Cause & Effect 11 – Cargo a la Incognito

Work created by Daniel Brown

Work created by Daniel Brown

“No! You listen! I do not appreciate you slandering my good name with these false accusations! Fine, you know what? Search the ship again. You won’t find anything because I’m an honest transporter! I bet it’s because I have an artificial leg isn’t it? Oh look at the Spacer with one leg. She must be a pirate! Well you forgot one thing. I don’t have a bird on my shoulder! You men are all the same! You…what? You’re finished? Good, because I’m sick of your face….

Welcome back to Cause & Effect! I started feeling lucky and made the first roll randomly. As soon as I saw the result, inspiration hit and I picked the rest of the results manually on the table presented in V is for Vignettes. These are my results:

Instigator Smuggler

Action Delivers something to

Target The Crew’s Starship

Escalation I is for Illegal goods are involved

Escalation The encounter threatens to cost the Crew a great many credits

Have you ever transported goods that you didn’t know that you were carrying until it was too late? So has this Crew…

OVERVIEW While the Crew is out and about, a Smuggler stashes away illegal cargo on the Crew’s Starship with plans of getting them back later.

TWIST The Crew doesn’t know that they are smuggling these goods, which could make for some interesting conversation.

CAST (in order of appearance)
  • Name: Xanatos Darran
  • Tags: m-Duro/uniform/fingers taps sides of data pad to the beat of a top 40 hit/slow monotone speech
  • Role: Customs Agent
  • Stat Block: Use the Customs Agent stat block for Xanatos.
  • Name: Quina Rakkah
  • Tags: f-Rodian/cunning/cybernetic leg (shaped like a hind leg)/padded armor/blue armband
  • Role: Smuggler
  • Capsule: Quina is a looking to transport some illegal cargo off world. She has a sneaking suspicion that one of her contacts has sold her out and that her vessel will likely be searched. The solution? Stash the cargo on another vessel, follow them and then get the stolen cargo back.
  • Stat Block: Use the Smuggler stat block for Quina.
  • Name: Surror
  • Tags: m-Sullustan/flight suit/blind in one eye (scorching over eye)/blue armband
  • Role: Crew
  • Stat Block: Use the Sullustan Pilot stat block for Quina’s Crew.
  • Name: Ship docking area
  • Location: Ship docking area
  • Tags: busy/vessels being fueled/loaded/unloaded/Rodian with cybernetic leg (shaped like a hind leg) arguing with another customs agent
  • Name: Ship docking area/planet/etc
  • Location: Next place the Crew docks
  • Tags: will depend on where the Crew next docks. You can handle this one

  • Quina has some illegal cargo that she needs to transport. Unfortunately for her, she suspects that one of her contacts has betrayed her and doesn’t want to risk losing the cargo. Quina breaks into the Crew’s ship and stashes her cargo in a (hidden) compartment along with a tracking beckon.
  • When the Crew returns to their ship, Quina is waiting. While they go through the checkout procedure, they can hear Quina arguing with an agent.
  • With everything in order….or is it? Have the Crew’s Captain roll a Force Die. •• results in Xanatos realizing that the Crew has additional, unidentified cargo that they are hiding…
  • Once the Crew leaves the spaceport, Quina will follow them. Quina’s plan is to follow the Crew, wait for them to land and leave their ship. Then sneak back on and take back her cargo, with no one being the wiser (although she might intentionally leave something out of place, just to screw with the Crew).
  • Have the Crew member who operates the Communications Terminal make a Computers check (to see if the scanners pick up Quina’s vessel). Success results in them picking up her vessel on their scanners (assume that it is a modified YT-2400). Failure results in them picking up something on their communications channel. Activating it, reveals that it is the METOSP for the planet.


 If Quina does not suspect that the Crew is aware of her plan:

  • Quina simply lands a safe distance from the Crew’s ship and plays the waiting game to get her cargo back. Her co-pilot Surror joins her along with a repulsor trolly to cart the goods back to her ship.

If Quina suspects that the Crew is aware of her plan (the Crew would have to be fairly obvious for this to occur):

  • Quina will investigate to confirm. She doesn’t suspect that she can out gun a Crew bigger than hers. If her suspicions are correct she will try to hire some thugs to help even the odds and will try to attack the Crew from behind while the thugs attack from the front. If things go bad, she will try to cut a deal with the Crew.

  • If Xanatos suspects that the Crew is hiding something, he might bring over some security personnel to separate the Crew from their ship while it gets a ‘thorough’ inspection. Although maybe he can be bought off with some credits? Yeah, of course he can…unless he makes his opposed check to resist the bribe/intimidation attempt/etc. Then that pesky Crew is in for some trouble.
  • If the Crew is onto Quina, perhaps she offers to pay them some credits/offer them a favor in the future/introduce them to her boss, a local crime lord/etc.
  • If Quina was able to obtain her illegal cargo without difficulty, perhaps she leaves some sign of her presence (knowingly or not). Foot prints/someones’ business card/food that was in the fridge is now on the counter, half eaten/etc.
  • Perhaps Quina loots the Crew’s ship while she’s at it. That wasn’t very nice of her at all.
  • What happens if the Crew finds the hidden cargo and checks out what’s inside? Don’t worry. There’s a table for that.

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