Randomized Maps

Do you need to populate a M is for Map with a random assortment of spaces? Sure you do! While one can easily pick and choose from the list provided in that section of Edge of the Empire Alphabet; a randomized, weighted table can be used instead. Using random tables can often make the game feel a bit magical and grow the design of your heist organically.

To randomly determine a slew of rooms; roll once on a Force Die and once on a d10, consulting the charts below, for each room. The results should produce a haphazard array of contained sites featuring a high density of the commonplace and a low density of the most rare and esoteric of venues.

d10   .   ..
1 Fitness Observatory
2 Galley Armory
3 Storage Hold Security Command
4 Crew Quarters Magnetic Dynamo
5 Troop Barracks Interstellar Communications
6 Security Checkpoint Prototype Lab
7 Power Coupling Decontamination Bay
8 Repair & Maintenance Research Lab
9 Droid Storage War Room / Briefing Room
10 Service Tunnel Command Center
d10   OO   O
1 Cantina Labyrinthine Corridors
2 Officer’s Quarters Vault
3 Missile Bay Chasm
4 Ion Drive Grand Hall
5 Hyperdrive Arena
6 Turbolaser Control Brig/Prison
7 Medical Bay Throne Room
8 Communications Meditation Chamber
9 Library Inner Sanctum
10 Flight Deck Temple; see Z is for Zealot

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3 responses to “Randomized Maps

  • Aahz

    I enjoy the A is for …(Albert who fell down the stairs) series, but I think I’d use these lists more for ideas than as actual tables for random stuff. If I’m designing a ship or a space station I want the layout of the key rooms to make sense in the scope of the ship. If it is all random then my players would be left thinking, why is throne room right next to the bathroom?

  • Aahz

    That said, when I’m running a game the single most important thing to have (after a map) are charts exactly like these for improvising when the players go off on a tangent I hadn’t anticipated.

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