Y is for You’re my only hope

princessThere are certain special times when the needs of the story must impose upon the Crew a horrible, worst-case scenario with terrifying, overwhelming challenges. Often, the Galaxy Master will use these seemingly hopeless situations as the basis for an entire Star Wars roleplaying game campaign. In contrast to W is for super Weapons, Y is for You’re my only hope dooms the Crew with Nightmare Difficulty that is even more over-the-top, punishingly unfair, often beyond the control of mankind, and have no identifiable weaknesses.

Some examples of hellish, mind-numbing despair include:

  • A trinary star system has become sentient and seeks universal annihilation.
  • The Emperor himself has taken a personal interest in your capture, sending a massive Imperial armada to hound your every move.
  • An invasive xenomorphic species has colonized the bodies of the inhabitants of your homeworld, including all of your friends and family. The planet is now off-limits and under quarantine.
  • The Rodian homeworld is merely the outer shell of a dormant astral leviathan. It awakens.
  • The massive black hole at the center of the galaxy swells to an order of magnitude larger, consuming much of the inner core. It continues to grow at an alarming rate.
  • A supernatural being from beyond the universe deems the intelligent life in this galaxy unworthy to live.
  • An interstellar cloud of nanites (or robotic arms) seeks to break down every elementary particle in the universe in order to construct even more nanites.

To generate your very own hopeless scenario, either choose elements from the table below, or decide randomly by rolling four d10 dice. One die determines what deeply treasured object or ideal is in danger via the Threat Column. Two dice determine what combination of insurmountable obstacles stop any would-be heroes via the Despair Column. Lastly, one die determines the amazing reward granted unto the Crew, whether it be known or not during this quest, if they should succeed in defeating such a monumental challenge via the Triumph Column.

1   Your physical health The enemy is too large or strong Reduce your entire Obligation, no matter the value
2   Your mental health or free will The target is too small Complete your D is for Destiny
3   An entire planet We are too few Vast wealth; at least 100,000 credits
4   An entire species They are too many Utter defeat of an N is for Nemesis
5   The galaxy Nothing goes unnoticed Gain a host of powerful allies
6   The universe We don’t have time The pieces needed for constructing your own L is for Lightsaber
7   Intergalactic travel It’s broken An ancient A is for Artifact
8   Your friends’ lives The enemy is too clever Experimental starship technology, such as a cloaking device
9   Your family’s lives The Force is against us An advanced personal starfighter, such as a TIE Avenger
10   All sentient life The enemy is indestructible Virtually indestructible armor or a powered suit

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