of Lieutenant rarely oversee such a lowly assignment as a shuttlecraft.

A successful Average (dd) Knowledge (Outer Rim) check determines that the Empire’s only known dealings in this part of the sector is a nearby penal colony, Zeta IV in the Brintan star system.

A successful Hard (ddd) Medicine or Mechanics check determines that the kind of internal plasma explosion described would be either instantly fatal or treatable by the shuttle’s own simple medical stores.

Discipline Check

The results of the Discipline check determine the starting conditions of combat. Unless otherwise modified, both ships are at Medium Range to each other and at Speed 2.

Success: Each member of the Crew acts in combat before any of the escaped prisoners.

Advantage: The Crew modifies one of the ship’s Speed or the Range between them by one step for each Advantage.

Triumph: The Crew is alerted to danger very early into the discussions and each is able to take an additional Action before combat begins.

Failure: Each of the escaped prisoners act in combat before any members of the Crew.

Threat: The prisoners modify one of the ship’s Speed or the Range between them by one step for each Threat. The prisoners would prefer to have their ships as close as possible, as slow as possible, and at the same Speed.

Despair: An engine power failure happens at the exact wrong time, and the encounter starts with the Crew’s starship at Speed 0.


Boarding Action

The pilot of the Imperial Shuttle does everything in his power to board the Crew’s starship. To do so, the pilot must succeed at a successful Average (dd) Pilot [space] check, as an Action, while at Close Range and with equal Speed to the Crew’s starship. The prisoners spend 1 turn burning their way through the starship’s hull and then attack.



If the Crew successfully repels the boarding party, they have several options ahead of them. If they claim the Imperial Shuttle as their own, the Crew immediately gains 20 Obligation (Criminal) as the Empire will ruthlessly hunt down their missing property. On the other hand, returning the intact shuttle to Imperial authorities earns the Crew a 1,000 credit reward and reduces any of their Obligations to the Empire by 1 for each living, recaptured prisoner.


SOCIAL                                                           .
Cool D                                         Vigilance CC
Coerce CC, Deceit 3, Leadership 1
Discipline 2; Charm 1, Negotiation 1

STARSHIP                                                       .
Sensor Range: Short
Speed: 3                              Pilot (space) DDDB

DEFENSE                                                        .
Shields: 2 / 1
Armor: 4                                         Silhouette 4
Hull Integrity: 25
Strain Threshold: 15
ATTACKS                                                        .
Close Range (blaster and laser cannons): CCC
Fire Arc forward; 3+ damage; Crit 4; Linked 2
Close Range (aft medium blaster cannon): DDD
Fire Arc aft; 3+ damage; Crit 4; Linked 1
OTHER SKILLS                                              .
Br (3), Ag (3), Int (1), Cun (3), Pr (1), Will (2)
Captain: Slavers
Crew: Slavers 

ESCAPED PRISONERS                               Rival
SOCIAL                                                           .
Cool D                                         Vigilance CC
Coerce CC, Deceit 3, Leadership 1
Discipline 2; Charm 1, Negotiation 1
DEFENSE                                                        .
Soak: 3
Wound Threshold: 13
ATTACKS                                                        .
Engaged (truncheon): DCC
5+ damage; Crit 5; Disorient 3
Close Range (stun pistol): DCC
8+ damage; Crit –; Stun damage
Close Range (net): DCC
2+ damage; Crit –; Ensnare 3, Knockdown 3, Limited Ammo 1
OTHER SKILLS                                              .
Br (3), Ag (3), Int (1), Cun (3), Pr (1), Will (2)


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5 responses to “Rogue Event 08 – Imperial Prison Escort

  • mdl780

    ha. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the money truck backing up.

    I like that your agent number is pretty close to mine.

  • mdl780

    I remember watching an episode or two of that show. A long, long time ago. Man, I’m old. That or I’m young with a flavor for watching older shows. Which I do, but I’m still old. Old being a relative term, as I’m quite young in the grand scheme of things. Now I have a hankering to watch the Young Ones, despite the fact that there are no robots in it.

    As a side note, when I think of the show Lexx, I also think of Tripping the Rift. Which is strange, since I’ve never actually sat through an episode of that show.

  • Thade

    Seems like the GSA is down. Could you repost the rogue events that were posted there?

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