Hangout Interviews

I’m announcing an exciting new feature on Triumph & Despair; called Hangout Interviews.

Hangout Interviews we consist of a short, live discussion between myself, as host, and two players or Galaxy Masters, as guests, lasting about a half hour. Each guest will bring to the table a tale of Star Wars role playing in which they were personally involved that shows us something that either went extremely well and we should look to repeat (Triumph); or something that went badly, was boring, or simply fell short of what was intended and should be avoided or changed for the better (Despair).

The focus here will be brevity and utility. We will not waste the audience’s time was worthless self-aggrandizement or cheesy talk-radio gags. The entire Star Wars community is welcomed here with open arms; from live games to play-by-post, from Edge of the Empire to WEG. All we care is that you bring your passion for this great hobby and share your adventures with us so that we might learn from you and better our own games. These interviews will be done using Google+ Hangouts, recorded live and to be posted publicly.

If grand, fiery tales of your Star Wars adventures are straining to come out and be shared with the world, get in contact with Galaxy Master Ross with a one or two sentence description of your own Triumph or Despair. We’ll communicate, coordinate, and set up a time to share our tales.


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