One-Shot PreGens

imagesA few weeks back at the debut weekend of the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook, I decided to herald this exciting new release by running a one-shot heist at my local gaming store. The goal of the event was to introduce new players to the system and allow them a taste of what Edge of the Empire has to offer. Overall, it was a huge success.

The adventure itself, which might get further treatment here on Triumph & Despair, was a rollicking good time with speeder bikes, stormtroopers, repressed Wookiees, lightsabers, and a high-speed train derailment. I had 5 players at my table, only one of which had played any part of the EotE line of games. Everyone cheered throughout the game and left with smiles on their faces. Many had to be disappointed when I broke the news to them that I simply did not have the time or the extra table space to invite them into a regular home game.

So many games, so little time!

In preparation for what turned out to be an amazingly fun night of gaming, I created a set of six pre-generated characters for the players to choose from.

I wanted these pregens to have a few things in common with FFG’s excellent pregens for Free RPG Day. I wanted them to be a single side of a page, legible, with a character portrait, and above all else simple to use. My goal was a set of character sheets that, after a quick description of the basic game mechanics, would then be intuitive to use, with little to no further explanation on my part. In this, I succeeded marvelously. In addition, I used the task of creating character sheets to stretch my creativity a bit. I wanted to fiddle around with the possibilities, do a few things out of the norm (such as a high-Brawn Rodian, characters with no weapons, etc.) and create characters that were unique. I also wanted to show off some of the Force powers of the game, as that is invariably asked about when discussing the game with those unfamiliar to it.

I made some simple fold-up tent “name cards” for everyone to set up in front of where they sat. This was very helpful for every single person at the table. At a glance, we could all see the characters’ names and get a quick, visual reminder of what they looked like.

Lastly, I absolutely love what FFG did with their pregen characters’ Obligation mechanics. Due to lack of time and/or lack of talent, however, I was unable to reproduce such a feat in my own. Instead, I took the minimalist approach to Motivation and Obligation. Each was given its most basic description, and then very early in the game session I had each player describe what their character was reaching for in life (Motivation), and then what nagging haunt from the past was keeping them held back (Obligation). It worked out very well; tension and conflicts were created right off the bat from opposing viewpoints, as well as some implied friendships forged for those similarly minded.

Here they are! The characters all have an extra 20 XP thrown in to give myself a little play room in terms of bonus talents and skills. The portraits are all cribbed ruthlessly from the internet. I’m not even sure where they came from exactly, so I hope it doesn’t offend anyone that I’m posting them here. They were created under the most recent Beta Rules updates, so if you spot an error, please drop me a line in the Comments.

Pregen Characters:


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4 responses to “One-Shot PreGens

  • El Tea

    You *know* we want to see the heist in more detail!

  • Tim Keating

    That is some nice work — I especially like the way you combined the stats and skills into one long block.

    If there was one change I would make, it would be to put Wound and Strain threshold in the same box as the space for tracking them. I don’t feel like this particular feature is an improvement over the official sheet.

  • Ralk Liska

    Hey Ross, I was one of your players. It was a fun adventure. Thanks for putting it together. The funny thing is I’ve been reading various posts on your site for about an hour and just realized it was you.


    • C. Steven Ross


      Glad you found my site and that you’re enjoying it! Must have been an interesting revelation, “hey….this guy is talking about me!”

      You were the guy who, as I recall, came into the store to buy the core book, heard that there was a MeetUp group running a game, and promptly joined up to see how the game was played. I applaud your initiative!

      Hopefully we’ll run into each other again, you were great player and a pleasure to GM for. I’ve got myself signed up for running games at Charm City Game Day on September 7th. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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