Cause & Effect 05 – Bothan Led Crew Steals Cargo

“Quickly now, quickly. I want to getbothan that cargo and get out of here before anyone notices that we are here.

Illustrated by UDON

Welcome back to Cause & Effect. In my last post, we dealt with a heavy topic (child slavery). Today’s topic potentially features a parade. That’s happy right? What’s the catch? The Crew has to have a strong enough moral compass to do the right thing.

Because my improv-fu is strong, I rolled randomly on the table presented in V is for Vignettes. These are the results:

Instigator Smuggler

Action Steals from

Target a Fellow Smuggler

Escalation Has an encrypted code that leads to a reward

Escalation In the middle of a wild parade

If the Crew witnessed a crime go down, would they do anything about it?

OVERVIEW Crew witness a thieving Crew breaking into the ship next to theirs

TWIST The thieving Crew plans to take the cargo to the original meet up point, which just happens to be in the middle of a wild parade.

CAST (in order of appearance)
  • Name: Oret Rool
  • Tags: m-Bothan/strangely deep voice/insightful/wears a strange hat
  • Role: Thieving Smuggler Captain
  • Capsule: Oret is a shifty smuggler who is partial to strange hats.
  • Stat Block: Use the Smuggler stat block for Oret
  • Name: Alexis Kon
  • Tags: f-Human/visibly younger than the crew/dirty face/wears dirty orange coveralls
  • Role: Thieving Smuggler crew tech
  • Stat Block: Use the Slicer stat block for Alexis
  • Name: Mith
  • Tags: m-Gamorrean/scars on face/broken tooth/wears a torn up flight suit
  • Role: Thieving Smuggler Muscle
  • Stat Block: Use the Gamorrean Thug  stat block for Mith
  • Name: Roxis Vaal
  • Tags: f-Twi-lek/tattoo on forearm/blue skin/open minded/full figured
  • Role: Victim Smuggler Captain
  • Capsule: Roxis is the strong, but opened minded captain of the Millenium Harbinger.
  • Stat Block: Use the Smuggler stat block for Roxis
  • Name: Gar’ic ‘Quick Draw’ Rhinox
  • Tags: m-Rodian/xenophobic/custom blaster pistol/twitchy
  • Role: Victim Smuggler Co-Pilot
  • Stat Block: Use the Sullustan Pilot stat block for Gar’ic. His blaster pistol deals one extra wound on a hit and has the Knockdown quality.
  • Name: Maila
  • Tags: f-Quarren/diplomatic/strokes face tentacles/speaks with an accent
  • Role: Drop off contact
  • Name: Millenium Harbinger
  • Location: YT-1300 adjacent to Crew ship in hanger bay
  • Tags: beat up/modified/random colored plates welded to exterior
  • Name: Founders Day Parade
  • Location: In the city core
  • Tags: loud/colorful/crowded/hover craft floats
SET UP While the Crew is on or nearby their ship waiting for repairs or cargo, have them make an Average (dd) Perception check. A thieving Crew is trying to break into a YT-1300 that is parked next to them.

  • Failure does not have to mean that the Crew don’t notice the thieving Crew. It could just mean that they are obviously watching the thieving Crew and are caught doing so. Interesting.
  • The thieving Crew is trying to steal some crates with the plans of taking them to the drop off point instead of the victim Crew who transported the goods.
  • The drop off is happening the next afternoon during a yearly parade celebrating Founders Day. The reward is an encrypted code that leads to a reward (off world, naturally)


 If the Crew does nothing about what they have witnessed and were not seen:

  • Shortly after the theft, the victim Crew returns to their ship. They are not impressed that their cargo was stolen and will talk to the Crew to see if they saw anything or could identify the thieves.
  • The victim Crew may ask for the Crew’s help in finding the thieves, offering them a share of the reward.

If the Crew decides to interfere with the break in or are caught watching the events unfold:

  • The thieving Crew will attempt to intimidate the Crew into keeping quite. Failing that, a fight could break out.

If the Crew decides to help the victim Crew:

  • An investigation could ensue, in an attempt to find the thieving Crew (a race against time!).
  • They could create an interesting ambush for the thieves during the parade.
  • Perhaps the victim Crew know the thieving Crew.

  • The victim Crew may think that the Crew was responsible for the theft.
  • The encrypted code could be stolen during the hand off, creating a chase scene between numerous parties.
  • The drop off point contact could be in league with the thieves and as a result, they are not at the parade.
  • Perhaps the thieves did not know about the drop off and were just looking to steal some cargo and sell it off on the black market.
  • The victim Crew and thieving Crew could be working together to con the Crew. While they are all out, the Crew’s ship is being broken into…

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