(PbP) HEIST I – Chase

Worf_in_jefferies_tubeThe Crew are on board the Imperial transport Century Eagle on a smuggling run to deliver weapons to Rebel Alliance guerrillas headed to Ytha’ak Colony. The heist took a turn for the worse, the Rebel igniting an explosive to disable the ship’s communications systems while in the sensor-obscuring Red Ytterbium Nebula cloud. It has been revealed that this is no mere supply run, but on fact a hostile invasion force full of Imperial Stormtroopers!

Two of these Stormtroopers have walked into the main holding bay where the Crew are seen hovering over the dead bodies are several Imperial military. This looks like a very very bad scene, and the Imperials flee to report back to their superiors. The Stormtroopers give chase, dropping their rifles and running as fast as they can! They run hard, knock over shelves and crates, duck through empty cargo bays, crawl up catwalks, and sneak through narrow access tubes; all through a darkened starship on flickering red emergency lights. The Crew run after them, pushing themselves as much as they can and using their wits to try and outmaneuver their prey.

All players must now roll opposed skill checks, in any order, representing how their character tracks down the sprinting Stormtroopers. Typically, this will be an Athletics check, but could be other checks if the player is very creative in describing a unique way of running through the Century Eagle. One could say that this is a a challenge, using skills. Almost all checks will be opposed by the Stormtroopers own Athletics, adding three Difficulty Dice, as well as one Setback Die for the darkened conditions and a Boost Die to account for the Stormtroopers’ own troubles seeing in the dark. Don’t forget about any Setback Die imposed from the prior Fear Check.

A result of any amount of Success closes the gap between Crew Member and Stormtroopers by one Range Band; a result showing no Success (Failure) increases that distance. Each two Advantage can be spent to grant a Boost Die to the next ally’s check, whereas each Threat incurs a Strain. The benefit of the Boost Die should be narratively described by the player. Triumph positively alters the landscape in a major way, upgrading the next ally’s skill check.

The Crew starts off at the following Range Bands away from the Stormtroopers:

Engaged – Close – Short – Medium – Long – Extreme

Lita: Short Range

HRT-94 & Dex: Medium Range

Ko’Shak & Bril: Long Range

The players will keep this up, going in turns, until they close with the Stormtroopers or let them slip away. If any Crew Member gets to Engaged Range, the enemy is stopped. If, however, any Crew Member gets to Extreme Range from their target, that Crew Member cannot keep up with the chase, is momentarily lost, and regroups with the rest of the Crew during the next scene.


Battle Droid LD-V, cutting off the Rebels’ escape.


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66 responses to “(PbP) HEIST I – Chase

  • rwaluchow

    Athletics: one success and 1 advantage (man, lucked out there)

    Dex wastes no time in charging after the fleeing storm troppers, closing the gap.

  • bflat


    The lithe Twi’lek attempts to use his natural sense of balance and flexibility as he vaults over obstacles, squeezes through tunnels and narrow passages in a hope to use the most direct route possible in his pursuit of the troopers. Where they might be forced to go around a crate, or slow themselves down in a narrow passage, Bril attempts to gain ground by using the obstacles to his advantage.

    I worked this out with the GM, so that I can use Coordination every other check.

    Check 1:
    Net: 2 success, 3 advantage.

    • bflat

      As Bril moves along, he jump-steps from one crate to another, kicking both out of the way of his closely following allies.


      The 2 advantage grant a boost die to the next check.

  • grahamhl

    HRT-94 Leaps over the obstetrical int he way closing the gap between the Stormtrooper meatbags! His audio outputs begin playing appropriate chase music encouraging his allies to move faster!


    TRIUMPH, 2 success, 2 advantage

    Not sure what a Triumph does in this scene, but I’ll spend the 2 advantage to give a boost to whoever wants it.

    • C. Steven Ross

      Stray blaster shots shoot out ineffectually at the fleeing troopers. HRT-94 pays no mind, inexorably pursuing like a juggernaut. Heavy footfalls smash into the steel deck, BAM BAM BAM! The troopers slap a few buttons as they pass through and a black bulkhead begins coming down to seal their escape.

      BUT NO! HRT-94 puts down his shoulder servo and smashes right through it! The heavy door is bent, jammed in its groove, and stays open for all following.


      Triumph upgrades the next check; so the next to post gets an upgrade AND a Boost from HRT-94. TEAMWORK

      And, goddamnit Leeb, how about we read what I write, m’kay?

  • deucedm

    Damnit these troopers are quick. Ko rushes down the ramp, dual pistols firing after the troopers. He probably has no chance to catch them, but he at least has to try and keep up with the others.


    Of course, I roll a threat and a triumph. No successes, no outright failures. But that still going to count as losing ground, ya?

    Thank god for Graham’s boost and upgrade, I’m made for talking, not running.

  • angille

    [Lita Xel’Nari]
    The bothan looks around, trying to take in everything that’s happening all of a sudden. Knowing her sedentary lifestyle is definitely not going to help catch these Imps, she draws her datapad and hand scanner in one motion from her utility belt and steps towards the TSP model 8k network terminal just inside the hangar.

    Bril ghosts by and HRT thunders through, but Ko’Shak stops exactly long enough to make eye contact with Lita. He tosses a scomp-jack to Lita as she tosses him her scanner. “Exactly what I needed! Here, set this to channel 8. I’ll start tracking them.”

    She guides the comp-jack into the terminal and the datapad and sets to work.

    Ooh, I get an upgrade from Ko’s Triumph? Sweet. Not gonna run though. Poor Lita is min/maxed for other pursuits. Computers (4/2), possibly with Codebreaker helping. I’m unclear at this point which factors are setting the difficulty, but Ko’s Triumph and mine from earlier are good candidates.

    Sending the troopers’ transponder signals to the scanner in Ko’s hand is the first order of business, but opening/closing blast doors in strategic places is my main goal. I assume any success at all will force Lita to take the shock and awe check, as 5,000 transponders light up.

    • C. Steven Ross

      Lita turns on her heels and bolts into the main holding bay, the ol’ Lucky Hand a pleasant and reassuring sight. Her furry paw-hands slap across buttons and a touch screen with lightning speed, scanning, analyzing, locking-down. A thousand red dots spread across the glowing blue layout on the computer panel and sweat beads down her temples, brow furrowed in deep concentration. troopers, 5,000 troopers, the whole Empire; it doesn’t matter, it’s just her and the machine.

      A loud screeeeechhhhhh!!!! is heard down the hallway. Emergency pressurization bulkheads are tricked into dropping, cutting off an escape route of the Stormtroopers, severely limiting their options and forcing them to double-back on their path.

      She breathes a sigh of relief, confident in the ability of her Crew to be able to chase down their prey in time. While she’s got some time, hmmm, what else we got going on here?

      There’s a whole crap-load of dice and I’m getting antsy, so I just rolled it.

      Lita is successful in hacking the doors, placing herself out of the chase entirely, but reducing the difficulty of the chase by 1 for everyone else (down to only two Difficulty dice).

      While the chase is happening, Lita is free to keep hacking he terminal (if she wants). Each attempt, however, leaves more opportunity for catastrophe to happen and the check is upgraded; now at 2 Difficulty, 1 Challenge, 1 Steback (negated by Lita’s talents), and 1 Boost (from prior Triumph).

      Everyone else, run!

  • rwaluchow

    Dex continues pursuing the fleeing storm troopers, hoping desperately that his smoking doesn’t catch up with him.

    Alas, it does. He starts to slow down, wheezing heavily.

    Athletics: 1 failure, 1 advantage

    (2 abilty dice, 2 difficulty dice, 1 boost die, 1 setback die… is this right?)

  • grahamhl

    Seeing his allies fall behind, HRT-94’s acceleration servos press forward at an unnatural speed, easily leaping over any obstacle the puny meatbags throw at him:

    3 success, 1 advantage

    (get me into close range)

    [ooc] going to keep rolling because i think everyone else is dropped out

    Seeing the opportunity open up, HRT-94 leaps off a crate, and wall-runs briefly before tackling the lead storm trooper, and cutting off their escape

    7 success, 1 advantage (holy crap!)
    (gets me into Engaged)

  • deucedm

    Seeing HRT-94 gaining on troopers, Ko puts his head down and pushes himself onward. Luckily, the droid is providing plenty of cover, allowing Ko to get closer safely..

    Roll was one success, one advantage. Even though I’m not the best guy to be stuck in a firefight, these troopers can’t get away!

  • bflat


    Far ahead, Bril hears the music of the erratic robot diminishing in pitch and volume as HRT closes in on the imperials. Too late did he think to hitch himself onto the droid. He’d have a better chance keeping his balance while hallway-skiing through the freighter over running to catch up.

    Vaulting himself around a corner, he comes to a long, empty hallway, clear of anything he can use to his advantage in the pursuit. He pushes himself as hard as he can, but just doesn’t have it in him to run any faster. Gasping, he slows a moment to catch his breath at the end of the stretch.


    1 proficiency, 2 difficulty, 1 boost, 1 setback
    Net: 3 failure and 1 threat…
    That puts him at 6 of 13 strain, and back at long range.

  • C. Steven Ross

    HRT-94 makes a flying leap and presses himself in front of the last exit the Stormtroopers have available. Their back against the wall with nowhere to go, footfalls of Ko’Shak and Dex not too far behind in the passageway leading here, they pull out their combat knives and try to open up this tin can.

    Blades flash against the red emergency light, …. but not directed as HRT-94 itself. No, a flying dagger spins across the room and slams into a nearby electrical panel sending bolts of electricity crackling out of its handle and frying HRT’s circuitry! The lumbering mechanical beast is undamaged, but momentarily phased by the attack and needs a few seconds to readjust his internal stabilizers.


    The Stormtroopers are forced to fight it out, but maybe, since it’s 2 on 1 for a while, they’ll do a little damage to HRT before they go down?

    Rolled: 1 Triumph, 1 Failure (the Triumph also cancelled a 2nd Failure rolled), 2 Advantage. Oh my god, a hit would have wrecked you with a Critical Injury! You lucked out!

    Graham: Go ahead and post up how HRT-94 responds. Remember, 1 Setback due to darkness, 2 Difficulty fore Melee attacks, upgrade that once for the Triumph and add another Setback due to the Advantage.

    Crew: Distances updated.

    • bflat


      So with the troopers not moving, is it just a matter of time before the rest of us catch up? How long does it take to move up a range band?

    • C. Steven Ross

      Yeah, everyone else will be moving up the Range Bands once per round (it’s faster than that it normal combat) until the get to “Chase Engaged”, at which point they enter the room where the fight has broken out.

      What’s happening is that chases work in a higher scale, so one range band there is way larger than one range band on the Personal scale.

  • grahamhl

    As the redundant systems kick online, HRT-94’s red eyes lift up to stare unerringly at the foolish storm trooper meat bag. Pulling out his own knife, arcing with energy, he utters from a crackling audio speaker “You ruined my suit.”

    Lighting fast, he lunges forward and jams his vibro-knife into the storm trooper, and wheels him around into the electrical panel

    2 success, 1 advantage

    [OOC] still not clear yet on how damage works.
    I think i get +1 for the extra success, +1 for the knife, and it pierces 2. Not sure beyond that…

    I don’t know that I have enough advantage to do anything special, so regain a strain.

    • C. Steven Ross

      The troopers move in, hacking away at a frenzied pace, but their feeble man-arms cannot hope to overwhelm the steel might of HRT-94! Which a broad backhand and a heartily, mechanical chuckle, HRT crushes one of the troopers’ helmets as if it were made of tin foil.

      Yeah 1 Advantage isn’t that great and regaining a Strain is a very common use of it.

      The damage dealt with most Melee weapons is Brawn + Number of Successes + extra listed on the weapon. For the knife, then, you’re dealing 6 + Successes Wounds, ignoring the first 2 points of Soak. Hence, a net of 5 Wounds, which is enough to kill a man. KILL A MAN.

      For the stormtroopers’ turn, I’m tapping into a Dark Side point. I was so close to dealing a critical injury, I now have a fever for it!

      Rolled: 1 Success, 1 Advantage; Pierce 1
      After HRT-94’s massive Soak value, he nets …. 0 Wounds. Zero.

      HRT-94; why don’t you kill off this last dude as your friends arrive.

  • grahamhl

    HRT-94 tosses the limp meat-bag body aside, and lunges for the last Storm trooper, much in the same fashion. However the same trick won’t work twice as the Storm trooper is able to dodge HRT-94’s lethal attack. However, HRT-94’s strategic protocol has accounted for the small chance of a miss, and his attack has positioned the Storm trooper in an position leaving him open from behind.

    Net: 2 Advantage, 1 Failure

    Can’t win them all i guess…lol

    The quick reference says I can spend 2 Advantage for an additional hit…does this require an initial successful hit?

    If not, HRT-94 will regain 1 strain, and add a boost die for the next roll.
    I think HRT-94 is down to 3 Strain now.

    • C. Steven Ross

      Where are you seeing spending 2 Advantage for an additional hit? That sounds like the description for the Linked property.

      You can’t split up Advantage like that, but you can regain 2 Strain.

      Ko’Shak comes into the area this round at Long Range (on the personal scale) and can act. He has a full set of actions and weapons already drawn. Shooting into the melee, however, would upgrade the difficulty of the attack, with Despair pegging HRT-94.

      Do it!

      Rest of the Crew: This fight is just wrapping up, why not start talking about your next plan of action?

      • grahamhl

        [OOC] Ahh, ok 2 strain recovery is fine.
        I saw it in the quick reference sheet you sent out a while ago. It was listing what you can do with advantage, and didn’t have the “Linked” thing next to it.


        DO IT!!

      • bflat


        I think those rules are for two-handed combat. On a hit, you can spend to advantage to generate another hit.

  • deucedm

    Ko turns the corner just as HRT has almost finished the job. He steadies Bril’s light blaster across his left forearm, and fires a shoot right under HRT’s elbow and into the troopers chest.

    Enter room, aim as a maneuver, then fire away! (need that boost die!)

    upgrading the difficulty…Like shooting HRT with a light blaster is going to do ANYTHING. And boy, do I really need to get training in this thing (Agility 2, no prof)!

    A total of 2 successes, so that’s 7 strain (5+2 successes)

  • bflat


    Bril’s doesn’t hesitate when he sees HRT-94 engaged with the troopers. Firing into melee isn’t ideal, but there’s no time to waste.

    Moving up a little closer, he levels the pilfered blaster rifle, and fires.


    Maneuver: move up 1 range band to medium
    Action: Fire!
    4 proficiency vs 1 difficulty, 1 challenge, 1 setback=aaaasfftt
    Net 1 failure, 2 advantage. (Bah!).

    Bril’s shot glances off the trooper’s armour, dealing no damage but creating a better opening for Dex to take a shot.

    [He can add a boost die to his next check.]

  • rwaluchow

    Dex aims his blaster and fires at the storm trooper.

    result: 1 success, 1 threat

  • rwaluchow

    Forgot Bril’s boost die: the result switches the 1 threat to 1 advantage.

  • rwaluchow

    Dex will use the advantage to recover 1 strain

  • C. Steven Ross

    OK, so Dex regains a Strain while popping off a few shots at the Stormtrooper. Total is 7 Wounds – 5 Soak = 2 net wounds.

    The Stormtroopers are defeated. Alarm klaxons ring down empty halls. The Crew take a breather and regroups, putting their heads together to come up with a cunning plan for their next move.

    HRT-94: Describe how you kill off this dude. It’s not worth rolling.
    Everyone: Make an unopposed Discipline or Cool check, regaining Strain equal to the number of Successes rolled. A Triumph heals a Wound, but I don’t think we have any in the group.

    The ball is in your court: What next?

  • angille

    [Lita Xel’Nari]
    Seeing the two blips fade out, Lita pumps a paw in the air – “Go guys!” Her comlink crackles with Bril’s voice, then Ko’Shak’s.

    “Lita, we need to get that cargo to Junction 55. Can you help us?” *kzzzkt* “Ooh, and if you can find us armored speeders, that’d be great too!” *xkcd*

    “Roger that, boys. Is this a shopping spree now?” She peels back the scale of the chase, thumbing through the ship’s records for speeder hangars, Junction 55, and the fastest route between them all.

    “Ok. On your way back, key in Echo-9-Zed-Alpha at Hangar 6. MULE droids work for ya?”

    Rolled tsassaa – three successes and two advantage!

    I’ll be applying those successes towards the fastest, safest route to Junction 55, and the advantage to a store of MULE droids with upgraded repulsors. Sound good?

  • deucedm

    “Leave the bodies, if questioned about it by the commander we can say they were rebels in disguise. I’m sure there’s plenty of that going on around here. Let’s move quickly, I want off this boat before she sinks.” He holsters his holdout blaster, keeping Bril’s light blaster out for now (see that he has a heavier weapon now). Speaking into his commlink, Ko starts asking Lita where exactly Echo-9-Zed-Alpha is. …”And make sure its deserted first…the less we have to shoot our way outta this, the better”

    Cool check: assss, 4 successes and an advantage as we head back to the Cargo Bay quickly.

    BTW, it makes me giggle that in this galaxy far far away, they have robo-horses to pull cargo….also, thats a purdy roll you got there….

  • C. Steven Ross

    The Crew moves to gather back in the main holding bay, the Lucky Hand looming large. Following Lita’s suggestion, they take a side path on the way back. A hulking machine is found within a locked storage bay, the will of the sealed security doors bending to the intellectual might of Xel’Nari. Hydraulics hiss and strain as the beastly machine comes to life.

    Ko’Shak mounts up on top of a tracked, mobile, heavy lifter work droid; riding it into the main hold like a cowboy bringing home the herd! With ease, black-and-yellow steel clamps press down to lift up a palette of heavy blaster rifles.

  • C. Steven Ross

    Lita’s slicing skills are put to the test, but she is able to overcome Imperial safeguards and cracks a simple layout of the ship as well as a handful of camera feeds. Piecing the information together, she locates Junction 55, though the sight is not pretty. A handful of humanoids take cover behind a make-shift bunker setup in a four-way intersection; one of the main hubs in the ship and two of the branching corridors completely sealed by emergency bulkheads. The “bunker” is made of hastily welded access panels and cargo containers, the humanoids within aiming blaster barrels through narrow openings. A massive pile of scrap metal and black conduit is piled in the center on the floor, which is weird. It’s a standoff, as Imperial forces (total of fifteen stormtroopers) in one of the open corridors are holding tight; taking cover, keeping an eye on the Rebels, waiting for reinforcements, and setting up shop with tripod-mounted heavy blasters cannons.

    The computer cheerfully readout displays the most straightforward path, walking directly into the Imperial garrison, lit up on screen with easy to read navigational arrows and directions. Looking further, Lita cross-references the building plans of the lower deck and deduces a secondary entry path via the main engine room; however, sensors warn of a plasma breach in the room. Lastly, a glimpse is caught out of the corner of a camera feed showing a roundabout path to the Rebels. This third path has been deemed off-limits to passengers by shipboard systems; a deadly Battle Droid is seen stalking through the passageways, cutting off any Rebel retreat.

    • C. Steven Ross

      Route 1: Fifteen Stormtroopers.

      Route 2: Engine room with plasma leak.

      Route 3: Battle Droid.

      • bflat


        Anyone have any knowledge on Battle Droids? Or surviving/dealing with plasma leaks?

      • angille

        Lita probably has the best chance of making knowledge checks, (Ross, difficulty ratings on this?) but let’s think about this.

        Tyfor, is that a frag grenade on your belt, or are you just happy to see me? That little guy can probably reduce the lethality of Routes 1 and 3 dramatically. For us anyway.

        The engine room can probably be navigated by HRT without too much trouble. Heck, he could probably try to make friends with the battle droid, too.

        My suggestion is battle droid. HRT and Tyfor in front, ready with the grenade. Everyone else behind the cargo.

      • grahamhl

        [OOC] Hey Ross, can we get general knowledge on plasma leaks, and the battle droid? (we know what to expect from stormtroopers) Only because while I’m not as familiar with the properties and conditions of these things, I’m sure some of our characters have heard or are familiar.

        Mostly looking for things like “Plasma leaks can burn through a ship’s hull” or “Plasma leaks are lethal environments to breathe in”. Or “The battle droid is generally used for these types of engagements because of it’s ”

        I understand there’s things that will require a roll at some point, but i’d say HRT (and other characters) would know whether they can go swim in leaking plasma, or what to expect if we decided to hug the giant killer robot…

        Of if there’s nothing to gain this way…we can start rolling, lol

      • C. Steven Ross

        Tyfor will be too busy gambling on the ship.

        For difficulties on checks, be more specific with the kind of information you want.

      • angille

        … Well, a little friendly wager over the effectiveness of said grenade might be called for then.

        So Lita (and I assume anyone else who wants to try?) is curious about how to deal with the battle droid (strengths, weaknesses, etc), and what kind of effects the plasma leak would have on biologicals and droids.

      • deucedm

        “Load’em up partners!” Ko sets the MULE to grab the palette, jumps off and goes to inspect the dead troopers still here. He strips off the smaller of three, quickly donning all but the helmet.


        Fifteen troopers (and mounted cannons), even with a good grenade, is certain doom. I second James’ idea, we take out the battle droid, giving the rebels an escape route, and seeing what we can find out about our secondary objective. If we hit the droid quick enough, this could be easy. We each grab a handy blaster rifle, should help overcome its armor.

        Ross, do I get a boost die on attacks if I ride the MULE droid into combat for higher ground? It probably makes me a more obvious target as well…DAMN.

        Also, I think we strip these troopers and don the laminate armor for safety. I’ts an upgrade from my padded clothing, for sure, and I’m not going anywhere without some protection (that’s what she said).

      • C. Steven Ross

        You guys can certainly grab Tyfor’s grenade without any trouble. He shouldn’t be needing it in the close confines of the Lucky Hand.

        From the grainy camera scan, Lita identifies the droid as a Model LD-5; LASER DEATH FIVE. It has a notoriously poor field of vision and cannot notice activity at its peripheral view.

        Plasma leaks incinerate flesh pretty quickly, if touched, and would melt HRT-94’s metal chassis, though it might take a few moments.

        Knowledge check made entirely secretive so that the players don’t know how many true or false bits of information to expect.

      • bflat


        I say battle droid. I can try to sneak up and hit it with the grenade.

        As for armour, I’ll be encumbered if I wear laminate and use a rifle. Not sure what’s the better combo. Rifle and no armour, or armour and pistol. I would need my pistol back if so.

  • C. Steven Ross

    Shazam! I uploaded a new picture so you can identify the battle Droid you’re looking for.

  • rwaluchow

    Let’s go for the droid; there are worse ways to die than being horrible mutilated by a battle droid…

  • C. Steven Ross

    OK guys we’re getting close to delivery of those blasters and the resulting flow of cash. Sounds like everyone wants to go take out this droid. Let’s get HRT-94’s Cool/Discipline check done to regain his Strain and then you guys tell me how you approach its lair.

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