O is for Obstacles

sw-death-star-swingIn a Star Wars tale, Obstacles are composed of brief challenges and interesting terrain features that can be used either for or against the Crew. They create focal points in action scenes, short-term goals to be reached and milestones to be conquered. Unlike T is for it’s a Trap!, dangerous obstacles are meant to be mostly neutral in terms of added difficulty for the Crew. They are designed to be either a boon or a bane, depending on the ambition and creativity of your players.

To select an obstacle for any given scene; roll once on a Force Die and once on a d10, consulting the charts below, or simply choose one that best suits yor tastes. The randomized results are intended to favor easy-to-overcome obstacles and ones that can be weaponized; while limiting the number of obstacles that hinder movement or pose an unavoidable danger.

d10   .   ..
1 Static forcefield emplacements offer cover and light. An energy shield protects a critical object from any attack.
2 A monolithic C is for Computer terminal soar high above and offers cover. Shifting and alternating forcefields isolate parties on all sides.
3 Huge dynamos wreak havoc on nearby electronics and offer cover. This space has strange gravity, either very high or very low, forcing all to adjust their tactics accordingly.
4 Great obelisks of an unusual material (obsidian, sandstone, glass, carbonite, diamond, etc.) hold clues to an ancient mystery and offer cover. The blast door to this room has been sealed shut, but why?
5 Vertical power conduits protrude up like a wall of steel tubes, offering cover. The floor is uneven, slick, or otherwise treacherous.
6 Metal crates full of I is for Illegal goods create a maze in the holding bay, as well as offering cover. Broken lights cause shifting shadows to conceal the stealthy.
7 Moving machinery snags at clothing and can pin down the clumsy, as well as offering cover. Burning incense fills the room with smoke and Setback.
8 A mundane architectural feature such as deep vestibules or floor-to-ceiling columns offers an easy means to gain cover. A blast shield or bulkhead bars the way.
9 A small, ground based service vehicle can used for cover or hot-wired and driven around. A short elevator or industrial hydraulic lift spans between areas of two different heights, the higher of which offers a tactical advantage.
10 The room is full of steam or some other harmless gas that obscures sight and grants concealment.
An oil slick makes moving through the room hazardous for the uncoordinated.
d10   OO   O
1 A damaged combat droid can be re-powered and reprogrammed for one final task. Arcs of electricity shock anyone who comes near a malfunctioning or damaged G is for Gadget.
2 Planetary-scale communications relays offer limited access to high-ranking officials. A pair of automated blaster turrets shoot anything that moves.
3 A heavy blaster turret sits idle, perhaps on a watchtower or some other high elevation, waiting for someone to jump in and fire. This area is filled with a toxic gas, testing the Resilience of all living creatures.
4 A C is for Computer terminal can be sliced to allow the user to control a  small, inconspicuous “mouse droid” for reconnaissance. This area is inundated with high doses of radiation, testing the Resilience both droids and living creatures.
5 Industrial robotic arms here are used to do a heavy or dangerous task, such as loading starship missiles, and can be used to the Crew’s advantage. Something in the room causes it to be either extremely hot, such as an ion furnace, or extremely cold, such as leaking cryogenic gasses.
6 An innocent civilian walks in during the middle of the action. The room is dominated by a dangerous industrial process, such as a garbage compactor.
7 Forcefields separate this area from a danger, such as the cold vacuum of space. A burning oil slick fills the room full of smoke, sears the unwary, and makes moving through the room hazardous for the uncoordinated.
8 Broken power conduits crackle with electricity, high temperature plasma, high pressure gas, or starfighter fuel. A bottomless pit (no rails) creates a deadly hazard.
9 A section of the room is a depressurization or hyperbaric chamber. A horrible B is for Beast is nearby.
10 Volatile gas tanks have been carelessly left about. One stray blaster shot will cause them to explode. A powerful magnetic field pulls metal weapons free from their owners’ hands and wreaks havoc on Droids.

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