Where is that shuttle going?

Fly casual.

Fly casual.

The Lambda T4-A Imperial Shuttle presents an iconic image recognizable by all Star Wars fans. More than that, it functions as a grand prize to be stolen by a  brazen thief to show off the utmost drama, daring, and bravado on the part of said notorious scoundrel. But, when seen through the lens of Edge of the Empire, what a chaotic mess of confusing information!

Similar to the Starship Layout Guide done here back in April, I present to you a full 11×17 layout detailing the various functions and facets of using this spacefaring vessel. Of particular interest to me was how maneuverable (Handling +0) and fast (Hyperdrive Class I) the shuttle is, as well as its vast array of many weak (Damage 3) energy weapons; at least in comparison to the classic three starting starship options of YT-1300, Ghtroc 720, and Firespray. As expected, the passenger capacity of the shuttle is unrivaled among these Silhouette 4 starships, boasting the ability to ferry a total of 26 passengers & crew. What would one do with an assault squad of that size? I don’t really know too many good answers, but I bet if I had it at my disposal I could really cause some damage and wreck a nervous Galaxy Master’s overly-railroading, rigid plans.

  • Lambda T4-A Imperial Shuttle (PDF) (Word)

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