Rogue Events 12 & 13

FTL_TitleAnother Rogue Event of mine got put up at the GSA site for hosting. I’m not really sure what the benefits of jumping through the hoops and putting them at that site are (as opposed to just posting directly here); but I told them that I would, so I will. Also, they’re nice enough to list Triumph & Despair in their grouping of sites that “We Like“, so why not return the favor and shower them with lovely sidetreks?

Rogue Event 12 – Disabled Transport‎

Rogue Event 13 – Large Asteroid Field


I’ve hit a little jolt of creativity on this front recently, so expect to see Rogue Event 14 and Rogue Event 15 coming out soon. They’re already completed and shown on the Page list, but I still need to upload them to the GSA.

Every time I write one of these things, I get the FTL soundtrack stuck in my head all day.

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