H is for Heists (v2.0)

seven_firefly_06This post expounds upon the original;  adding far more nuance, detail and complexity to what is arguably the most useful and most used part of an Edge of the Empire campaign.

Heists are the backbone of the Edge of the Empire game, an ‘adventure’ in Dungeons & Dragons parlance. While highly complex and nuanced plots can be easily lost on players at the table, a Heist that is too straightforward, linear, and predictable is boring and might not challenge the players creativity enough for their liking.

To generate a Heist, choose or roll 2d10 on each of the columns below. Each Heist starts with a basic premise: the Crew accepts an Action, such as “kidnap”, from a particular Client, such as “Rebel Alliance Command”. Often, the Heist demands some sort of object or target, which falls upon the Galaxy Master to create on the fly.

The Crew know full well the base fee the Client is offering, as well as the Inside Information that makes this Heist a good plan. Unfortunately, all Heists have at least one Unforeseen Complication that will force the Crew to quickly change their plans and/or come up with a creative solution to the new problem.

Lastly, each Heist takes place at a unique setting that inspires awe, terror, or wonder; see L is for Location.

Examples of Heists can be seen throughout the Star Wars films:

  • rescue Han Solo from Jabba’s Palace
  • smuggle goods for Jabba the Hutt, try not to dump cargo at the first sign of the Imperials
  • rescue Princess Leia from the Imperial Death Star
  • escort Rebel Alliance transports past an Imperial blockade at Hoth
  • covertly destroy the shield generator on Endor
  • smuggle cargo through the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs
  • deliver Han Solo to the highest bidder
2 Protect Local Politician
3 Destroy Corporate (manufacturing)
4 Kidnap Corporate (mining)
5 Steal Corporate (technology)
6 Deliver Passengers Merchant or Trader
7 Smuggle Passengers Oppressed Cult
8 Deliver Cargo Scholar or Academy
9 Smuggle Cargo Criminal (Hutts)
10 Rescue Criminal (other)
11 Win a Tournament It’s Your Idea!
12 Collect Bounty(alive) A Community in Need
13 Collect Bounty (dead or alive) Rebel Alliance (local cell)
14 Investigate / Reconnaissance Rebel Alliance (Command)
15 Salvage Old Friend or Loved One
16 Discover Imperial Military
17 Assassinate Pirates
18 Evacuate Desperate Rival or Enemy
19 Repossess Planetary Governor
20 Roll Twice, combining into a complex Heist Imperial Intelligence
2 Nothing special Betrayal! A spy or traitor reveals themselves during the Heist
3 We can gamble while we’re there T is for it’s a Trap!
4 The Location is under siege An old N is for Nemesis shows up to cause trouble
5 The Location is hidden A friend or loved one becomes endangered during the Heist
6 The Client is wealthy; +500 credits profit The Heist draws the attention of organized crime
7 We’ve got someone on the inside Innocent civilians become involved, perhaps as hostages
8 Will benefit a friend or loved one Authorities are tipped off. Upgrade all enemy Vigilance and Perception checks
9 We can ride local B is for Beasts An unexpected hostile military presence is in the area
10 We have the security codes I’ve got a bad feeling about this. The Crew may not spend Destiny Points during the Heist
11 Will reduce one of our Obligations Something about the Heist turns out to be far more dangerous than previously thought
12 We have forged permits A moral quandary crops up affecting a Crew Member’s Motivation
13 We can use ground vehicles A strict time limit prohibits regaining Strain outside of combat
14 It leads to an A is for Artifact Pulling off this Heist will increase the Crew’s Obligation(s)
15 This will deal a setback to a hated N is for Nemesis The Heist needs to be secret and the Client won’t pay for sloppy work
16 It’s only lightly guarded The Client is just a proxy. The real patron is something far less savory
17 We’ve got a good feeling about this; start the Heist with all Light Side Destiny Points The Crew are confronted with something utterly terrifying during the Heist; see F is for Fear
18 Most people avoid it or are afraid A weird cult is involved, such as a Z is for Zealot
19 The Location is abandoned A rival Crew of smugglers, scoundrels, and/or bounty hunters are on the job as well
20 Roll twice, adding both results Roll twice, adding both results

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