Cause & Effect 04 – Overheard Conversation Creates Dilemma


image from SW:TOR

“I overheard Milka talking on her com-link. Apparently our cargo is a bunch of little brats that got picked off the street. Looks like we’re gonna get paid some big credits to deliver the latest batch of workers to the mines of Aridinia.

Har. Now lets finish these drinks and make sure we get back in time. The last crew that was late well…you don’t want to know about that.

Welcome back to Cause & Effect. Odds are that if you’ve been to a bar (or any public place) you’ve overheard a conversation or two. Some conversations however, are not meant to be overheard. How will the crew react to overhearing this conversation? You tell me.

Because my improv-fu is strong, I have rolled randomly on the table presented in V is for Vignettes. These are the results:

Instigator Smuggler

Action Discovers

Target Innocent Children

Escalation I is for Illegal Goods are involved

Escalation quickly turns into a chase scene

This sounds pretty shady. I don’t even need to roll on the I is for Illegal Goods table to know what’s being trafficked here. It’s a pretty good bet to say that the Crew will interfere with this plot. Or will they? Perhaps the Crew is waiting for a contact to show up. Now they must choose between stopping the slavery of innocent children or getting that job. You know, the one that will help pay for fuel/food/other supplies? Yeah, that one. Life is full of tough choices, which one will the Crew choose?

OVERVIEW Crew overhears a conversation about human/alien children trafficking in a cantina or other public location

TWIST Time is short to rescue the children. The Crew might also have to choose between rescuing the children and getting a job…

CAST (in order of appearance)
  • Name: Tafo Treboh
  • Tags: m-Twi’lek/hideous facial feature/dismissive/green skin
  • Role: Smuggler crew
  • Capsule: Tafo is the first mate of the Righteous Queen, is more concerned with credits than morals.
  • Stat Block: Use the Smuggler stat block for Tafo
  • Name: Smuggler Crew
  • Tags: m/f-various species/worn clothes and gear
  • Stat Block: Use the Street Toughs stat block for the smuggler crew
  • Name: Milka Hassa
  • Tags: f-Rodian/distinctive dress/conseited/wields a vibrosword
  • Role: Smuggler captain
  • Capsule: Milka is the captain of the Righteous Queen. She dresses as though she was royalty and is self serving.
  • Stat Block: Use the Smuggler Baron stat block for Milka. Add a Vibrosword (Dam +5, Crit 2, Pierce 2, Vicious 1, Defensive 1) for her melee attack.
  • Name: Dar Task
  • Tags: f-Trandoshan/scars on face/missing a digit/smells
  • Role: Slaver
  • Stat Block: Use the Slaver stat block for Dar Task
  • Name: Slavers
  • Tags: m/f-various species/worn clothes and gear
  • Stat Block: Use the Street Toughs stat block for the slavers
  • Name: The Righteous Queen
  • Tags: modified YT-2000 light freighter/chipped paint
  • Name: The Slippery Bantha (if cantina)
  • Location: Cantina or other public location
  • Tags: shady/broken furniture pieced back together/off putting odor that can’t be placed/boasts largest holo-vid screen on the planet
  • Name: Docking Station 42
  • Location: Space port
  • Tags: quiet/clean/lone r2 droid working at a terminal/poor lighting
SET UP As the Crew is relaxing or waiting for a contact to show, they may overhear a disturbing conversation. Have them make an Average (dd) Perception check. Tafo isn’t trying to hide this conversation and they are in the booth opposite them.

  • Failure on this check does not mean that they do not hear the conversation. Just enough pieces of it to figure it out. Threat will result in Tafo overhearing the Crew’s conversation about what they just heard.
  • Tafo is talking with the rest of his crew about how he just learned that the cargo they are to transport is innocent children.
  • The ‘cargo’ should loaded up in about half an hour and they plan to leave after they finish their drink to meet up with the captain, Milka.


 If the Crew discuss what they overheard:

  • Depending on if they gathered any Threat during their Perception check, Tafo may overhear the Crew if they discuss what they just heard. If that is the case, a brawl will immediately break out between Tafo, the rest of the smuggler crew and the Crew. Fights are nothing new to the Slippery Bantha (as indicated by the furniture being pieced back together). Tafo and his crew will not draw weapons unless they start to loose the fight or the Crew draws theirs first.

If the Crew decides to stop the illegal cargo job:

  • They will need to hurry, as the ‘cargo’ will be loaded soon and the space port is on the other side of town (going by foot will take too long). Enter: Chase scene!
  • Exit Cantina (Push their way through the crowd of patrons blocking the outside area) —> Obtain Transportation (steal speeders/hail a taxi/ride the proletariat chariot) —> Heavy Traffic (need to dodge other vehicles/zig-zag through buildings/up the speed somehow) —> Watch Out, construction job! (heavy machinery and moving cranes with rails are dangerous!) —> Did you slow down? (no? The authorities are now on your tail! Do you stop to chat or try and loose them?) —> Great you’ve arrived just as the innocent children are being loaded onto the craft! A female Rodian who is wearing a very expensive dress and has a vibrosword on her hip doesn’t seem pleased to see you. Neither do the slavers who are herding the cargo into the ship.
  • If successful in stopping the cargo job and capturing those responsible: the children, their families, and the authorities will be very happy (5000 credit reward for the capture of those involved with the trafficking opperation).

If the Crew decides to not stop the illegal cargo job:

  • Life continues as normal. However, if any of the Crew’s Motivations involves: Ambition (freedom)/Cause (The Weak/Charity)/Cause (Non-Human Rights)/Cause (Emancipation) they should suffer either one set back die or treat them as if their Obligation had been rolled as doubles (in this case it would not affect other Crew) for the remainder of the session. Motivations should not be chosen lightly nor should ignoring them go unhindered. This reflects the inner turmoil that the Crew member suffers as they deal with the consequences of their actions.

  • The Crew may be waiting at the Slippery Bantha for a contact to show up. If the Crew doesn’t stick around, they’ll loose a job (and maybe tarnish their rep). But if they stay, innocent children will be enslaved.
  • If the Crew didn’t get involved with the Tafo and  his crew in the cantina, they show up at an inopportune time during the encounter with Milka and the slavers.
  • If the Crew managed to stop the cargo job, perhaps the local authorities hire the Crew to get to the bottom of this vile operation.
  • Perhaps some of the local authorities are in on the operation.
  • Whomever runs this illegal operation may not be impressed with the Crew’s actions. They just cost them a lot of credits and now they have a slavers wrath to deal with. 5 Obligation Slaver.

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