Cause & Effect 12 – Poaching

Star Wars IV A New Hope

“Tortuga knows where it is. The bad news is that he was captured by the Imperials yesterday. The good news? That they’re transporting him to a secure facility tomorrow. That means there will be a small window to snatch him, while they try to make the move. We get him, extract the intel. Then we get the goods and get paid.

Welcome back to Cause & Effect! Today’s results were randomly rolled on the table presented in V is for Vignettes. These are my results:

Instigator Bounty Hunter

Action Discovers

Target Smuggler

Escalation has unavoidable Imperial entanglements

Escalation A is for Artifact is involved

Poaching is only wrong if you get caught…

OVERVIEW While the Crew is relaxing in a cantina, they overhear a Bounty Hunter and Informant in the booth behind them.

TWIST If the Crew decides to steal the Bounty Hunter’s contract from under her, they better make sure she doesn’t find out.

CAST (in order of appearance)
  • Name: Musho
  • Tags: m-Gamorrean bartender/patriotic (Gamorr)/green skin with dark splotches/snorts at jokes
  • Role: Bartender
  • Stat Block: I doubt that you will need stats for.
  • Name: Dhene Vako
  • Tags: f-Quarrian/orange skin/armor modded with gear of captured prey (trophies of sort)/ring on one face tendril
  • Role: Bounty Hunter
  • Stat Block: Use the Master Hunter stat block for Dhene Vako.
  • Name: Jado
  • Tags: m-Gran/grey cloak/wandering eye stock/Tom Waits voice/drink in one hand/smoke in the other
  • Role: Informant
  • Stat Block: Use the Infochant stat block for Jado.
  • Name: Tortuga
  • Tags: m-Trandoshan/off-white flight suit/missing a few teeth/breaths through mouth/former high school champion wrestler…
  • Role: smuggler
  • Stat Block: Use the Smuggler stat block for Tortuga.
  • Name: The Womp and Hound
  • Location: Cantina
  • Tags: seedy/Gamorrean bartender/serves Potwa beer (alcoholic brew from Gamorr) even if that’s not what was ordered/insists that’s all that they have on tap/Gamorrean rock-opera plays in background
  • Name: Ship docking area/planet/etc
  • Location: City Streets
  • Tags: blocked off/Imperial escort

  • Dhene was contracted to find Tortuga who knows the whereabouts of an A is for Artifact. Unfortunately, Tortuga went and got himself captured by Imperials. Now Dhene needs to free Torutuga and get the location of the artifact.
  • If the Crew continue to listen in on the conversation, they lean that she plans to capture him while the Imperial escort transfers him from the police station to an armored vehicle where he will be transported to a more secure location. This is supposed to be happening around noon tomorrow.


 If the Crew does not interfere with Dhene’s plan, roll a Force Die:

  • ºº results in the breakout being a success. º results in success, but Dhene suffered some injuries during the break out. • results in failure, but Dhene manages to flee the scene after suffering some injuries. •• results in failure, Dhene dies in the break out attempt.
  • The Crew hears about the breakout on the holonet.

If the Crew does interfere with Dhene’s plan:

  • In addition to having to deal with the Imperial troopers, the Crew will have to deal with Dhene. Unless they wait for her to jump into action, she will arrive shortly after the fray begins and will quickly try steal away Tortuga while the Crew deal with the authorities. (Imperial Stormtrooper Sgt. and Stormtrooper minion group)
  • If the Crew manage to break out Tortuga and keep him alive, he will gladly help the Crew in exchange for his freedom. However, he does not know who hired Dhene to get the location of the A is for Artifact.

  • If the Crew did nothing to help Tortuga, and Dhene does not die. The Crew might be approached about bringing her and Tortuga back in.
  • Perhaps Dhene is banking on having the Crew try to rescue Tortuga. Figuring that it will be easier to obtain her target once either the Imperials or Crew have succeeded, but are injured.
  • Perhaps Tortuga is an old friend of one of the Crew. Or you can substitute Tortuga for a friend or ally of the Crew. This might motivate the Crew into acting.
  • If the Crew succeeds in snatching up Tortuga before Dhene, perhaps she comes looking for them at a later date. 5 Obligation Bounty Poach
  • If Dhene fails to free Tortuga, maybe who ever hired her tries to hire the Crew to jail break Tortuga or infiltrate the prison to get the location of the artifact.

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