EotE Alphabet Quick Reference

On several occasions now, I have been kindly asked to provide a PDF of all of the Edge of the Empire Alphabet entries. While the interest in my work is very flattering, and I am overjoyed that so many find it to be useful, a painful truth is that this is simply impossible. My plan for the Edge of the Empire Alphabet is that it will never truly end. The Edge of the Empire Alphabet will always be growing and evolving, adding and changing entries. It will never be complete because there is no true end.

I intend to address all 26 letters of the Roman Alphabet first, to create a satisfying sense of completeness. Skipping difficult letters (I’m looking at you, Y) is far too easy a path, the cheap way out, one that leads to the Dark Side of laziness and a post that does not live up to the quality I am capable of delivering. After that, however, letters will begin to double, triple, and quadruple up. I’m sure many readers have already noticed the subtle hints, as several random tables already have begun referencing these entries; A is for Artifacts, N is for No disintegrations, etc.

Taking this all into account, I recognize the utility of a handy, all-in-one reference sheet. Last week, it dawned on me that I would like one of these hypothetical reference guides as well. And so, it was created. Not for you, the reader, but for my own use. In a perfect reflection of this blog as a whole, the new reference guide is simply my shared thoughts and ideas as I create them for my own use.


Click this link here to be taken to Galaxy Master Ross’ personal Edge of the Empire Alphabet Quick Reference PDF file. It contains an abbreviated listing of all the random tables presented, as well as the complete 2000+ names of star systems, and a few bonus surprises in the form of early release material of future Alphabet entries. For brevity at the gaming table, all random table instructions and explanations have been removed or truncated; creating a no-frills, utilitarian document. Galaxy Masters will only find this document useful when they are already comfortable applying its principles and concepts. I will be periodically updating this file as more Alphabet entries are released and a permanent link has been placed on the Edge of the Empire Alphabet page.


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