Cause & Effect 08 – Poor Citizen Begs for Help

“My, aren’t you a sight for stranded eyes. You would not believe what I’ve been through these past few days. Say, you wouldn’t turn down a woman in need would you?

starwars4_0665Welcome back to Cause & Effect! Today we are going to find that space, as vast as it may be, is full of little surprises. I’m not going to roll randomly on the chart today. No sir, today we will take the following hook and using the table presented in V is for Vignettes, create our scene.

This is the hook: A stranded escape pod needs your help!

This is how I’ve decided to translate it:

Instigator Poor Citizen

Action Begs for help from

Target The Crew

Escalation Has unavoidable Imperial entanglements

Escalation I is for Illegal goods are involved

Nothing bad ever happens to good Samaritan’s right?

OVERVIEW The Crew randomly encounters an escape pod in space

TWIST The passenger aboard the escape pod is more than they claim to be

CAST (in order of appearance)
  • Name: Acantha Krieg
  • Tags: f-Sullustan/charming/camera hanging off of neck/flip flops/tank top and shorts
  • Role: Tourist (Rebel Spy)
  • Capsule: Acantha is a Rebel Spy who has been with the Rebellion for just over six months. Her most recent assignment saw her pluck up some valuable information on Castell. She escaped the planet under the guise of a tourist aboard a luxury cruise.
  • Stat Block: You shouldn’t need stats for this encounter. But if you do, just wing it. I have faith in you.
  • Name: Space
  • Location: um…Space
  • Tags: you know…black, stars…space?

  • After completing a jump, the Crew’s scanners pick up an energy signal. It belongs to an escape pod. Moments later, the Crew is hailed by the escape pod.
  • Acantha quickly introduces herself and asks for the Crew’s assistance. The luxury cruise transport vessel that she was on was ambushed by what she figures are pirates. Although she managed to escape in a pod, it was damaged during the escape and lost power to the engines. She’s been floating around for a few days. Her food supply and life support are running low.
  • Acantha asks that the Crew take her aboard and drop her off on the nearest planet. She will offer the Crew the 500 Credits that she brought along for spending money.


 If the Crew agrees to help Acantha:

  • She thanks them numerous times over and is genuinely grateful for their assistance and will tell them all about the cruise that she was supposed to go on and all of the exciting things she was supposed to see…only the vessel was attacked only a day after the cruise started. Not quite what she was expecting.
  • While the nearest planet will do, a nice, warm, civilized planet would be better…where is the Crew going? Is it warm there? Acantha will however, go where ever they decide to drop her off without too much fuss. She is just happy to be off of the escape pod.

If the Crew does not help Acantha:

  • She sounds…kind of like…oh. Well…I guess I have enough food and air for another day. I sure hope that another vessel finds me and is willing to help a gal out….*sigh*…

  • Acantha isn’t quite what she claims to be. Acantha is a Rebel spy acting under the guise of a tourist. In her camera is strategic information that is of great importance to the Rebellion. Unfortunately the vessel was attacked by pirates before she could get on world to deliver the information.
  • The Imperial’s suspected that there was a Rebel spy on the luxury vessel and had arranged for the ship to be attacked by pirates pretending to be Rebels. They were hoping to extract the spy. Not finding a spy and realizing that some escape pods had jettisoned, they have taken to the space ways to see if they can track the Rebel spy down.
  • Some time after the Crew has rescued Acantha, but before dropping her off world: A number of tie-fighters accompanied by a Lambda-Class Shuttle (or Star Destroyer if you’re the intimidating sort) show up on the Crew’s scanners and moments later they are hailed by the Imperial vessel. They ask if the party has encountered any random vessels or escape pods, or if they have taken on any new passengers. They inform the Crew that Rebels have recently attacked a luxury cruise vessel and that some of the Rebels had been aboard the vessel before hand to steal what valuables they could during the attack. They are offering a 500 Credit reward for any persons of interest. Naturally they also pry into what the Crew is doing out here as well, poke holes in their story and try to get them to give up information that may lead them to the Rebel spy that they are looking for. Acantha will plead her case with the Crew if they confront her or try to turn her in.
  • Alternately, Roll a Force Die. White pip’s mean that the Crew encounters the Imperials after they have dropped off Acantha. Black pip’s mean that the Crew encounters the Imperials before they have dropped off Acantha.

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