How does my campaign end?

masodik_halalcsillagI am a big proponent of roleplaying game campaigns having a definite ending. In my experience, the most common way that these long-term games end is with a whimper, not a bang. The players experience life, go off on new adventures in the real world, or simply get tired and bored with the game. Campaigns die out unfinished and unresolved, leaving everyone feeling unsatisfied. Not so with me. I plan on finality and conclusion to the story.

It has been decided that this first campaign is definitely ending after the next two sessions (August 29th and September 12th). We will be wrapping up our big storylines as best we’re able, moving on to the next big thing, or taking a much needed break from this kind of intense gaming. Our heists always take either one or two sessions, and because we are heading towards the finale, this next heist be designed as a two-part adventure that concludes our campaign.

The things that we know and are pretty much set in stone are: the heist will involve the Motivation of greed, the heist will involve the Motivation of opposing slavery of sentient beings, and the heist will have a minimum big payout of 5,000 credits.

This is where you, dear readers, come in. I will be writing out a detailed adventure to chronicle our last session, and you will have influence over the Crew. Use this post to Comment on the three choices of finale heists available, ask questions, and grab a hold of the Crew’s destiny. The ending paths are laid out below. Where should they go? What would you do?

1). A gang of criminals are willing to pay exorbitant fees (10,000cr) to have your previous employer and all-around scumbag, Durga the Hutt, assassinated.

2). The Crew’s pilot, Kelko Clezo, returns with great news! He has an opportunity to break free completely of his past troubles by capturing his old criminal boss (discovered to still be alive), Wac Tox Vintu, and turning him in as a bounty. The Empire wants him alive: no disintegrations.

3). An intergalactic sabaac tournament is going down at the famed “Space Casino Royale“. The prize for winning this tournament is possession of the legendary Face-Stealing Scrolls of Jedi Master Kordolph, said to hold the secrets of a forgotten Force Discipline. After the last heist, you are no longer in the favor of the Empire, and so must rely on your disreputable contacts within the terrorist criminal organization calling itself the “Rebel Alliance” to get you into this exclusive event.


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5 responses to “How does my campaign end?

  • rwaluchow

    Face-Stealing Scrolls of Jedi Master Kordolph?… enough said!

  • Tim Keating

    Completely agree. You had me at Space Casino Royale. And then “forgotten Force Discipline” clinched it. And then “terrorist organization calling itself the Rebel Alliance” pushed me way over the top.

  • mdl780

    Paths no. 1 and no. 2 both have similarities in that they are dealing with a clear cut bad guy and seem to have a fairly straight forward plot. It seems like they would be able to put together a plan and execute it. Hopefully seeing them come out on top, as neither target will be an easy mark.

    Path no. 3 on the other hand, has a more….mysterious feel. While gaining an object is the (obvious) goal of the plot, you can be certain that others will be doing the exact same thing. Now instead of just the Crew’s plot to obtain the object, you have five or more other interested parties. All with their own plots to obtain the item!

    While I think any of these paths can have a number of twists, I can see path no. 3 being the most diverse of the three. In my opinion, it also generates the most excitement. After reading the synopsis, flashes of interesting characters, triple crossing, chases (because even if they win the item, other interested parties aren’t just about to let them have it!), etc. etc. start to speed through my head. It reminds me of watching the Cantina scene in Star Wars or the Troll Market in Hell Boy 2 for the first time. So much visual stimulation/excitement/wonder. That being said, if the Crew is not interested in Jedi artifacts (although the grand prize could easily be changed to suit) or gambling, they might not bite.

  • darkwintre1301

    I’d use all three.
    Use the Sabacc tournament to draw in both Durga the Hutt and Wac Tox Viintu and arrange Durga’s death at the hands of Wac Tox through the theft of the Jedi Scroll which I really a ploy to replace it with a fake using Durga as the fall guy so when the Stormtroopers get involved its assumed Wac Tox killed Durga and they turn in Wac for the bounty and walk off with the true scrolls which becomes the subplot of a new campaign…

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