Play-by-Plus: Heist II Recruitment

Exciting news!

The day and time of the next Heist in the Edge of the Empire Play-by-Plus megacampaign will be Saturday April 20th, 11:00am (Eastern Standard Time).

How to Join a Heist

  1. Email Galaxy Master Ross and tell him that you are ready to accept your destiny on the day and time of the Heist.
  2. Circle Casey Steven Ross on Google+, join the Triumph & Despair Google+ Community, and install the Google+ Hangout EotE Dice Roller Tools.
  3. If you were not part of the Crew for Heist I, you may sign up now.
  4. If you were part of the Crew for Heist I, you may sign up now and be placed on a waiting list. After one week of signups, Heist II will then open up to the Crew from Heist I.
  5. Once you’re confirmed for the Heist, begin character creation (if needed), roll one Force Die and post the result publicly to the Google+ Community.

The Galaxy Master has made Knowledge (Underworld) and Streetwise checks to generate a series of potential Heists that the Crew must choose from. The Heists will be revealed once the Crew has been selected. Failure by the Crew to choose a Heist by no later than Saturday, April 6th 2013 will result in the Galaxy Master choosing the least profitable and most dangerous Heist.


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