WingCommanderPrivateerNot too long ago, I started a “play-by-post” game of Star Wars Edge of the Empire here on Triumph & Despair. I grabbed a handful of some really great gamers whom I’ve had the pleasure of gaming with before, and with the play-by-post format, but something just didn’t feel right. Something felt off. There’s something special about live play that simply cannot be captured in the play-by-post environment. For me at least, play-by-post simply can’t spark the same kind of outlandish creativity and wacky hijinks that I’d like to see in my roleplaying games. Then, destiny rolled my way and new tools came out this week, by a generous fan here, that integrate Edge of the Empire dice into Google+ Hangouts. The path forward has been shown.

I propose a massively multiplayer online game of Star Wars Edge of the Empire with the events of one adventuring session having dramatic impact and interaction with subsequent sessions for a very large pool of potential players. I’m stealing the term used by the video game industry and using it for my own purposes, for the dreams I had as a teenage boy at the dawn of the internet when matters such as “profitability” and “server maintenance” never entered the lexicon of the game.

The campaign will follow the dramatic adventures of the YT-1300 Corellian freighter Lucky Hand and her Crew of hundreds, as begun in the play-by-post Heist I. This ship is the constant thread linking everything together, with each self-contained story (called a Heist) pulling from players across the world to shuffle up her Crew as the needs and availability of the flesh-and-blood players demand. Profits from each Heist will be split evenly by the party, and can be used anytime in between Heists to purchase new equipment or starship upgrades. Experience Points gained during a Heist are shared by the entire Crew, including even those whom have not yet signed on. The Knowledge [underworld] and Streetwise skills of the previous Heist’s Crew will determine the details on the variety of Heists the upcoming Crew may choose from. Once a Crew is selected, each player rolls a Force Die. A result of OO informs the Galaxy Master that the next Heist will advance that character’s Dramatic Arc. Characters who complete their dramatic arc will be retired as permanent NPC allies. Players with none or a small number of completed previous Heists will be allowed to sign up for a Heist 1 week earlier than others. After that, the Crew will be selected as the first five players to commit to the event’s stated date and time.


The Gain the Advantage action now follows these guidelines, with the restriction reduced to Speed 3 minimum.
Can be done before ships have closed into weapons range. Make an opposed Pilot check with a Setback for each point of Speed slower your ship is travelling and the difficulty upgraded for each point of Silhouette larger your ship is (and vice versa). On a success, upgrade your ship’s attacks against the target and choose which shield zone to attack.


1). Determine Concept and Background.

2). Determine Starting Obligation. Each Crew Member starts with a baseline of 5 Obligation. An additional 5 Experience Points or 1,000 Credits can be gained here at the cost of 5 Obligation. The Galaxy Master does not allow any further Obligation gains at character creation.

3). Select Species, Career, Specialization.

6). Invest Starting Experience Points. This does NOT include XP gained from any prior Heists and follows the normal restrictions for spending XP at character creation. For example, a Bothan character has 100 XP to spend at this point.

7). Spend XP gained from any prior Heists. No longer restricted by Character Creation restrictions. For example, as of this writing, Crew Members have an additional 20 XP to spend.

8). Determine Derived Stats.

9). Determine Starting Motivations and the character’s D is for Destiny.

10). Purchase starting Gear and Finishing Touches.

11). Create one (1) positive relationship or link with another Crew Member and one (1) point of tension of conflict with another Crew Member. These links need not be overt and the Crew Members may be unaware of them, despite the players’ and audience’s knowledge.

12). Each Crew Member must create one (1) star system that they are intimately familiar with through their backstory, and determine if it is a Core World or located in the Outer Rim.


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