B is for Beasts

space slugFantastic creatures of all kinds populate the Star Wars universe. Tauntauns, mynocks, the rancor, the sarlacc, the creature in the death star trash compactor; all these monstrous beings occupy a unique niche in their respective stories, serving as both adversaries and allies. These beasts also serve to connect the story back to the primal world, the essence of life from which flows the Force, in stark contrast to the tyrannical Empire of the core worlds and the bleakness of empty space. The inhuman, in this way, remind us of our humanity.

No beast-like creature has ever appeared in two different Star Wars movies, and so you too, while designing your heists, should strive for variety and novelty. Open up your imagination and create the unexpected.

One way to spur your imagination is through a couple of random die rolls. To randomly generate a Beast for any Star Wars roleplaying game, roll a ten-sided dice for each applicable column below. All beasts have a Size & Silhouette as well as a Primary Movement mode. For creatures intended to be a combative challenge to your Crew, choose a selection from both the Defenses column as well as the Attacks column. Some entries have notations written with the Edge of the Empire ruleset in mind, however they were intended to be generic enough to apply to almost any roleplaying game system. Attack and damage values have been left purposefully vague, or even entirely absent, to encourage a wide range of challenges your new beast is capable of presenting as the Galaxy Master tweaks the numbers to fit the story he or she wishes to tell.

1 Swarm of tiny creatures (Silhouette 0) Walk (bipedal)
2 Very small, size of a cat (Silhouette 0) Walk (quadrepedal)
3 Half the size of a man (Silhouette 0) Walk (many-legged)
4 Man-sized (Silhouette 1) Slither
5 As tall as an ogre (Silhouette 2) Climb
6 As wide as a horse (Silhouette 2) Burrow
7 Enormously tall (Silhouette 3) Swim
8 Enormously wide (Silhouette 3) Fly
9 Humongous in all ways (Silhouette 3) Slow; Each Maneuver costs 2 Strain. Roll another Primary Movement.
10 Gargantuan, larger than a house (Silhouette 4) Fast; Maneuvers never cost Strain. Roll another Primary Movement.
1 invisible; all enemies are treated as Blinded Tail Stinger; Accurate 2 and Pierce 3
2 resistant to Force powers Sweeping Tail; Autofire and Knockdown
3 resistant to blasters Claws; Linked 1 and Vicious 3
4 resistant to explosives Bite; swallows enemies whole on a Triumph (Ensare 20)
5 resistant to melee weapons Horns; Pierce 5 and Knockdown
6 dangerous aura (spikes, heat, etc.) Energy Discharge (fire breath, electricity, etc.); Blast 5 and Burn 5
7 multiple heads Tentacles; Autofire and Ensnare 2
8 fits through small openings Attack is also poisonous; gain Stun and roll for another attack
9 enhanced senses Attack is also poisonous; gain Disorient 3 and roll for another attack
10 accelerated healing Attack is also destructive; gain Sunder and roll for another attack

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