Cause & Effect 03 – Family Flees Violent Master

gvbArt_07_goldStatuette“Hey Razulin, what do you figure this gold statue is worth?”

“Nothing but trouble, Alyxander. Now lets get this family and that trinket out of here before something bad happens…”

Welcome back to Cause & Effect. Today’s random encounter, if pursued by the Crew, can provide you with a number of strings to pull in the future.

Normally I roll randomly on the table presented in V is for Vignettes. Today, however, I will construct a scene from the table based on the selections available:

Instigator Poor citizen

Action Begs for help from

Target The Crew

Escalation an A is for Artifact is involved

Escalation The same subject as a Crew Members’ Motivation is involved

While this encounter will work if a Crew Members’ Motivation isn’t involved, it will work better if it is. It will help create tension and possibly present a difficult choice. The following Motivations will work well for this random encounter: Ambition (Love)/Ambition (Freedom)/Cause (the Weak/Charity)/Cause (Emancipation)

OVERVIEW A family tries to flee their violent master by escaping off world

TWIST Taking the family aboard could put them in trouble with a local Moff. Keeping or selling the gold statue could have even more dire consequences

  • Name: Pakcus Kutia
  • Tags: m-Human/good looking/older/wealthy/abusive to servants
  • Role: Popular holovid star
  • Capsule: Pakcus is a holovid star on a popular soap opera series. He has homes on different planets. Is in good with a local Moff, who watches his show.
  • Name: Loxus and Vina Cubar
  • Tags: Devaronian/well worn clothes/protective father/wife covered in fur-no horns
  • Role: Poor servants
  • Capsule: Loxus is trying to protect his family from their masters violent outbursts.
  • Name: Pramman Award
  • Tags: Holo-Serial award given to the best voted actor as voted by both peers and committee/gold statue (500 credits)
  • Capsule: Named after Adi Pramman, a Holo-Star of the Silver Age. Adi Pramman was renowned for her generosity and giving back to the community that helped her as a youth. As such, the award is returned every year to be awarded to the next recipient at the Holo-Vid Award Gala. Which naturally takes place on a very luxurious space yacht. The Gala has NEVER had an issue with the statue being returned or stolen.)
  • Name: Bay 18
  • Location: Space Port Hanger
  • Tags: maintenance droids moving crates/quiet/dirty
SET UP As the Crew is preforming their pre-flight check list, they hear someone shout: Wait!

  • If they investigate the noise, they see a male and female Devaronian running towards their ship. The female is holding an infant child. They inform the Crew that they are servants fleeing their cruel master and wish to seek refuge and safe passage aboard their ship for them and their child.
  • They don’t have credits, however Loxus will pull out a gold statue that stands on a base (worth 500 credits) out of his pack. They stole it from their master hoping to use it as payment.
  • If turned down, Loxus will say that he understands and that they will find another way. If they accept, they quickly board the craft.


 If the Crew took the servants:

  • Pakcus is none to pleased and calls in a favor from a local Moff, who sends a few tie fighters to retrieve them. If the Crew does not turn around and return them, the tie fighters will take appropriate action. 5 Obligation Empire

If the Crew return the servants:

  • Pakcus is appreciative and rewards them with 250 credits.
  • Some time later, while viewing the holo net, they will a news clip featuring the mother who died in a freak accident…

  • Pakcus doesn’t realize that the statue is missing and does not bring it up when confronting the Crew about returning his servants.
  • The Crew may recognize the gold statue with an Average (dd) Knowledge [lore] Check as the prestigious Pramman Award (see description above).
  • Once Pakcus is aware that the statue has been stolen, he will want it back. This can become awkward if the Crew has already sold the item. In this case, perhaps they are hired/black mailed after selling the item and must now put on their gumshoe hats and track the item down again. Perhaps whomever bought it, does not wish to return it (slighted actor who felt he deserved the award last year) knowing that Pakcus will be outcast if the statue is not returned. Or it is now in a private collectors vault…Pakcus probably hired Bounty Hunters to get the award from the Crew. 5 Obligation Pramman Award

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