Bendu’s Shadow

Some time ago, I was asked to help edit and guide two fan-made adventures, Bendu’s Shadow and Stalitz Flight, for the Star Wars Edge of the Empire roleplaying game by author Peter Thompson. Peter was very gracious about everything, took my often scathing criticism in stride like a true professional, and definitively earned my respect. Not only that, but his work on the custom maps created for these adventures is absolutely top-notch and worth seeing on their own.

You can find a full discussion of the adventure, the full links to his wonderful maps, and links to all of Peter’s other work here on the FFG Forums.

I also took the liberty of transferring the bare-bones adventures to my preferred file host; not only to make the files more accessible, but also better highlight the parts where I contributed.

  • Bendu’s Shadow (PDF)
  • Stalitz Flight (PDF)

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One response to “Bendu’s Shadow

  • Tim Maynard

    Love the blog Steven. I am a huge fan of Peter Thompson’s work. Not surprised at all that you helped with these modules, as the writing/story is absolutely top-notch. I actually prefer these modules over Beyond the Rim. Well done sir.

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