T is for Talents (EotE)

HantrooperBuilding on the successes of the first T is for Talents, this post aims to include a variety of new situations to cover the Careers and Specializations in both FFG Star Wars roleplaying game core books.

Combat in Edge of the Empire cannot be avoided. However, special care needs to be taken in a campaign so that the Galaxy Master does not fall into the seductive path of quick, easy, predictable, repetitive, and boring combat encounters. In fact, player characters in Edge of the Empire would do well to find ways to avoid fighting, if at all possible, even if that means sending allied troops to certain death for the greater good.

In order for Galaxy Masters to help push their players away from too much tactical combat in a non-tactical game, they must entice those players with rewarding scenes in which the players’ characters are able to demonstrate their value and worth. This can be done by designing scenes which benefit the unique and often underrepresented Career Talents. Compiled in the table below are interesting challenges, scenarios, and problems to be solved all taken from the benefits incurred by the Talents offered for each Career and Specialization that do not have an obvious benefit in combat, or whose benefit in combat is in a specialized niche.

When you, as Galaxy Master, are struggling to find a way to either move the plot of your adventure along in a new way, or are grasping to find a way to shine a spotlight on a player character that has been too long neglected, consult the list below to gain inspiration by either choosing an interesting scene or challenge described, or roll randomly with a d100 to let fate be your guide.

01 Hunt down a target on the run.
02-03 Take down a target under heavy cover.
04-05 Take down a target from range without being seen or heard.
06-07 Take down a target from range in a single shot.
08 Squeeze valuable information out of a captured enemy.
09 Take down a target and bring them back alive.
10-11 Shrug off and ignore attacks while focusing on your primary target.
12-13 Track down a target hiding in impenetrable wilderness.
14 Defeat a host of vicious B is for beasts.
15-16 Survive the perils of an otherwise completely inhospitable environment.
17 Lead a band of outlaws through the social maze of civilized society.
18-19 Keep a badly wounded military force fighting.
20-21 Treat an outbreak of a deadly disease.
22-23 Perform an emergency surgery on an important dignitary with only primitive medical equipment.
24 Overcome deep-seated prejudices to sway others to your way of thinking.
25 Absolve yourself of all accusations of wrongdoing despite your very real guilt.
26 Defeat an enemy during tense peace negotiations without anyone drawing a weapon.
27-28 Contact an Imperial academy to find the answer to a difficult problem.
29-30 Analyze the technical readouts of an enemy weapons system on the spot.
31-32 Sift through a billion star systems to quickly find a planet or other stellar object to hide from the Empire’s prying eyes.
33-34 Uncover an unexplored planet or undocumented star system.
35-36 Shake off your enemies’ pursuit in space by making a series of hyperspace jumps through dangerous, unstable gravimetric locations throughout the galaxy.
37 Examine the details of a week-old, rain-soaked crime scene and use the evidence to track down the perpetrator.
38 Escape from a deadly foe, either on foot or in a vehicle, much stronger than yourself and survive the attack completely unscathed.
39 Walk across a narrow ledge or balance on a steel wire without being seen by guards.
40-41 Chase down a vulnerable and valuable enemy that has slipped your grasp.
42-43 Spend weeks days searching the wilderness in pursuit of an enemy base that fails to register on any sensors.
44 A vital task can only be completed with the aid of a specialized item that is extremely hard to find at this location.
45-46 Use a combination of lies, manipulation, groveling, and flattery to help pay for an item or service that is clearly outside of your budget.
47-48 Resist the temptations of aan offer that is truly too good to be true.
49-50 Lead the assault into a brutal firefight.
51 Perform a difficult task while also dealing with the effects of a dangerous or distracting environment.
52-53 Escort and protect a physically vulnerable ally through an ambush.
54 Stave off a ground assault at long range with a defensive gun turret or embankment.
55-56 Hold back an overwhelming number of weaker foes while your allies make an escape.
57 Slow down the advance of a single, powerful foe long enough for your allies to make an escape.
58 Prove your worth by defeating a tribal leader in hand-to-hand combat.
59-60 Lead by example by facing a terrifying sight without once flinching.
61-62 Route out enemies wielding heavy, automatic weapons from a fortified bunker.
63-64 Take out an enemy officer at Extreme Range.
65-66 Sneak illegal cargo past the authorities.
67 Chase down an ace pilot in a race through a crowded star system.
68 Defeat a notorious ace pilot in one-on-one starfighter combat.
69-70 Jump in and out of a star system and quickly complete your mission before you are caught.
71-72 A vital task can only be completed with the aid of an illegal item that is hard to find at this location.
73 Slip your vehicle or starship past a customs checkpoint while carrying highly illegal or stolen goods.
74-75 Convince someone of a lie, despite evidence to the contrary sitting right in front of them.
76-77 Slip past a border checkpoint while authorities put out a warrant for your arrest.
78-79 Break into a locked container, door, or vault that is constantly watched by security systems.
80 Sell off a hot piece of wanted merchandise while avoiding the eyes of roving security patrols.
81 Harness a new computerized technology or interact with droids.
82-83 Engage an enemy wielding weaponry that staggers or disorients.
84-85 Repair a new, broken piece of equipment or vehicle.
86-87 Immediately repair your own badly damaged gear or vehicle.
88 Strip a wrecked starship of all useful components before its unstable power core explodes.
89-90 Direct your allies to the location of a specific room in a starship or building based on external observations alone.
91 Immediately decode an encrypted message.
92-93 Defend your starship’s computer banks as they are being hacked at the worst moment possible by an unknown assailant.
94 Hack a computerized pass key to open a door while smoke or some other hazard obscures your vision.
95-96 Build a needed tool from scratch while on a primitive world.
97   Survive a series of threats through the virtue of your quick reactions and thinking on your feet.
98   Avoid being caught by guards by only entering rooms with no occupants.
99   Defeat an invincible enemy using words alone.
  Flip a switch while your arms are bound or that is otherwise inaccessible.

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