Cause & Effect 13 – What Kind of Thief Steals From an Old Lady?

“Oh my! I’m so glad that you were able to get my bag back. I was so worried. Oh, oh. Those are some well defined biceps that you have there. Do you work out? My nephew works out, but his arms aren’t as well defined as yours. Oh, silly me. I seem to have knocked my walker over. Could you be a dear and pick that up for me? Don’t worry about proper lifting technique. It’s a light walker. No back straining there. Mmmm, oh my...

Welcome back to Cause & Effect! Today I will be picking the results manually on the table presented in V is for Vignettes. These are my results:

Instigator Thug

Action Steals from

Target Poor Citizen

Escalation Quickly turns into a chase scene

Escalation I is for Illegal goods are involved

If the Crew will not defend the honor of an older Ithorian lady who has a taste for bulging biceps and Kowakian monkey-lizards, then who will?

OVERVIEW While the Crew walks along a busy street, they pass a nearby terminal being operated by an old Ithorian lady. Naturally, a hooligan steals her bag and races off into the crowd.

TWIST The old Ithorian lady is not as innocent as she seems, preforming a drop for a local gang.

CAST (in order of appearance)
  • Name: Mooza Crob’ien
  • Tags: f-Ithorian/old/slow/walker/colorful bag/likes looking at male eye candy/wears a moo-moo with covered in Kowakian monkey-lizard illustrations
  • Role: Unsuspecting victim
  • Stat Block: You shouldn’t need stats for Mooza.
  • Name: Deen
  • Tags: m-Defel/black pants with stripe down sides/dark brown hair/no shirt or shoes/elbow pads and one shoulder pad/wearing goggles
  • Role: Thug
  • Capsule: Deen works for a local gang called the Dust Devils who are currently competing for turf with a gang called the Whirling Dervish.
  • Stat Block: Use the Swoop Ganger stat block for Deen. Defels are also Light-Sensitive (two Set-Back die exposed to bright light without goggles) and Shadowed (when in darkness or deep shadows, Deen gains two Boost die to Stealth checks)
  • Name: Busy street
  • Location: market/trendy area/anywhere where crowds are
  • Tags: busy/street meat vendors smells and sounds/homeless Duro begging for change
  • Name: Abandoned food processing factory
  • Location: a few blocks away from the theft
  • Tags: dusty/dark/smells of stale spam/conveyer belts/machinery/canned goods/crates
  • Name: Alley way
  • Location: behind abandoned food processing factory
  • Tags: cramped/shadowy/crates/garbage compactor/debris on ground/empty spam cans/smells of stale air and spam

  • Mooza is an elderly Ithorian woman who is struggling to pay her bills. As such, she does drop offs and other minor work for a local gang called the Whirling Dervish in order to make ends meet. Today she is to do a hand off. Her colorful bag is intended for one of the gangs contacts. It is filled with credits.
  • When Mooza stops at the meet up location, a computer terminal, she makes herself look busy at the terminal and waits for her contact.
  • Deen works for a rival gang called the Dust Devils and they got word of the trade off. They plan on stealing the credits.
  • Deen bolts past Mooza and snatches the bag while she isn’t paying attention, and pushes his way into the crowd to loose anyone who may give chase. Mooza yells STOP! THIEF! SOMEBODY HELP ME! waving her arms and pointing in the direction that the thief went.


 If the Crew chases Deen:

  • Street chase! Busy streets (crowds can be tough to push through) —> Aw man, did he just parkour up onto that building (good thing there are some crates and pipes to climb)? —> Oh…did he just fall though the roof (Maybe we should be careful up here)? —>Abandoned food processing plant or back alley exit (either place looks dark. Is he trying to hide or ambush)?

If the Crew catches Deen:

  • He puts up little fight, but if he gets dropped to half of his Wound Threshold, he surrenders and will hand over the bag to the Crew. He will explain why he tried to steal the bag.

 If the Crew open the colorful bag:

  • Wow…that’s a lot of cold, hard, credits for an old lady to be walking around with…do we return the bag? Keep it? Hand it over to the authorities? I know what my group would do, but maybe your group is a little more noble…and don’t always aim for the knees.

If the Crew recovers the bag and returns it to Mooza:

  • She will thank them and praise their heroic efforts. If they ask about the bag full of credits, she claims that it is to pay for her recent hip operation. She doesn’t trust the bank. She keeps her credits safely hidden at an undisclosed location.

If Deen escapes:

  • At least the Mooza can say that they tried.

If the Crew does nothing:

  • Mooza probably tries to shame the Crew for standing idly by while a thief makes off with her possessions. What? I’m suppose to give chase? Do you think I use this walker as a fashion accessory? I’m recovering from a hip operation! I’ve seen Nerf herders with more pride than the lot of you….etc.

  • The homeless Duro is a look out for the Whirling Dervish. He follows the Crew as the give chase. If they do not return the bag of credits, the Crew might have an encounter or two with his gang.
  • If the Crew manages to recover the bag of credits and return it to Mooza, word will get back to the Dust Devils and the Crew might have an encounter or two with them. Who are they to interfere with the business of locals?
  • Perhaps the local authorities end up getting involved. What is the Crew doing with a bag full of credits? The old lady is nowhere to be found.
  • Even better, when the Crew return to give the colorful bag back to the old lady (who is nowhere to be found), a male Bothan is waiting at the terminal. He thinks that the Crew is the hand off contact. He is also an undercover officer about to make a bust….

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