Q is for Quirks

The Star Wars future was not showroom shiny but dented and rusty, as if it had hard use on the back roads on innumerable galaxies. Lucas told an interviewer during production in England that the Apollo capsules may have looked brand new when they soared away, but it was clear when they returned that the interior was littered with candy wrappers, empty Tang cans, and other trash, just like the family station wagon.

George Lucas: The Creative Impulse
by Charles Champlin

When experiencing the suspended reality of a roleplaying game, quirks are what the Galaxy Master uses to bring the audience more fully into this fictional universe. We find minor doodads and widgets that have little mechanical effect on the game, but serve to enhance verisimilitude and remind the players of the setting. These quirks often only hint at their underlying cause. Astute Galaxy Masters will take care to listen in on the Crew’s discussions of these “clues”; taking the projected hopes, dreams, and fears of the players and building upon that to reassure, surprise, and/or delight.

yodaQuirks are most enjoyable when scattered about randomly, creating strange and unexplained scenes. To do so, simply roll a d100 and consult the table below. Oftentimes, however, the results will come back a little too bizarre and require the guiding hand of a Galaxy Master to select a quirk of their choice, aligning the story back on track.

Unlike T is for it’s a Trap! and O is for Obstacles, Quirks should never directly harm anyone. Oh, and by the way, Galaxy Master Ross’ personal EotE Alphabet Quick Reference Sheet has been updated.

d100   The floor …
01-02 is glass.
03-04 is covered in rusting industrial or mining equipment.
05-06 is an elevator.
07-08 is sprouting weeds.
09-10 has a ghastly pit where animals are forced to fight each other.
11-12 is made of metal grating.
13-14 has moving hydraulic service platforms used to lift vehicles for maintenance.
15-16 has deep immersion pits where scores of workers toil endlessly at some task.
17-18 is broken apart as technicians remove a section and begin splicing electrical wires.
19-20 is covered in scorch marks.
21-22 opens to a tubular shaft that grants access to secret or restricted area.
23-24 spans multiple levels through stairs, ladders, or chutes.
25-26 gently spirals upward, encompassing multiple floors.
27 shows the tell-tale signs of an infestation of insects, rodents, or other vermin.
    Against the wall is seen …
28 a huge wrap-around glass viewport.
29-30 glowing energy conduits built into the walls, casting weird colors in the room.
31-32 broken droids leaning against the walls.
33-34 starship flight plans and hyperspace routes on glass paneling.
35-36 someone drinking against one corner.
37-38 a damaged piece of equipment spitting harmless sparks.
39-40 broken windows.
41-42 scorch marks.
43-44 large stone idols leftover from a lost ancient civilization.
45-46 shelves full of mechanical tools; see G is for Gadget.
47-48 unintelligible, static-filled transmissions are heard coming out of an old comm system.
49-50 gigantic engines or turbines.
51-52 a shortcut or secret passageway to another area.
53-54 a beautifully crafted masterwork weapon; well lit, locked, and trapped.
55-56 huge window looks out over a different area.
57-58 a large vestibule.
59-60 moving holographic projections of ships patrolling a star system.
61 a static holographic projection of nearby structures.
62 Rebel terrorist graffiti defacing a solemn symbol of peace and order.
    From the ceiling hangs …
63-64 low beams or bulkheads to hinder those of excessive height.
65-66 a large hose from which a pilot or technician refuels a vehicle.
67-68 an alarm klaxon that is either distracting or focuses Vigilance.
69-70 patriotic banners.
71-72 giant industrial pipes.
73-74 a rotating, flashing light warning of a minor technical problem.
75-76 a crack dripping water.
77-78 several rusting steel cages.
79-80 a broken communications antenna.
81-82 a catwalk or ledge.
83 a squadron of snub fighters on struts.
    In the middle of the room …
84 a mouse bot scurries on floor. It is afraid of everything.
85 some sort of foul dish of food is bubbling on a countertop stove. It is totally gross.
86 is a rotting animal carcass, stinking up the place. It is totally gross.
87 a handcuffed prisoner is being escorted by local authorities.
88 a spiced out, weird alien lounges languidly; see X is for Xenology.
89 someone has left out copious B is for Booze.
90 is a living wild animal, native to this region, but not overtly hostile.
91 workers welding steel plates together.
92 a gonk droid waddles.
93 an R5 droid fixes stuff.
94 is a filthy pile of garbage. It is totally gross.
95 is a lively band, playing music straight out of the cantina.
96 is an interpreter droid who would be only too pleased to help.
97 is a life-sized hologram of a beautiful, exotic dancer.
98 two creatures play a holographic board game.
99 are glass displays showing flight plans.
00 is a Jawa trying to sell you something; see U is for Utinni!


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