GM Ross at GenCon

New PictureBEHOLD

I will be making a public appearance at the largest tabletop gaming convention in the hemisphere – GenCon.

If you will be in the area and are a fan, I would love to meet you, shake your hand, and (if time allows) sit down with you for a beer and to chat about Star Wars and gaming.

Here is my tentative schedule. As you can see, it is overly full. However, all events labeled “FTDM” will be run by me and open to the public and very accommodating for walk-ons. So, if you have the time, drop on by and say hello.

If I win, this will literally happen

If we win, this will happen.


Now is also an excellent time to talk about the ENnies. They are an annual award in the gaming industry given out during GenCon. This year, Triumph & Despair beat out a cadre of other blogs to be one of the five nominated for Blog of the Year. It is truly an honor and I am deeply proud of all the hard work done to have gotten this far.

Then, from Monday July 22nd to Monday July 29th, voting will be opened up and the winners of each category will be determined by the public.

Triumph & Despair needs you and your vote to win this. Show the world how much you love Star Wars and how much you love the features and articles here. Make this voting count. Vote for the products that are genuinely good, and not just the ones with charming authors with good name recognition. Do it for me. For once I step foot in Indy, there are only two ways I’m going home: victory, or death.

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