Hangout Interview #1

The first of the Triumph & Despair Hangout Interviews is out!

In this episode, we interview Graham Leeb, Brendan Flattery, and Sean O’Connor about their characters HRT-94 and Graz. Graham and Brendan’s game ground down to a halt with a few bad rolls. How do you get out of that mess? Sean was able to take a session focused on his combat-centered Wookiee berserker and turn it into something out of an episode of Law & Order. How did he get that to work so well?

This series is meant to be fresh and explore new territory. Comments, critiques, and suggestions for future interviews are welcome. If you yourself have a story of Triumph or Despair that you would like to share with the Star Wars roleplaying game community, please contact Galaxy Master Ross to schedule an interview.

Click here for the link: T&D Hangout Interview #1


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