L is for Location


image by Ralph McQuarrie

A Location serves as a unique backdrop to your Star Wars adventures. Most commonly used to set details on a H is for Heist, these fantastical locations routinely come into play time and again as Galaxy Masters scramble together destinations for the Crew to voyage to, whispered locales to be sought after, and feared domains to be avoided.

Well designed sites are one of the handful of great memories from roleplaying game sessions that can stick with players for years to come. They remember “that village full of telepaths”, “the temple ruins full of rats in the walls”, and “the star system of shattered moons”.

To create a stunning Location for your Star Wars roleplaying game, choose at least one selection from each Column below, or roll 2d10 for a random result. Start with a basic Description, establishing the foundations of your setting. Embellish that framework with at least one interesting Trait to make it stand out from the crowd and grow into a more memorable scene. For more important Locations, such as the setpiece to a major point in the campaign, add one or two additional Traits, combining the results as necessary.

Examples of interesting Locations have an established history and can be seen throughout the Star Wars films:

  • the swampy Wilderness of Dagobah, a natural Jedi training ground due to being Strong in the Force.
  • the monolithic Military Outpost of the Death Star, doomed to soon Explode and be destroyed
  • the Uncharted Star System of Hoth, its icy surface slick or otherwise treacherous
  • the heavily fortified armed starship Star Destroyer named Executor
2 Mine The inhabitants of this location are clones
3 Streets or sewers Tine B is for Beasts scurry in the walls or under the floors
4 Private residence The location will soon explode or otherwise be destroyed
5 Temple or other religious site Stellar phenomena make this location very difficult to access
6 Palatial estate Strong in the Force; Force users are treated as 1 Force Rating higher
7 Primitive village The footing is uneven, slick, or otherwise treacherous
8 Wilderness One type of common technology doesn’t function (shields, blasters, ion, etc.)
9 City slums The location is heavily fortified
10 Place of vice; bar, casino, or brothel This place has an inhospitable climate
11 Uncharted Star System All records of this location have been erased
12 Asteroid(s) This place is in an area of inhospitable terrain
13 Uncharted Star System Large portions of the location are badly damaged
14 Freighter convoy This place is surrounded by a huge junkyard
15 Colony ship, luxury cruiser, or other civilian craft Sight is obscured here by dense clouds, fog or darkness
16 Orbital platform Hidden from the Force; Force users receive are treated as 1 Force Rating lower
17 Armed starship T is for it’s a Trap!
18 Military outpost or prison The location is underwater or floating
19 Scientific or medical facility The inhabitants of this place are telepathic
20 Factory or shipyard Roll twice, combining the results

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