Hangout Interview #2 – Charm City Game Day

In this episode, we interview Andy Kotch and Sean O’Connor about their experiences at Baltimore’s Charm City game Day running the heist Only Two Ways Home and using these pregen characters. They tell great stories of Star Wars fun, as well as cautionary tales of things that could, and did, go wrong.

If you yourself have a story of Triumph or Despair that you would like to share with the Star Wars roleplaying game community, please contact Galaxy Master Ross to schedule an interview.

Click here for the link: T&D Hangout Interview #2


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2 responses to “Hangout Interview #2 – Charm City Game Day

  • Charles

    My name is Charles, and I had the droid for “Only Two Ways Home” at Charm City Game Day. Please see the video for my comments. I had great time finally getting to play my favorite rpg again!

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