(PbP) HEIST I – Imperial Entanglements

tiesThe small freighter Lucky Hand blasts off from the cavernous cargo hold of the Century Eagle, blue-whites engines burn hot and jury-rigged sensors punch through the soupy red nebula of the Ytha’ak Star System. Where once was a full load of high-powered rifles now is an empty hold. A slime-covered creature from the Yir-Tangee Cluster, Karlo, is now safely aboard, extracted away to safety by the decree of Rebel Alliance Command. The gas cloud is punctured by the Lucky Hand’s escape, the bold and decisive actions of its Crew leaving the sensor-blind Imperial convoy none the wiser.

But the Crew isn’t quite out of the woods yet.

At Medium Range, sensors detect a grave sight. Computer displays show two flights of four TIE Fighters, small patrol ships designed to be easy to produce, ultra-fast and very agile. A crackling sound breaks over the radio, a stern male voice demanding to know the registry of the Lucky Hand and its purpose for being in this star system.

The Lucky Hand has just drifted out of the nebula at Speed 1. To leave this star system (and end the heist successfully), it must leave the immediate gravitational influence of any planetary bodies by moving to an area of space at Extreme Range, as well as complete the hyperspace calculations needed to jump to lightspeed, requiring a cumulative 5 Successes in Astrogation. Crew Member Typhor Pnomm is considered to be Co-Pilot, and grants a Boost Die to all Pilot (space) checks on board the Lucky Hand. There are three paths out of the star system, listed in order of increasing danger: empty space, a light asteroid belt, and weaving through complex gravitational pulls of the gas giant planet Ytha’ak Prime and its many orbiting satellites, including the Ytha’ak colony.

What do you do?


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29 responses to “(PbP) HEIST I – Imperial Entanglements

  • deucedm

    “…of course”…Ko, flying calmly and smoothly in empty space, responds to the tie fighter hail: “Why hello there scout, this be here the Galactic J U G Band, piloting our trusty ship The Scarlet Boregards. You boys wouldn’t happen to be music fans, now would cha?” Just then, Ko hits play on his ever present cockpit music player. The backwater synth-JUG band music blares out through space, momentarily deafening everyone in the cockpit and those listening….

    Ross, am I to assume each of the three paths correlate to 1/2/3 difficulty? If so, then I have three intellect, one prof, and the boost vs 1 difficulty die:
    2 successes, 1 triumph, 2 advantage. woot woot!

    If I need to roll a charm/deceit check as well, lemme know.

    • C. Steven Ross


      My intent here was to have multiple avenues of escape from the star system, but on a more fundamental level than that.

      1). Be clever and talk your way out. Remember, Ko’Shak took a pretty nasty hit to the head, so his Cunning (which governs Deceit) is down to 1.

      2). Outrun/Outmaneuver the TIE Fighters, taking one of three paths out of the system. The easiest path favors a poor Pilot and a fragile ship, whereas a more dangerous path requires more difficult Pilot checks and more ship damage on bad failures.

      3). Stand and fight 8 starfighters.

      • deucedm

        Right, I figured those were the options. I’m not stopping the ship to chat, so we’re moving in the least “caught red handed” manner. So I’m initially going to try and deflect their interest, so we can be on our way.

    • C. Steven Ross

      Yeah, hook us up with a Deceit check vs. a Naval Officer’s Discipline. Roll 1 Ability, 1 Proficiency, 1 Difficulty, 2 Challenge, and I’ll grant you a Boost for the music.

    • bflat

      Bril’s going to move to one of the ship’s guns in the meantime, signalling to Dex to do the same.

  • C. Steven Ross

    The starfighter pilots respond back:

    “Roger that, civilian. This sector has recently been put under flight restrictions. Plot a direct course out of system on coordinates 444, 744, mark 800 and depart immediately or you will be fired upon.”

    The TIE Fighter’s engines boost to maximum speed, screaming towards the Lucky Hand, and the starfighter groups charge up weapon and begin flanking maneuvers.


    Ah! I see the source of the confusion.

    Skill ranks upgrade the checks of Characteristics when using them for specified actions. So in this case, Ko’Shak’s Cunning of 1 is upgrade twice; 1 Cunning upgraded once would be a single yellow, upgraded twice is a yellow and a green. Another way to look at it is to take a number of green Ability Dice equal to the larger of either Characteristic or Skill Rank, and then upgrade a number of those dice to yellow Proficiency equal to the smaller number. Again, 2 base dice (for the skill), upgraded once for the Characteristic.

    In any case: whoa! That is a lucky roll!

    • deucedm

      “Well, guess you boys don’t seem to fancy our style of play. Too bad. We’ll be playing the Daystar Casino next month if you boys ever get some R&R!”. With that, Ko and Tyfor modify course to exactly follow the imperials command, and away they go, blasting into hyperspace as Lita puts the engine back into proper order.

      Yeah, I was a bit surprised myself. Didn’t expect to net five successes over those two re-rolls. Rather be lucky than good, right?

      Just to make things snappy, I’ll go ahead and roll another Astrogation to to leave via the coordinates given:
      Two success, two advantage vs the easy difficulty.

    • deucedm

      In regards to the upgrading…now that makes sense. I thought you collapsed ability dice into prof dice in a 2 for 1 manner. But thats Marvel RPG thinking, not EotE…

  • angille

    [Lita Xel’Nari]
    Lita shakes a little as she looks at the caked blood on her arm. Is this really worth it? she thinks to herself as she makes her way to the engine room, absorbing the news of the TIEs. She’d already started the hyperdrive software so it would be warmed up when she needed it.

    Right now though? As the Lucky Hand, er… Scarlet Boregards exits the nebula and no longer needs the extra sensory array, Lita quickly reattaches wires and reroutes tubing so the pilot(s) have an easier time maneuvering.

    [Behind the Scenes]
    Mechanics check to flip-flop the sensors/maneuvering modification. Lita’s Mechanics is (4/2), and when we did this earlier, it was an easy check upgraded once due to the threat on the knowledge check. Is that what we’re looking at now?

    • angille

      Er… but if Lita gets updated with the coordinates, she’ll drop what she’s doing with the sensors/maneuvering and slam through the Astrogation (4/1), burning a Destiny to hit the successes asap.

    • C. Steven Ross

      Heck yeah! Roll us a Astrogation check against an Easy (only one purple die) Difficulty.

      BTW, switching the ship’s components requires a power-down, so that kind of major change is typically done between heists.

      • angille

        [Lita Xel’Nari]
        Lita’s eyes widen and her ears stand up as she listens over the comms to Ko’Shak sweet-talk the TIEs. Most impressive. She unceremoniously tosses the hydrospanner into her hammock and swings out the control panel for the hyperdrive.

        Her good paw slides over the hyperdrive interface, inputting the detailed information she’s receiving from the cockpit. “Almost there, guys…” she murmurs as the equations, grids, and tables scroll swiftly down the screen.

        [Behind the Scenes]
        Two greens and two yellows (the 4/1 Astrogation with a Destiny upgrade) against the one purple gives an almost identical roll to Ko’Shak’s: two success, two advantage.

        That I believe puts us at 4/5 of the required Astrogation successes? Unless the GM thinks I should tack on a blue bought with Ko’s advantage…

      • C. Steven Ross

        That’s not really necessary. You guys plot the hyperspace course with all due diligence, satisfying the wary Imperial guards and disappear from view, safely away from the carnage of the Galactic Civil War. Coded transmissions are sent to the Lucky Hand, and after a few days travel you are able to deliver upon all of your commitments to reap the promised rewards.

        Ship & Crew page updated. Congratulations! Great success!

        Interestingly, the exact same Destiny Point spread as when we started.

        Ko’Shak and Lita now have a one chance each to heal their Critical Injuries during the down-time with a Resilience check. Ko’Shak makes a 4 die Difficulty check, Lita is opposed by only a single purple die. Lita’s Critical Injury doesn’t have any lasting effect, but just the fact that it is unhealed would make any further Critical Injuries more likely to be lethal.


      • deucedm

        haha, like my brawn of one is going to do much…roll summary is two failures. Also assuming I roll this BEFORE the xp, which I guess will smartly be put into Brawn.

        Time to get me to a bacta tank and good medical droid!

      • C. Steven Ross

        Actually, yeah, you can make the roll after XP expenditure; but!

        One can almost never increase Characteristics after character creation. Hence my strong emphasis on maxing those out as much as possible during chargen.

  • C. Steven Ross

    During the hyperspace travel, Commander Karlo Talik quietly invites Lita into his quarters for weird alien shit that is gross. Their relationship grows, and the aging creature confides into Lita, hesitant that he is now breaking her heart:

    “I have dwelt long in thought, sensing your feelings and understanding you on the most intimate level. I am sorry to disappoint you, my dear, but you are not capable of helping me in my ritual. Though perhaps…there is another.”

    Crew all gain 20 XP.

  • C. Steven Ross

    (Reposted from the G+ Community)

    So what I’m doing next, guys!

    Like I’ve mentioned before privately via email, the PbP format just isn’t jiving with my personality too well. What I would like to at least try out is what I call Play-by-Plus! With the recent Google+ tools that have been put out integrating Edge of the Empire dice rolling into hangouts, this just seems like, dare I say it, our Destiny.

    About once a month, I will announce the next session. I’ll be taking reservations for the first 5 players who want to join in, and the number of previous sessions played counting against each person so as to promote more accessibility. We’ll play a game at a time and date specified by me. Everyone will have consistent characters and the actions of one heist will translate to the starting conditions of the next.

    Once assembled, the new Crew will then choose/build their character with the XP carried over from all previous Heists and able to select from a variety of different opportunities for profit from multiple discovered Heists, the details of which determined by the previous Crews’ Underworld/Streetwise checks. The constant thread will be the Lucky Hand. It will effectively have a Crew of hundreds, various scoundrels who pop in and out of the story to fit our schedules.

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