Age of Rebellion Beta – Adversaries Stat Blocks

I originally began this post by writing out why I don’t like the “standard” FFG format of stat blocks, why I thought a well-designed stat block is important, and how I would choose to go about doing so. Then I remembered, oh yes that’s right, I had already done this many moths ago. You should read it, here, right now.

Now that the baseline stat blocks for Edge of the Empire are not only complete, but also accurate to the core rulebook, I have focused my attention on slowly piecing together the same treatment for the newly release Age of Rebellion beta. BEHOLD! They are done. In time, starships and vehicles will be presented in the same fashion, likely waiting for at least the first week of Beta Updates.



The overall goal of these Stat Blocks is to provide as streamlined an experience as possible, for the benefit of overtaxed Galaxy Masters, while still retaining the utmost in accuracy. The following notes should help explain my formatting design and alleviate some confusion.

  1. Abilities and qualities that have a strikethrough (oftentimes the Cumbersome quality) are there to show that some effect has already been integrated into the stat block and can largely be ignored.
  2. Some abilities and qualities, such as those that add Boost to certain skills, are simply eliminated entirely off of the Stat Block with their effect built into the appropriate dice pools, etc. so that the Galaxy Master need never even think about them.

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