(PbP) HEIST II – Choose your Destiny

The Crew for the next Play-by-Plus game of Edge of the Empire has been selected! Ko’Shak, Bril, and Dex Dervish return with the infamous Corellian YT-1300 model light freighter Lucky Hand, along with a new found stowaway technician to join in the adventure. The game will be on Saturday April 20th at 11:00am Eastern Standard Time, via Google+ Hangout. For now, the Crew must decide which of two possible job offers to take on:

Heist II (a)

A retired smuggler recently turned new recruit in the Rebel Alliance offers a substantial reward (5,000 credits) for repossession of his family’s starship, the Midnight Hawk, located in the Desol System.

Heist II (b)

Rebel Alliance Command has is offering a sizable bounty (5,000 credits) for the capture of an Imperial operative, hiding in the newly established colony of Ridellia. They want him alive; no disintegrations.



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