Cause & Effect 09 – Grans of Time

Source apparently from Alien Anthology (I cannot confirm this)

Source apparently from Alien Anthology
(I cannot confirm this)

“It’s called ‘Grans of Time’. You know, like sands of time? Because these poems are timeless! It’s quite clever, really.

Welcome back to Cause & Effect! I’m feeling lucky today and have rolled randomly on the table presented in V is for Vignettes.

I would like to stress though, that the V is for Vignettes table is intended to provide inspiration. If the rolls you get don’t excite you, don’t use them. These are my results:

Instigator Poor Citizen

Action Gambles

Target Nearby Building

Escalation Threatens to cost the Crew a great many credits

Escalation An A is for Artifact is involved

This could be interesting…

OVERVIEW A Poor Citizen rushes out from a nearby alley and bumps into the Crew…however, he is not alone…

TWIST If the Crew helps out the Poor Citizen, they might receive a pleasant surprise (hidden in a book of bad Gran poetry, naturally).

CAST (in order of appearance)
  • Name: Pacer Bynar
  • Tags: m-Gran/short/stocky/flashy clothing/reckless/poet
  • Role: Poor Citizen
  • Capsule: Pacer is a poet who is trying to get his book of poems published (Grans of Time). After taking out a loan from a Crime Lord, Pacer thought that if he were to win at a high stakes Sabacc game; he could pay back the crime lord and have the funds to publish his book…
  • Stat Block: What kind of Crew are you running games for that you need stats for a poor Gran poet, who’s poems aren’t even that good?
  • Name: Ve’ev
  • Tags: f-Aqualish/one mouth tusk is broken off, showing inside the mouth/lisp/padded armor/drawn blaster carbine
  • Role: Enforcer leader
  • Capsule: Ve’ev is head of ‘security’ during a shady high stakes Sabacc game. Her job is to make sure no one causes trouble and than everyone pays their debts. One way or another.
  • Stat Block: Use the Barabel Enforcer stat block for Ve’ev.
  • Name: Brodie/Valo/Turis/Kral/Jaspara/Zeven (use as many thugs as pcs)
  • Tags: m/f-varous races/well used clothing and gear/one of them tries to act tough, saying ‘Yeah’ after Ve’ev speaks
  • Role: Street Toughs
  • Stat Block: Use the Street Toughs stat block for Ve’ev’s muscle.
  • Name: has been removed from the building front
  • Location: Closed building near the Crew
  • Tags: enter through side entrance/game is taking place in what used to be a kitchen. Some appliances remain/stacked supplies and crates gathering dust/radio playing top 40/Thugs monitor area

  • As the Crew walks down a street en route to wherever, they witness a Gran in flashy clothing frantically leaving a nearby alley way. He is heading towards them.
  • The Gran desperately asks for the Crew’s aid. He can offer them something better than credits…but then those people whom he was running away from show up…
  • The Gran owes money to this other group. They want that money.


There are a few possibilities here…If the Crew hands over Pacer to Ve’ev and her Crew:

  • They thank the Crew and drag him back through the alley and back into the building. Pacer cries frantically, shouts, etc. Depending on Crew members Motivations, they might be sad about this decision. If they read his poetry, they will not regret this decision.

If the Crew asks how much he owes or are willing to pay the debt:

  • 5,000 credits, lost in a high stakes sabacc game (Increase or decrease this amount as you see fit).

If the Crew tries to intimidate or negotiate to reduce the debt:

  • Ve’ev will drop the amount owed by 5% for every success (Up to 10%).

If the Crew decides to fight on Pacer’s behalf:

  • A street brawl erupts…naturally.

If the Crew offers up the information that Pacer claims to have something better than credits:

  • Ve’ev says: Yeah…he already offered us that book of crummy Gran poems…no thanks.

If the Crew manages to free Pacer from his debt:

  • He is extremely grateful. That something that is better than credits? A datachip that contains the co-ordinates for an A is for Artifact is hidden in a rough copy of his book of poems titled: Grans of Time. He will also promise to stay away from gambling.

  • A charming Crew member might be able to convince Ve’ev to allow them to join in the high stakes Sabacc game to win back the money that was lost.
  • If a street brawl erupts, perhaps it starts to spread. Other people get jostled and join in. Vehicles get destroyed and rioting begin! Expect terrain and other objects to be used as weapons.
  • In the event of a street brawl, roll a Force Die. On a result of  oo , Pacer tries to sneak off during the melee. He’s a lover not a fighter damnit!
  • If the Crew gave up Pacer, perhaps he returns at a later date with a grudge (and cybernetic modifications).
  • The co-ordinates to the A is for Artifact could might lead the Crew to somewhere without an A is for Artifact.
  • If the Crew assisted Pacer, some time later they see his book for sale. It is dedicated to the heroes who helped him through some rough times.

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